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Tea News and Biz Insight - March 26, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – | India High Court Reverses Assam Tea Worker Wage Increase | Kenyan Tea Factory Elections Suspended | Study Finds Growers Adapting to Climate Change

| GUEST – Shunan Teng, founder of the Tea Drunk tea house in York City and the pandemic-inspired online Tea Education Club and monthly tea subscription service offering China’s heritage teas.

| FEATURES – This week Tea Biz discusses a retail-inspired tea education club that delves deeply in the “geeky” aspects of terroir, horticultural practices, and processing during rare-tea cupping sessions at home…. and we travel to London to weigh the marketing value of third-party certifications against authentic “boots-on-the ground” community involvement tailored to local needs.

Online Tea Education Club in a Class All its Own

New York’s Tea Drunk tea house is normally bustling with tea lovers gathered to sip and learn. Since opening in 2013, founder and first-generation immigrant Shunan Teng, an accomplished speaker and educator, taught by example, telling stories of her annual buying trips while pouring tea for customers. Last March, Teng, who normally spends three months a year with heritage growers in China, was grounded – worse yet, her thriving business was locked down.

Certifications Soothe the Conscience, But Do They Deliver for the Communities Where Workers Reside?

In principle tea certification programs have positive impacts but in practice results are highly location-specific and mixed. Farmgate prices generally rise along with gross income, but so do that are borne by farmers in about 60 percent of certification programs. An imperative for marketers seeking to export tea – tea certifications soothe the conscience of retailers and consumers, but do they address the needs and interests of tea workers in the communities in which they reside?

FOTHE TEEP is podcast, delivers ts thatyou need to know a recappife week's major eadlines with Commentaryancultural trends hosted by DANL is the voice of origin for two professionals:ETUSES T roi. Think of U, as a Digital Caravan ofstory, tellers bringing authentic, authoritative, exotic and exclusivestories to you weekly from the pledge. Each week, the TBIS podcast summarizesnews with the greatest impact on the tea industry, but tea requires far morenuanced coverage than the recitation of production volumes and commodity prices.That is why the T bis podcast is paired with a more inclusive tea, Biz blog andT journey magazine. The podcast offers a weekly mix of news and features. Itis innovative and interactive, permitting listeners to convenientlycontact reporters at origin to ask questions that are answered via textmessages that are delivered privately to their foam. Welcome here, the headlidge India HighCourt reverses a SOM tea worker wage increase and Kinyon presidential orderto conduct tfactory elections is suspended and a study finds thatgrowers are adapting to climat change more in a moment. But first thisimportant message: Avaney empowers rural women practicingsustainable agriculture, including tea and crafts such as weeving with naturalfibre and plant base dies up in the towering. Hililean juman isone of India's oldest tea regions. To Day we raise our cups in the name ofAvani Quma, a non prophet dedicated to...

...strengthening farming communities,cheers to a brighter future for all to donate visit. A vonney Dash, Qumon, dut,Org afifty Rupe per day. Wage increase fora Sam tea workers announced in February, was halted by the State Court. Onbehalf of seventeen tea companies and the Indian to Association, I tie filedthe motion Sigting the state's failure to properly examine financial and otherimpacts via subcommittee on March sixteenth, it Wat to court ruled ThaGarden. Managers are at liberty to pay the interum wage hake, but it is notmandatory pending for the review, the decision means t estates can continueto pay workers a minimum of a hundred and sixty seven rupes a day about twodollars and thirty cents. US business insight in the hotly contested asome stateelections. India's National Congress party promised to more than double thedaily wage to three hundred and sixty five rupees about five dollars us theruling BJ P promises to increase tea wages to three hundred and fifty onerupees per day. A court ruling is scheduled for April twenty third, twoweeks after pulling closes for the April elections. Elections naming the boards ofdirectors of fifty four to factories supporting six hundred and fortythousand small farms were suspended this week by an Nirobic court thatoverruled the presidential executive order. The KENOTY development agency KT D A and reformus seeking to enforce...

...the T. Act are competing for the boardseats. President IRUHOO KAGNATA pressing forreforms ordered the elections to proceed. On March Twelfth K TDARresponded by folling a motion to stop the elections. The tax signed inDecember reestablishes the Tea Board of Kenya, with orders to streamline thesector. Once the legal disputes are resolved, the board will be in chargeof rudding Kenis te factories. A CHANGE KT DA opposes business inside farmers in six factory.Districts have already as cast ballots ousting Katda incumbents and naming newdirectors as authorized under the tact for other factories have scheduledelections March thirty. First President Kagnadas sought to conclude factoryelections within sixty days, a time table apbended by the court adapting to climate change. A new studyby researchers at the Tolai T, research center recommends motivationalcampaigns, demonstrations, training and extension work to encourage growerslarge and small to adapt to climate change. Three quarters of tfarmrespondence reported a decline in prodoctivity, while twelve per centwere uncertain. Only nine point. Six per cent believe that tea productionwas not vulnerable to climate change. Radn, water, harvesting and irrigationare common ad of patience. Others include mulching to conserve soil,mosture, reduced surface run off, and soil erosion, while lowering soiltemperature reforce station lindlive preservation and the construction ofwind barriers are also named Ho. There...

...is increasing evidence. The climatechange will strongly effect. Tea Cultivation and quote concludes thestudy of growers in a Psam, the world's top tea producigration. India's conor t auction recorded thelowest volume offer of the year due to recent frost. Here. Is this week's toreport? The focus is still in the south. This week sail Elevan and Kouchi samore up country buyers. The average price realization for Orthodox NilgriLifti stood at a healthy hundred, an sixty three rupees conuso. Averageprices go up by about one ropee, which is already discouraged by es aboutthirty per cent of the tea on offer remained unsold Orthodox Green andblacktay continues to do well earning between two hundred and three hundredapiece Percilo with one broken pickoe grat black tea from Pinewood estatecrossing the three hundred upee mark. There was no sailing autending octions to trade. TES works with tea, preversand every scale from promising startups to the world's T, e largestmultinational beverage brands in the hot ice an boow day, secendswith USbased formulation, plending and packaging services. FUGRAT CAN HEL IATscale, UPOR specialrn for more information visit. Our website q tradetescom this week, Te Bis, discusses a retailinspired t education club that delves deeply in the geeky aspects of Torraorticultural practices and processing during rare tea, cupping sessions athome and who travelle to London to were the marketing value of third partycertifications against authentic boots on the ground, committed the involementtailored to local needs.

In principle, t certification programshave positive impacts but in practice results her highly location, specificand mixed farm. Gay prices generally rise along with gross income, but so docots that are born by farmers and about sixty per cent of certificationprograms, an imperative for marketer seeking to export tea, tea,certification, soothed, the conscience of retailers and consumers, but do theyaddress the needs and interest of tea workers in the communities in whichthey resign? Third Body certification offers morethan just a markting label. It offers soil conservation to plant diversity.This is done under silver from pm: David Silver, ind, sance, sitting downwith DNOFA Cromasseuria, the founder of cale t in Srilanka to talk about thechallenges facing small producers of previum quality ty and how buyers cantrust small producers producing without certification. The third part ofCTIPICATION is popular with, be you consumers and elsewhere. How do youtrust, O byers without e Organin certificate? Think it's a tough one,because everyone's used to certification and certification is theeasy way to prove you know: You'r organic, it's how we communicate ourauthenticity that the authenticity of our story. If you look at Kata, if youlook at all of us startist and teamakers, we are on ground. We livehere at least twenty days of a month, and we tell u stories from here. If youlook for one word, its authenticity and it's authenticity of our story and howwe communicate the authenticity of our story. CETIFICATION is more than amarketing label. It assures soiler conspation it livits deeforastation andincreases plan diversity. What steps does calei take as good stewards of theland? The first thing is being on ground andnumber two there's a lot of documentation control one can one cando, for example,...

...every invoice that we pay out. I signoff and I know what comes in and what doesn't so if you stop stuff cominginto the land, that's one way of control. First is creating the FORESTICOL system.Two is building the soil and three is three: is having documentantation andphysical input material control to ensure that what shouldn't come intothe sight doesn't come. Bu then a ate ore, the most pressing challengesfacing small producers of premium qualityty. The very very first ismarketing. How do we get arties out there? So marketing is the biggest the key issue that stops good good,strelong, sellon artists and t products reaching the market and reaching theconsumer. The second is how we change the mindset of everyone around us tosay the ecosystem is critical and good. Lief is critical, because goodqualicity is made on the soil in the lad. And how do you?How do you really manage your bushes? How do you pluck could leave? Is this asecond second key aspect? So the first is marketing getting Aur product outand the second is how we, how we SAUC, how we grow and SOUC wood quality,rawmeterial IET, Leves New York's tea drum teahouse, isnormally bustling, with tea levers gathered to SIP and learn since openingin two thousandand thirteen founder and first generation immigrant Shinon Tang,an accomplished speaker and educator haught by example, telling stories ofher annual buying trips while poouring tee for customers. Last March Tang, whonormally spends three months agear with heritage growers in China, was groundedWer Shet, her thriving business was...

...locked, ow Chinan. What inspired you to create?Beyondline Educational Tea Club of fifty dollar per month subscriptionservice that delivers tea samples to homebound tea lovers when the pademichit it was an mentitor closedown. So we couldn't really share t with our guestsanymore in person. There was this need to somehow stey connected with ourguests and offer tlevers. This kind of pasing experience, because if youmentioned earlier t is, is shared the experience we always had an educationaltea club, but before what we did was that we sent people extensive writingsof the keys since the onset of the pandemic te retailers have created manyvirtural to experiences. How does your program differ from the other onlinecourses? Everybody was, you know, trying to reatcontent, virtually decided to create these t cars that bring a lot of thesential information about the origin, the Cote of art and also the processingof the CEA. We supplement that with a few virtual tases that we host eachmonth, so our tea club actually has two tears. The true origin Trinese Te. Sothese are our historopery famous tees and they will also have a higher tered,as those are the ones that a lot of thises are to be had the ones in alifetime. They represent some amazing vintages. You described a growing levelof consumer awareness and appreciation for hertage, Ta and interest in whatyou called Geeky aspects of cultivation and production of ancienties. The courtcomptence of Kitranaze company is our tea. We don't do just any TEY GIV mekee terms such as like ther, trade, even oorganic and single origin. Theseterms, don't really apply to the tea...

...industry, but we specialize inhistoricaln and historically famous tea, why we have a long history of drinkingkey, but what it means is that there is so much that we already know about. Hethat has been highly sought after by generations of connoissaurce. Well, weare experiencing is in connection with what the past counersource have kind ofpessed down to us. When I talk about where the Kea comes from, I don't meansomething: Thay, eiter Chinese t versus Hay, Japanese, tea or will say: Oh Ilike tease from Menan, so toaris only part of what we always talk about indepth with our members, so basicallyn all the externalenvironment that I affect the KEP trea itself from the Slopl, the direction ofthe sun, the different temperature differences, how the sunlighteractually dispersed, there's so many different things, a whole checklists ofthings, all the external things that kind of affect the teacre yourself intrigue. By what you heard in today'spondcast. Would you like to learn more from our global network of pebizjournalist and t experts, contact them direct through subtext, private messagebased flatfor avoid the chaos of socially and start aconversation that matters subtext message base platiform lets youprivately ask meaningful questions of the txps academics, tvis journalist,reporting fot. You see their responses, te SMS text, which or Sen direct toyour fen visit our website and subscribe to subtext againsttantlyconnected the most connected people in tea. Remember to visit the TBS website formore comprehensive coverage. Thatw wwt Hyphen Bizbiazi Dat Cam, thanks forlistening farewell till next week,.

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