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Tea Biz

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Tea News and Biz Insight - February 5, 2021


NEWS HEADLINES - Shipping container shortage threatens timely tea deliveries. …. Kenya’s High Court has ruled against unions seeking to prevent mechanical harvesting of tea …and Bombs Away… Tea bombs encased in confectionary get rave reviews online.

FEATURES - In its national budget proposal this week the Indian government included 1,000 crorepati or 10 billion rupees in subsidies (the equivalent of $137 million US) to assist plantation workers in Assam and West Bengal. A growing consensus, however, is that expansive plantations should be divided into cooperatives composed of entrepreneurial smallholders supplying small independent tea processing factories… Aravinda Anantharaman reports...

Traveling to the tea lands to learn about tea is no long practical, yet tea retailers must still learn tasting skills essential to selecting fine tea. International Tea Cuppers Club founder Dan Robertson has constructed an international tea training center in Mexico where tea masters travel from origin to share their knowledge. The soon-to-open facility is on the Riviera Maya near the Mayan Ruins, south of Cancun and Cozumel.

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