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Tea News and Biz Insight - February 19, 2021


NEWS HEADLINES – Sri Lanka Launches Expansive Ceylon Tea Promotion | Green Tea Compound Acts Like a Superhero Sidekick to Cancer Cell Suppressor | Lipton IPO Likely in 2021 | Tea Tourism Stirs from a Deep Pandemic-Induced Slumber

FEATURES – This week Tea Biz reports on T.Kettle, a Canadian retail chain launched at the height of the pandemic that features ethically sourced, vegan, organic, loose leaf teas…and travels to Sri Lanka for a look at an impressive digital marketing initiative created by seven small enterprise entrepreneurs promoting Ceylon tea.

T. Kettle - “In any tough times – and this is certainly one of them – opportunities present themselves,” writes 36-year-old T. Kettle founder Doug Putman, a turnaround investor who has opened 45 tea retail locations in nine Canadian provinces and six U.S. states. He plans to expand to 100 stores in 2021. Tea Biz takes you to Coquitlam, British Columbia for a walk through one of the newest mall locations.

Small Enterprise Marketing - The Ceylon Artisanal Tea Association, a collaboration of seven tea producers in Sri Lanka, hosted their third “garden tour” webinar this week. Webinar participants travel virtually to see the garden, processing facilities and meet principals and ask questions face-to-digital-face. Simon Bell, managing director at Amba Tea Estate, writes that “digital marketing is often one of the biggest challenges for small growers and rural entrepreneurs in emerging markets.” Tea Biz asked Bell to discuss the effectiveness of this new approach.

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