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Tea News and Biz Insight - April 2, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – | Suez Ship-jam Delays Tea Deliveries | Tea Aisle Sales Stand Out in Grocery | Tea Retail Realignment is Underway 

| GUEST – David O'Neill director of Falls of Clyde International, a maritime heritage non-profit with plans to state clipper tea races in 2025. 

| FEATURES – This week Tea Biz visits Scotland for a lesson on the history of tea clipper ships and a plan to revive the famous tea races from China to the UK with next-generation zero-emission sail craft that someday may enable shippers who switched from sail to steam 150 years ago to switch back to sail again…. and we explore a realm that knows no bounds -- the imagination of tea book authors. Listen as Kyle Whittington, founder of the Tea Book Club, presents the first in a series of crowd-sourced book reviews. 

Clipper Tea Races Reborn

Racing 2000-ton, 200-foot long, four-masted tall ships with a 30-man crew at speeds of up to 32 kilometers per hour from Foochow, China to London was a 99-day spectacle that rivaled today’s FIFA World Cup. With a ten-pence per ton premium on top of the 5 pounds per ton price of tea and a cash prize of 100 sterling for the first captain to reach port, the race (and wagers in plenty) meant fortunes won and lost. From the first race in 1865 to the last in

1872 the public eagerly anticipated September when a glut of fresh tea first arrived. British and American clipper ships were the marvel of their day but Scotland’s shipbuilders in Aberdeen on the River Clyde were the most renowned.

The race of 1866 pitted 57 ships on a journey of 14,000 miles with three contenders arriving within two hours on the same tide. The world’s two fastest clippers, the Taeping and the Ariel docked 28 minutes apart, the winning captain gallantly splitting the prize. David O’Neill is director of Falls of Clyde International, a non-profit vested in preserving Scotland’s maritime heritage. The 200-foot-long Falls of Clyde is the last of the full-rigged iron-hulled clippers. It is designated a US National Historic Landmark and moored as a maritime museum in Honolulu. However, it is no longer open to the public and needs $1.5 million in immediate repairs or it will be scuttled. 

The Tea Book Club

The Tea Book Club is a virtual adaptation of the Saturday afternoon tea and armchair get-togethers we all miss. Members meet monthly as either “Teapot” regulars or just a “Spoon-full” drop-ins. A new book is introduced every two months. The first session is social with a book-related theme or special guest. The second meet-up is to discuss the book in detail. There are two time slots to accommodate the global community with recordings available and a group chat on Instagram. Email prompts during the month help you keep on pace. In this segment, Kyle introduces the club’s favorite book of 2020, Tales of the Tea Trade by Michelle and Bob Comins, two adventurous tea retailers from Bath, England who recount their travels to origin. 

FOTHE TEEP is podcast, delivers tnewsthat you need to know a recap. Ofthe Week's major headlines with commentaryand cultural trends hosted by Danhol is the voice of origin for t professionalsenthuses to ro fine. Think of us as a digital caravan ofstory, tellers, bringing authentic, authoritative, exotic and exclusivestories to you, weekly from the Tea Ledge each week. The T bis podcast summarizesnews with the greatest impact on the tea industry, but tea requires far morenuanced coverage than the recitation of production volumes and commodity prices.That is why the TA BIS podcast is paired with a more inclusive tea, Bizblog and T journey magazine. The podcast offers a weekly mix of news andfeatures. It is innovative and interactive, permitting listeners toconveniently contact reporders at origin to ask questions that areanswered via text messages that are delivered privately to their phone. Welcome and happy Easter. This weekendis also King Meing, a Chinese festival, honoring ancestors and it's theofficial start of the t season here. The headlines, Soez ship jam, delays, tdeliveries, teaisle sails stand out in grocery, and a tea retail realignmentis under way. More in a minute, the first, this important message- Avaney, empowers rural women practicingsustainable agriculture, including tea and crafts such as weeving with naturalfibre and plant base dies up in the Towerin Helilea Juman is oneof Indias oldest tea regions. Today we...

...raise our cups in the name of AvaniQuma, a non prophet dedicated to strengthening farming communities,cheers to a brighter future for all to donate visit, Avonney Dash, Qumon DOTork. The reliability of ships arriving ontime was at record lows before the March Twenty Fourth Suez Canal, shipJEM delayed a significant amount of coffee and tea bound mainly for Europe.The vanreese group, based in Roterdam, continues to track eighty containers oftea on fifteen vessels that remaind stalled or were rerouted at SeaLogistics, firm sea intelligence estimates a rival, reliability to clineto thirty five percent. In February and reports, an average delay of six point:Seven six days, the highest billat ever refloating, the gigantic containershipever given averted chaos as supplies at year end dwindled. But recovery willtake a few waks as three hundred and fifty ships make their way through thecanal. At a pace of eighty ships per day, the blackage will also preventempty shipping containers from being returned to Asia, adding to a containershortage caused by rising demand for consumer goods. During the panic business in sight in the orderly worldof logistics, nothing is going as plane. PORTZ are designed to unload ships atat even pace. Hundreds of vessels arriving all at once at the same,western European destinations will create bottlmnex at terminals andAntwerp, Rotterdam and Homber, where most tea is offloaded. HORD authoritiessay they are now experiencing a low before the rush.

Peace stands out in the grocery islestayed in steady centeril categories like tea, rarely accelerated growthrates faster than advertising, gribbon fast moving consumer goods categories,but that's exactly what happened in two Thousan and twenty last April. Sails Otea bags and US Grocery and department stores grew by twelve percent year overyear. According to Chicago base, Market Research Form Iri Roth, held steady attwelve point: three percent for the year sales of tea and tea bags told oftwo hundred and fifty million dollars in the fifty two weeks ending Februarytwo thousand and twenty one in Canada. hotpiece sales grew by eighteen percentthrough January, compared to eleven percent growth in fast moving goodsover all. According to neals, an research shared by the tea, an ErbalAssociation of Canada, Globally, sals of package goods and beverages havefully recovered to pre pendemic lemels business in sight. Its IVER surveyshowe that comfort and relaxation and lifestyle reasons in general, motivatetea purchases with immunity and mental health and just keeping warm among thetop five reasons. People bought tea during long bouns, insumer trendstowards self care and convenience are now more prominent than in last year.Surveys. But the desire to spend more to indulge in premium ta and to createpleasant in whome experiences remain strong. Overall, the US economy is stilltroubled on Wednesday. The Conference Board reported that sixty two percentof you as consumers, many of whom are facing economic uncertainty and incomeloss, are cutting back on spending. Overall frogality is one of threedominant priorities alone, with a preference for digitally enabledconvenience and spending on health and...

...wellness ton, a consumer products owners ofTetley Brandon Tea announced it has sold its stake in two US base: jointtea ventures, parting ways with Empirical Group of food, Surga supplierand Harrist Company's southern tea, hatas CEOS said the company isconsolidating to sharpen his focus in the US coffee and tea market. Tetley isone of North America's highest grossing, tea brands, business insight, Heaven Gasco and apartner and spokesman for Camelia Sonensis t retail in Montreal writesthe company will close its Emery Tea House after twenty two years, ascoonsaid that, like many firms, the pandemic forced the company torestructure and to reinvent itself to survive quote in early Thousanda.Twenty two, we hope to present a new space offering a completely differentclient experience, a location where te tasting and discovery are at the coreof each visit and quote he said: Demand Surge for CTCT at the Coche teauction, Orthodox teas for export to the Middle East and CI as countriesalso rose. Green teas from the MILGURIES are also commanding higherprices. ORVENDA in Bengalibru brings us this week's teaprise report. This isEvendan and Trammon with India Price Watch for the week ending March. TwentySix saile, twelve and Coche cit C dust enjoyed. Ninety one per cent demand themeanbuyers, VERKELA SAPLAICO and other packeteers Orthodox dust, so lessdemand with buyus from Northandia and a few exporters. The average prize washundred sixty four opiece fifteen pese with nine per cent unsold or the dox'sleaf, saw good demand with ninety three per cent sold at an average price ofhundred seventy five apiece seventeen...

...persy, the wholel ef nilters Blacke tefound takers among exporters to CIS countries and the Middle East.Crimbotho also saw a higher leaf sale for authodoxity, with nearly ninetythree per cent sold for an average price of hundred seventy five apiecetwenty two pese while Cunoso it is seven per cent sold at an average priceof hundred and fifty rupiece. Forty three pise for the same category in thesouth, combined duston leave sailors highest in Kochei for both averageprice and percentage sold in city city Southinia, combined. So two point:Eight million close on offer wit. Seventy seven per cent sold green teacommands better prizes, a smaller volume of green tea, six Hund ed.Ninety one killos was offered and five eighty eight hillos picked up for anaverage price of two hundred. Seventy rupes forty three persy not wasauctioned in Narthendia last week and now a word fror oue sponsor do trade teas works with tea prerveyorsatd every scale from promising startups to the world's T, e largestmultinational beverage brands in the hot ice and bowday seconds with us,based formulation, blending and macgaging services. Futrat can help youinovate scale, UPO your specialty brand for more information visit. Our websiteq trade tescom this week, tebis visit Scotland for alesson on the history of the tea clipperships and a plan to revive thefamous tea races from Trida to the UK with next generation zurl emissionssailcraft that may some day enable shippers who once switched from sail tosteam a hundred and fifty years ago, to switch back to sail again and we explore a realm that knows nobounds. The imagination of Tea Book...

Authors, Listen as Kyle Widdington,founder of the Tea Book Club, presents the first in a series of crowd sourcebook reviews. The teabook club is a virtualavaptation of the Saturday afternoon. Tea and Armchair get together's. We allmiss members meet monthly as either teapot regulars or just a spoonfuldroins. A new book is introduced every two months. The first session is socialwith a book related theme or Special Guest. The second meede up is todiscuss the book in detail. There are two time slots to accommodate theglobal community. With recordings available and a group chat on instagram email promce during the month help youkeep on pace in this segment. Kal Introduces the club's favourite book ofTwo thousandand twenty tales of the tea trade by Michele and Bob Commins, twoadventuroustea retailers from bath England who, recount their travels toOrg. It was at this point that MisterToshiera gestued me to push my hand into the soil which I didn't clouaspast his elbow, the lighterated soil offer little resistance on removing myarm. I was instructed to taste the soil which I did without hesitation. Howcould something that was growing such healthy clans be anything but good? Forme, it tasted, sweet, soft and gritty if it hadn't been gritty. ID probablyhave gone back for another handful and that's a quote from tales of the teatrade by the Shallon Robe Commons voted our favorite book of the year inOctober, tw Thsand, a twenty by Tbook Club members, I'm Karl Wittington fromthe UK and Founderof Tbook Club, where an international group of tea loversand readers who meet up on line each month to discuss tea books Pales of the tea trade was alsoshortlisted for the UNDRESSAMON's Book Awards in Two Thousand and twenty hereare my thoughts on the book.

After general, but thoughtfully writtenintroduction to tea and its types, Michele and rob take us on a journey tothe different countries they source their tea from taking turns to voicethe stories we hear from both Michele and rob, as well as the fascinatingpeople they've met on their travels. This book is intensely human andheartfelt. You rarely feel a connection with Michele and rob they love of tea,the places they go and the people they meet. The book has thoughtfully laid out, soyou know right away who is speaking and can easily pick out the stories fromtea people alongside interesting aside such as baking, their own Ulon andpeople's relationships with tea countries are ranged in chronologicalorder, based on when they started growing and producing tea, a differentand thoughtful approach. The book is easy to hop in and out of,reading sections that interest you, if you're, not a cover to cover reader overall, a pleasure to read and a mustadd to any te book shelf. Now. I'd also like to share with yousome thoughts and comments from our members. I have seen love the way theyoutline the book the flow, and I love the bits at the end, such themeditation, a lovely way to finish it. Definitely the storytelling, thepersonal connection they put a face to the tea they put a people to the tea. I really enjoyed the chapter on Koreantea. I've never had creanty before so I was really nice to immerse myself inthat world. I like the table where you can see andcompare the different harvest times depending on where they are and thedifferent names of the picking seasons, depending on where they are some thingsthat came out of the book for our members. It made people more appreciative of thefarmers, the work they put in and they care for the tea made them fort feelmore mindful about the teas they by another reader commented something thatreally got. My attention was on tea preparation. They wrote that to tasttereally well requires people to have a quiet and compassionate heart, a goodreminder that Ta requires one to be peaceful. If you'd like to join us, fir next reedhead over to teaboot club, dot, Org or...

...join teabook club on instagrama racing, two thousand ton, two hundredfoot long, four masted tall chips, but a thirty man crew at speeds of up Tho.Thirty, two kilameters PROWOSOM, who shall shinein to London, was a ninetydaing day spectacle hat rival to day's Feaul World Cup, with a tenpence forton premium on top of the five pound for ton, price of tea and a cash prizeof a hundred sterling for the first captain to reach port the race andwagers in plenty meant. Fortunes won and lost from the first race ineighteen, sixty five to the last in eighteen. Seventy two, the publiceagerly anticipated September when a glut of fresh tea first arrived. British and American clipperships werea marvel of their day. But Scotland, ship builders in Aberdeen on the riverKlod, were the most renowned, the race of eighteen, sixty six pitted fiftyseven ships on a journey of fourteen thousand miles, with three contendersarriving within two hours on the same tide, the world's two fastest clippers, thetaipaying in the aerial dack. Twenty eight minutes apart the winning CaptainGallantly splitting the prize David Oneil, is director of folds ofClyde International Anon Prophet vested in preserving Scotland's maratimeheritage. The two hundred foot long falls of CLADE is the last of the fullrigged iron halled clippers. It is designated to US national, historic,landmark and Moord as Ameritime Museum and Honalulu. However, it is no longeropen to the public and needs one point:...

...five million in immediate repairs or itwill be scuttled. I really see this project as a way to bring taconsumption to a global audience. What it once was, it could attrace globalsponsors on a par with major orcean racing events and offer a boost tolocal communities and businesses in each of the cities along the way onehome and portals exporters brors. They tail Otan, even t drunkers and themedia, or follow US reasons, ranging from heritate tea, of course, theenvironment and new technologies used in cleanermission shipping around deWorld. It will truly be a spectacle and interactive experience for many Davidwhen inspired you to Reservic these famous races. I was around, I think,nine years old and premary school here in Glasgow, Scotland, we had a bookbook of adventures and stories and one of the episodes acu like the I plickedup was a book in the series of the story of the CATISARC faces, theFemopeli that story of adversity, Mon against the elements and thus clay,bilt, superfass sailing shit, raising another one home to t UK. The story hadexcitement at disappointment danger and it captured e hugeesness of to see tome as an Ayear old kid and also showed how clever people could beand t wereable to be smart and inevitive to solve problems. Al Suppose, lessons that are learned inlife and ones that have actually passed on Hem Moon, kids, orship was belt inPort Glas, O on Honsand, eight hundre and sevenyty. Eight, once she's Retonto Scotland, she'll be rebuilt to meet today's standard of structuralintegrity and to me again, safety standes form more smore than chips tocelebrate her rebirthmore, better witto show the world what played bellheritage means than Byn recreating the Teris. This way we get of Promotcleanenitionshipping, as both thestles will be converted to all electric orhadred cling. Fel, Mex and mis see an...

...opportunity to have this as an annualevent challenging additional vessels eaciher to join in eventually aiming tohave a large fleet of sailing ships in the future, taking part all because oftea intrigue. By what you heard in today'spondcast, would you like to learn more from our vobale network of pebisjournalist and t experts, contact them direct through subtext, private messagebased flatform avoid the chaos of socially and start aconversation that match sub text message based platiform lets. Youprivately ask meaningful questions of the txpes of academics, s journalistreporting. You see their responses. He SMS textwhich Ar Sin Direct yourf visit our website and subscribe to subtext andinstantly connected the most connected popta remember to visit the TBI's website formore comprehensive coverage. That's wwwt, hyphen bizz, Beya Zi Dat Cam,thanks for listening farewell till next week,.

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