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Tea News and Biz Insight - March 4, 2021



| Brand Relevance in Chaotic Times | Nepal Announces Tea Traceability Project | The Danish Tea Association Merges with The European Speciality Tea Association | YELP! Names a Tea House to its list of Top 100 Places to Eat in America

Angela McDonald, president US League of Tea Growers


This week Tea Biz shares the secret to creating tea blends that sell, a conversation with master blender Sameer Pruthee, CEO at Tea Affair in Calgary...and we travel to Oregon for a visit with Angela McDonald, president of the US League of Tea Growers.

The Business Benefit of Custom Blends

Timeless blends like iconic Earl Grey, bold Yorkshire Gold and Constant Comment, a blend that Ruth Bigelow created in her kitchen in 1945, provide the sturdy foundation on which some of the world’s most treasured tea companies stand.

A Tea Terroir All Their Own

Growers of high quality tea in the United States set out to create something that isn’t available from anybody, anywhere else, an expression of regional flavor grounded in local terroir. The president of the US League of Tea Growers explains that while quantities are small “No one is going to buy a Mississippi Yellow Tea from Sri Lanka because it will never be the same.”

FOTHE TEEP is podcast, delivers te newsthat you need to know a recap of the week's major headlines withcommentaryand cultural trends hosted by Danwel. It is the voice of origin for tprofessionals, T atenthusis, Tho row line. Think of us as a digital caravan ofstory, tellers ringing, authentic, authoritative, exotic and exclusivestories to you, weekly from the pelegs each week. The P BIS podcast summarizesnews with the greatest impact on the tea industry, but tea requires far morenuanced coverage than the recitation of production volumes and commodity prices.That is why the tea BIS podcast is paired. With a more inclusive t, Bizblog and T journey magazine, the podcast offers a weekly mix of news andfeatures. It is innovative and interactive, permitting listeners toconveniently contact reporters at origin to ask questions that areanswered via text messages that are delivered privately to their phone. Welcome. Here are the headlines BrandRelevance in chaotic times, Napal announces a national T,tracability project, the Danish Tea Association merges with the EuropeanSpeciality to association in Yepe names, a tea house to its listof top one hundred places to eat in America more in a minute. The first, thisimportant message: Avaney empowers rural women practicingsustainable agriculture, including tea and crafts such as weeving with naturalfibre and plant base dies up in the towering. Hemilea Kuman isone of India's oldest tean regions. To Day we raise our cups in the name ofAvani Quma, a non prophet dedicated to strengthening farming communities,cheers to a brighter future for all to donate visit a Vonney Dash, Qumon Dot,ork marketing consultancy. PROPIT announcedits brand relevance index this week scoring companies during a pandemicyear that rewarded convenience, comfort, trust and dependability apple, Pelatan,kitchinade, Lego, COSCO, Honda, playstation and Amazon all made the topten. The Mao Clinic and John's Hopkins received positive accolades from thethirteen thousand consumer survey. Apple has held the top spot for thepast six years and seems invincibly relevant. However, consumerappreciation for Peliton, which rose from number thirty five to number twoon the list- The male clinic, which advanced from number twenty four tonumber four on the list Lego, which moved from number twentyeight to number five and COSCO, which moved from number twenty one to six allreflect behavior of changes, easily traced to the pandemic. Prophet credited these brands for quote adapting quickly to consumers, changingneeds and expectations, but they do so by remaining evermore true tothemselves. Anquote. No tea companies appear on the Bran Relevance List, butin two thousand and twenty consumers rewarded tea brands with their loyaltyduring a time of disruption, while many...

...consumer brand saw declines due tolockdowns tea drinkers calmly steeped at home. The Lesson to apply fromprophets consumer research quote is that all of these brands are consumerobsessed, ruthlessly, pragmatic, distinctively inspired and pervasivelyinnovative and quote. Tea Brand should take note, especiallythe point about becoming pervasively innovative business insight, Chinese lexury brandzoo, quing advanced to number two on the world brand labs, two thousandandtwenty one analysis of the world's top ten luxury, tea brands, pwinings andthe UK twg, and Singapore Harnean sons in the US and Dilma and Shelago wereall top ragged wirld brand tea lab atalyzes, five thousand tea brands toidentify three hundred Global Super Brads. China is home to many thousandsof Tea Brads, but few are widely known beyond the Great Wall. Publicly declaring the providence ofNapolity will increase sales globally. According to advocates of thesustainable export promotion project, the proposed T tracability system isfinanced by the federal government quote this project will do the work ofbranding by producing quality, T and quote, writes Bichenu Camar, Bafafariexecutive director of the Napal Te and Coffee Development Board, part of theMinistry of Industry and Commerce. He called on farmers to be honest and tomake the effort of success. The thirty six month project will enable theentire supply chain to share information, much of which will beavailable to consumers. The government allocated a hundred and seventy fivemillion rupes, which was about one point: five million dollars for theproject business in sight throughout NAPAL'srecent history, nearly all its t, xports were used in blends obscuringits identity. Eighty per cent of the country's tea is processed as C T C cuttheir curl eighty percent of exports Ar to Indiathe remaining twenty per cent. Approximately five million kilos ishandmade. These higher value, Orthodox teas are purchased by Germany, the US,Canada and Japan, accounting for ten per cent of export volume. NAPAL has recently expanded planting tothirteen districts beyond the existing five, which produced a combine twentyfive million kilos in thousandand nineteen. These districts, mainly inthe west, are better suited to Orthodox production. The five year old, Danish TeaAssociation will merge with the European speciality Ta Association,Transferring more than fifty members to become Ista's Danish Chapter DanersAssociation President Alex Kayi currently serves, as vice president ofthe London based Esther, initially cautious of the newly formed esther asaid quote. We are totally confident that our good work of the past willcontinue in Denmark, but within the wider community, which is being grownby ESTA andquote busness insight European speciality to association,Executive Director, David Veile, said the chapters operate with a degree ofindependence electing their own board...

...over two years. Chapter members andDenmark can still promote specially tea locally, but they will also be able tonetwork with the wider global speciality tea community. He said, Estem members reside in twenty eightcountries. Congratulations to the copper kettle,tea bar and folly Alabama for making yelpe's W Thousanda twenty one list ofthe hundred top places to eat. In America. The many steake Sushi Tiki haddog chicken and find dining winners on the gelper's choice list all serve tea,but the copper kettle which ranked sixty six is the only teethemed eateryto meet YELP's extensive criteria. The Gulf coast shop offer sampling tea,glasses and high tea, with a huge selection of a hundred and fifteentraditional and sophisticated offerings, everything from Muyi Whu, longs andPuare to gunpowder green teas. There are also wellness fruit of honeyboushteas, as well as Royvalls Manta and Schi. The shop hosts musicians and teaby the fireside. Well we're a little tea house with a big heart, writescoloners and sisters, Robin Peters and Susan Adams. The SHAF housed innineteen IES ERAC cottage opened in his current location in two thousand andfifteen business insight starboks one of thelargest tea retailers in the world announced this week. It will no longersweeten its ice tea customers can add as much cane sugar as they like at noadditional charge. But unsweetened is the ned default, making tea a Zeral,Calori menu option and now a word from our sponsor. Dow Trade Teas works with tea perveyorsand every scale from promising startups to the world's largest multinationalbeverage brands. In the hot ICED and Bowt secends with US based formulation,blending and pacgaging services, Fu trade can help. You innovate scale up.Thow your specialty t brand for more information visit. Our website q tradetescom this week tebiz shares the secret tocreating teablends Thas, sell the conversation with master Blinder SemerPruthe, see EO at peaffair in Calgary, and we traveld to Orgon for a visitwith Angela McDonald, president of the US League of Tea Rowlers, timeless blends, like Iconic Irl,Graybell, Yorkshire, gold and constant comment, a blend that Rufe biggilowcreated in her kitchen in on Tho Ninehundren D. Forty five provide thesturdy foundation on which some of the world's most treasured te companies. How creamy do you want your earl grey?How much citrus do people like in a green blend, which inclusions withhealth benefits, are best sellers blending? Tea is both art and sciencewith a lot of trial and error, I'm Jessica and Italy Wolard based inBritish Columbia, Canada. Today, I'm speaking with Semere pruty C EO of taffair, a Canadian blending company based in the province of Alberta with a background and CulinaryManagement Samere got his start importing specialty teas in the latenineteen is.

He was intrigued by blending andflavouring how to find the right combination of botanicals strawberryMango Leechey. What flavour do people gravitate to?How can blending help achieve business objectives? Over the last twenty plusyears, Semer has built a business blending teas using quality rawmaterial imported from around the world. His aim is to blend as much tea inCanada as possible. In our conversation today we'll focuson how companies can use custom blends to their advantage and will hear tipson Sameers Best Practices for blending. You have a lot of experience. Blendingteas. Can you share with our listeners? What are the business benefits ofcreating specialty teablends? There's a lot of benefits to company when theystart splending tea. Creating te blends with a purpose in mind is also createsa nice brand for yourself. The company enjoy their own domain like where theycan create their own customer loyalty, which they come back for their ownproducts and they're looking for their products. Yes, so it sounds like it ina way: playcs a marketing function, so you have to create a lot of Buz aroundthose things. So that's what the creating the TBLENS is all about.Blending is a big big game, so you have to know because there's so manyingredients we have close to close to. You know a hundred and fifty differentingredients. We deal with between herbs, fruits, spices, so you it's a big Gidand to keep it very similar and same tasting throughout the years is veryhard because suppliers change it's almostly to do with the crop. The cropis bad, then you have a bad product in your hand and we try not to buy allthose bad products anyway, but yeah tit's a big big learning curve,because blending is one part. Flavoring is another part, so you have to bringthose two together to get a good balance of FYOUR ingredients. There isa what do you call it like glitters you get like in the market, similar type ofproduct, but its being added to the tea. When you make your liquid of the teait'll have gold glitters in it. I see we do not do things like that, becauseour editives our products are more or less more towards nature as much as wecan, rather than adding products like the suver balls or you know like hardshapes candies and things like that, we don't do that as much at all. We stayedaway from it some years ago, so normally we are for making the productas natural as possible right now and that's what our goal is to keep it thatway on that subject, I've spoken with a lot of teshop owners throughout thepandemic, who have said that blends with health properties are popularright now. What are your go to inclusions with health properties? We have seen lot of the rise iningredients like trimreric and ginger. Also, we see a lot of the European herbstypes like Camemeo and lemon bomb, and things like that they're doing verywell in the marketplace and if you include those types of ingredients inyour blends and adding in the right dosage, not mixing it with sugar ballsas we say, but you know like yeah, if you do it in the right way, those arein denand right now yeah and they will be in demand for quite a bit of fears to combine forsure. If someone is interested in making some magic in their shop andblending their own teas, what some advice you can share with them. They goknow what their customer demands. One...

...thing is that and then go around it andbuild their potfolio for what they demanding and mixing the ingredientswhich go well together. You know there's so many blendings been done now.It's like you, have such a wide Arrow of blended products, an librlet themarket already by either the Canadian companies or abroad. But it's justknowing your market. That's that's what they can do and mix them together andsee how they go about it. But always just market your product before you gointo mas markets, and how would you advise someone to to test out a product?Well start in a small scale, find two or three customers who are coming toyour shop, often and try with them and do t tasting with them and save allthis? What I blended and see what the responses- and I the responseispositive, go with some more group of customers and go about it, start doingit and then give it special names. Name cells, though, he's been blending tea for morethan twenty years. Simier says he's still learning new things every year:How to incorporate new ingredients, how to adapt to changing tastes, trends andflavors. We thank Samere for sharing hisinsights and ongoing education in blending with Tibas, and we encourageyou, our listeners to explore how blending can benefit your business. GROLLERS OF HIGH QUALITY TA in theUnited States, set out to create something that isn't available fromanybody anywhere else. An expression of regional flavor grounded ind localturraw. The president of the US League of TeRowers explains that, while quantities are small, no one is going to buy aMississippi yellow tea from Srelanca, because it will never be the same. Today was speaking with Angela McDonald,president of the US League of teacrowers, in owner of Oregon Tetreaters in Eugene Oregon. Angela, thank you for talking with us. Thankyou for having me today, we'd like to talk about the USLEAGUEOF tea growersand Len a little bit about the organization. Can you tell us how manyacres are likely landed in the United States? That's a slightly hard questionto answer. As with most things INP, there isn't a very clear cad answer,but there's I'd say a little less than ahundred acres of t planted in the US. Currently, the Charleston t plantationis the largest. The Great Mississippi Tea Company is probably the secondlargest that I know of there's quite a few smaller farms that are mostlybetween you know, one three acres in Hawaii, SOM in Louisiana, Texas,California, Oregon handful of other states, so the majority of it is around SouthHawaii and the Pacific northwest. That doesn't mean that it can't growanywhere else. It's just where most of it is at the moment. Now most of thoseplants are small enough that they are young enough, that they're notproducing a lot of finished tea. At the moment, however, the Charleston tplantation produces a lot of tea, great, Mississippi Tea Company, I thinkproduced. I think they were saying a few thousandpounds last year and every year their plantsare at the point where they're ramping up very quickly they'll be up to a tonof tea, probably this year, and then the growers in Hawaii produce probablya few hundred pounds each. So let's talk about the marketing of USTS, Iwould speculate. The much of the...

...international market does even knowthat the United States is producing T. so, as you try to get your productsoutside the domestic market, which sort of hurdles a e you facing well they're,both hurtles- and there are you- know things that make it easier for us. Sothe hurdles are going to be possed, largely we, you know, are going to havehigher production costs than some other countries, not every country, Japan,for example, his very high production costs and their teeths tend to be veryexpensive, and yet you know they're produce. They produce a lot and sell itinternationally, all over the world. What we are trying to encourage growersto focus on is specialty Ta instead of commodity Toyou. For exactly thatreason in the US, just simply the land cost the machinery various things it'sgoing to be we're going to a have a higher cost of production than in somecountries, and so, if we're talking about producing just vast quantities oflow quality, tea, we're not going to be competitive with countries likeArtentina and India and Kennea. It's just not really very viable, whereas ifwe're making specialty team that creates a whole different niche that wefit perfectly into, because if you are a darfeeling tea fan, you are not goingto buy a you know, even if they could label it as dargaling you're not goingto buy a darsaling tea from Kenya, because it won't be the same thing.You're going to buy a Dar shaling t from Dargieling, maybe from yourfavorite estate ant, our sailing or your favorite. You know importer orwhoever, if you are a fan of puareties, specifically from Union province andChina, you're not going to be buying a party probably from the US you're goingto want the one that specifically from there. So if we produce really goodhigh quality teas here in the US and get them out into the internationalmarket, nobody's going to try to buy a Mississippi tea from Shrilanka, because it won't be the samething. And so you end up having again with the terrwar and the regionalflavor profiles. You end up having a product that isn't available fromanybody else in the world, and so consumers in China, in India, in you,know, Russia or wherever they will say if they want a a tea that has the sameflavor as a tea from Oregon, Orci teely place are going to get it. The goal isto develop specialize tes for the international market. How do you speadthe word? How do you market these cheese well for one the NIHOL isn'tjust to produce it for international markets. A lot of teproducing countries,especially ones that have higher production costs, are producing teas,mostly for their own C, for people in their own country for domesticconsumption. International consumption, of course, just makes the market larger,but that isn't necessarily what we should only be focusing on, so itsometimes hard to get teas in front of people. So it's a matter of figuringout how to get people to try it for domestic customers. You know you can work with other companies. You knowthat have wide audiences and get them to start sending out samples, or youknow, talk about Neir, tes and then more and more people will try it interms of international or you can also go to things like markets, farmers,markets whatever and sample your teete.

That's a really critical part of it.What is the growth curbe? Can you put a timeline on a certain level of success?Well, see that one of the problems with Ta is that it's a slow crop? It's not!You know it's not like a tomato crop where you put it in the ground and afew months later you have your harvest to sell tea. Plants can take betweenthree to five years to really start producing enought to really market,because it takes a lot of those little tips as little leaves to be able tomake even a pound of tea. And then how do you measure success? Is it by amountsold? Is it by consumer awareness? How do you pressialy measure success? Well,if I were a tea farmer, I would say that I was successful if I actuallystarted making money at farming tea, EAE, the first five years or so. Whilethis crop is getting established, you are just sinking money into it, but then, after that, the tea plantslived for a very long time. They can live for a hundred years that they'rewell cared for, and so it's a total money thing for five years and then thenext. Ninety five, as somebody said recently at the money printing machine,leaves just pop up. You may have to prune a little bit or put a little bitof fertilizer down, but other than that you pretty much leave them and theyjust start popping leaf up and as long as you are willing to process it oreven harvest, it then sell it to somebody who will process it. It's just money is just growing up outof it, so the that's been. The big hurdle for most growers is getting pastas initial first few years, which, when you talk about it, when you say youknow, Oh the first five years are rough and in the next ninety five or gradethat seems so simple. Those five years can be pretty rough to get through soenjoy. Thank you for your time. APHRICIAL tour insights we've beenspeaking with Angela McDonald, president of the US League of tecrowersin owner of organ T, traders in Eugine, Oregon and Jo appreciate it. Thank youvery much yeahthank you for having me its great to talk with youtoday intrigue by what you heard in today'spondcast. Would you like to learn more from our vobal network of pebizjournalist and txperts contact them direct through subtext, private messagebased flatfor avoid the chaos of Socialy and start aconversation that Mat sub text message base platifom lets you privately askmeaningful questions of the txps academics, tvis journalist, refortingfo. You see their responses. T te SMS text which Ar sent direct to your fimvisit. Our website subscribe to subtext to instantly connected the mostconnected. PEOPLIN TA remember to visit the tbis website formore comprehensive coverage: Thats wwwt Hyphen bizzbiya Zi Dat Cam, thanks forlistening farewell till next week,.

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