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Tea News and Biz Insight - April 16, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – | India Surpasses Brazil as the World’s COVID Hotspot | Tea Imports Spike in Pakistan
| The Global Tea Initiative at the University of California, Davis Hosts a Second Virtual Event | Tea Masters Cup Names Champions in Moscow

| GUEST – Jack Mackenzie, general manager, Summer Lodge Country House Hotel & Restaurant in Dorchester, England.

| FEATURES – This week Tea Biz offers a glimpse of the many teas of India. Aravinda Anantharaman takes us on a tour revealing there is lot more to savor than chai…and we travel to the idyllic Summer Lodge Country House Hotel in Dorchester for a new take on the old English tradition of afternoon tea.

The Many Teas of India

The almost 1.4 billion people who live in India consume about 20% the tea produced globally, including most of the tea grown there. Consumption averages 840 grams per person annually. Growth slowed 2.5% in 2020—much weaker than in previous years—due to retail closures but India has not lost its taste for tea, it is just prepared more at home. Aravinda Anantharaman takes us on a tea tour that reveals there is lot more to savor than chai.

Afternoon Tea Re-imagined

Situated in the rolling hills of Dorset, the Summer Lodge Country House Hotel & Restaurant is the perfect setting to savour Afternoon Tea in the idyllic English countryside. But when the pandemic closed the hotel the restaurant staff, at the direction of general manager Jack Mackenzie, were forced to cleverly design an afternoon tea takeaway so memorable that this old English tradition became an Instagram hit for patrons unboxing their dainties at home.

Folthe teep is podcast, delivers tnewsthat you need to know a recap of the week's major headlines with commentaryand cultural trends hosted by Dan Hol is the voice of origin for tprofessionals, enthusies to rofine, think of USS as a digital caravan ofstory, tallers bringing authenticthoritatede exotic andexclusive stories to you, weekly from the teledge each week. The T is podcast summarizesnews with the greatest impact on the tea industry, but tea requires far morenuwanced coverage than the recitation of production volumes and commodityprices. That is why the T bis podcast is paired with a more inclusive te, Bizblog and Te Journey magazine. The podcast offers a weekly mix of news andfeatures. It is innovative and interactive, permitting listeners toconveniently contact reporters at origin to ask questions that areanswered via text messages that are delivered privately to their poame. Welcome here, the headlodnch Indiasurpasses Brazil as the world's covid hot spot. The Global T initiative at theUniversity of California Davis hosts a second virtual event: t imports spike in Pakistan and TeaMasters Cup names champions in Moscow Morin a minute, but first thisimportant message: a Voney empowers rural women practicingsustainable agriculture, including tea and crafts such as weeving with naturalfibre and plant base dies up in the towering. Hemilea Jumin isone of India's oldest tea regions. To...

Day we raise our cups in the name ofAvani Quma, a non prophet dedicated to strengthening farming communities,cheers to a brighter future for all to donate visit. A vonney Dash, Qumon, dut,ork tea gardens are taking extraprecautions as a second wave totaling, nearly two hundred thousand dailyinfections for slockdowns in Mambay this week and heightened fears acrossthe country in March. The daily count was underfifteen thousand across India. Nine states, including tea growing regions,Coralla and Carnataka this week, reported their highest ever daily cout.The virus is now killing more than a thousand daily West Bingall, which includes colcottarecorded its highest single day, Spike of four thousand eight hundred cases.This week, the state's death countest ten thousand four hundred about tentimes greater than a Psam West Bengo, is inoculating more than ahundred thousand people a day. The sum which produces the largestquantity of tea in India is faring much better. With a thousand twenty threeactive cases, the state has reported two hundred and twenty one thousandcases and a thousand one hundred nineteen deaths. Since the onset of thepandemic business inside dry weather in west,India is causing greater havoc than the corona virus right now, driving downyield and idling workers and factories.

The Global Tea Initiative at theUniversity of California and Davis will host the second in its talking about tseries from three to five pm Friday April twenty third, the virtualpresentation on myths, legends and anecdotes includes research papers,presentations on PEA, poetry and early writings about tea, with a review oftea gardens of London in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. TheGTI website has more than thirty presentations available for viewingfounding director at Catherine. Burnett said this will be a quote more casual,conversational and quote event in the First Session in January. She saidpeople will be able to chat with each other and comment and network and Sharideas learn from each other and get that kind of personal engagement thatyou can do on sight. Admission to the zoom event is freevisit, Global Ta Dot. You See Davis Dot, Edu to register pmports spike in Pakistan. The pandemic boosted t imports bytwenty seven percent to a hundred and seventy one point five metric tons forthe eight months ending February, O thousand a twenty one. The value oftmports grew seventeen per cent compared to the same period ending inFebruary of two thousandand. Twenty Pakistan ranks third among the teaimporting nations spending more than five hundred million on tea annually.According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the bureau recorded atwenty percent increase in the country's trade deficit last year.Lending new urgency to reducing for an...

...exchange outflow Akestin has grown small quantities oftea since nineteen fifty eight, but until recently it was less costly toimport tea from India due to border hostilities. India, no longer ships teedirect to Pakistan business inside last week. The GAZARTea Association in China offered to assist Pakistan grow mortea locally,utilizeing, cultivirs expertise and machinery from China to produce brokenleaf black tea. Five years ago, win Morocco Jujan began working with thelocal blenders and packers to create a profitable local brand. In North Africaquote, we can make great throughs and technology and increase prodoctivity,said GTA C Secretary General Shu Gimen en guza small farmers rely on anenterprise driven model that could find success in Pakistan. The pandemic forced the cancellation ofqualifying rounds and limited appearances at exhibitions to a singleevent during the W thwanty twenty one cycle, but the tea master's Cupconcluded successfully at the recent coffeetee in cakal Russian Exbo inMoscow. Sixty one tea masters competed intasting and tea preparation categories that were modified to prevent, SharingCups Nikolay Doji. The reigning tea tastingchampion successfully defended his stop ranking by identifying every outlierwhen presented with six sets of three infusions in three minutes. Oga AlicioDENICO won the t preparation category...

...besting. Sixteen contenders inpreparing two teas Orvenda, an enbariment in Bengluru,brings us this weeks. Te Prose report in the apprice report sail footein week,ending April tent tout, like conditions plagued, ageline, Canga and parts ofAssam. The mood has been understandably gloomy. Meanwhile, Hales Tomes in a Samof the weekend affected sevral, ty, drowing districts and the South raingeCharles, have arrived or expected this week, prices for se fourteen despite amuch avaited start of the conquatar auction, Sal fotine did not open on ahigh note. Only fifty five per cent of tea an offer was sold, cohates Har,better responses and prices to Orthodox Leaf in dust wit, hundred percent ofthe dust sold a green tee from the Donny Poulo Garden in Er, naturalpradation sold for six hundred and twelve rupees, making the highest price.This week, this illegory auction focused on the on cit c leaf and UST.This week in Kochi, Saplako was missed among buyers in the city c dust marketfound few takers leading to prices dropping by five to tentrepiece.Orthodox dust did better than cit se dust at eighty. Six per cent sold to upcauntrybius and the local market. ORTHEDOX's LEAV also did well witheighty percent sold CIS countries in the Middle East for the main buyers MilGristi fetched good prices at low of two hundred thirty rapiece and a highof three hundred n eleven apiece couno and clime with ther auction prices weresimilar punosaw a high volume of tea on offer this week. As for prices, HomdaleEstates, red dustty, grat top the list at three hundred five apiece a Killo, alimited quantity of green tee was an offer inconour and all of it was sold. And now a word from our sponsor to trade. Teas works with tea,perveyors and every scale from promising startups to the world'slargest multinational beverage brands.

In the hot ICED and Bowt secents withus, based formulation, blending and packaging services, Hu trade can helpyou innovate scale up and grow. Your specialty t brand for more informationvisit our website q trade teascom this week, tbiz offers a glimpse of themany teas of India, Arvinda and or thereman takes us on a tour revealingnurs a lot more to savour than Chy, and we travel to the IDILLIC SummerLodge Country Househotel an Dorchasfor England for a new take on the oldEnglish tradition of afternoon. Tea Almost one point four billion people,if in India together they consume about twenty percent of the tea producedglobally, including most of the tea grown there. Consumption averages eight hundred ndphotagrams per person annually. It slowed a bit to two point. Five percentin twenty two much weaker than in previous years, do largely to retailclosures, but that doesn't mean India lost its taste for tea. They justprepared more at home, known for their beloved Chi. Their preferences are asdiverse as the people who live there. India's association with Chi is a longand strong one chiconotes milky sweetness a social break in the day,train journeys, spices, but es the thing. It's not the only kind of teathat enjoys cultural popularity in the country. Here are a few teas fromacross India, with deep cultural affinities and quite a far cry from chyin the south. Coffee is a popular beverage, except in Carla, where t is astaper. The solemony is a te from Kelas MOPLA Muslem community in the Malboireregion, while its origin is...

...undocumented. Their references to itsconnection with the Arabian beverage called a Cavar made with dates andblack pepper. There was sea trade between the Rabian and mullabar coasts,so there could be some truths here. The lemony is made it blackty, cardamum,cinnamon, lime, juice and sugar or honey. Some air, a pinch of SAFTRONmoving west tea time for the Parsy community in India, is joy, placktywith milet and lemon grass, and, if available, permit famous for the bakingskills teparscees enjoy their tea with something sweet or sometimes a Sandpichjoy is made with any black tea leaf or Seaty, sea or dust steeped in boilingwater, along with the mainted lemon grass at sweetened and served with aspot of milk up north Kashmir has a cover, is not an everyday drink, but anoccasion Al One usually served before and after a feast, the Carver is madewith a bit of green tea, Buth, Saftren and Cardaman pods of the main stay ofthis beverage. It sweetened and garnished with slivers of Armond.Sometimes a little milk is added. Making eithe, doodes or milk cover thecavars served from asamover as befitting its celebratory status. Everyday, te in keshmair is a noon Chi or salt tea. This is made from a green teaconcentrate to serve MILKON. Salter addit is a concentrate. The he has aFaint Pink Colour from the edition of Soda and is enjoyed for the warmthtelivers. The salte is also the prefered tea in the northwestern pathsof Findia in places like LADAC sharing ties with debet. That Yeu hear ispotcher or salted butterty in the east, where so much of indiast grows. There'sno dirls of TA choices, but in Calcuta tea on the street is labeled Char,which is Lemon Blacktea with a touch of black salt that gives it its spicytangy sour sweetness for the east, teas pefferred black and smoked, and moneypoole in parts of Assamon Nagelan te has been enjoyed even before theBritish protit here tee is made from...

...leaves harvested from wild grown bushes,its withered dried and stuffed into Bambo and allowed to smoke over thestove for an extended period. Smoky black tea is a staple. I suspect thereare more teas that would make it to this list, which just emphasizes thetruth: Obat Tea, that its verstile leverage and its place in a culturecomes from how one has made ot one's own afternoon. Tea reimagine situated in the Rolling Hills of Gorsetthe Summer Lodge Country House, Hotel and restaurant is the perfect settingto save Hor an afternoon tea. In the IDILLIC English countryside, but whenthe pandemic closed, the hotel, the restaurant staff was forced to cleverlydesign an afternoon tea takeaway. So memorable, this old English traditionbecame an instagram hit for patrons unboxing, their dainty sed home, the global pandemic as reked HABOC onhospitality businesses the world over. This is dondesilver from PM, DavidSilver and sons sitting down in conversation with Jack Mc Kenzie, thegeneral manager of the luxury Summer Lodge Country House hotel part of theRed Carnation Hotel Group, that's based in Evershop in Dorsershire in ruralEngland, we sit down and we talk about how his business has pivoted fromoffering traditional afternoon tea in a country house setting to offeringafternoon tea in a customers, home fooden beverage is an important streamof revenue for hotels. How important was afternoon thief for Your HotelPrior to the pandemic? Often inhe's always been a hugely important part ofour food in everage operation. You know, as I think it allows us a connectionwith our local area that sometimes the rest arry ul be. Doesn't it's a muchmore accessible service to people? You...

...can experience amazing service, but ata reasonable price. So you know we've always wea relied on very heaviy to tobe a way of keeping in touch with people from our local facility. Thatsaid, it's practastic revenues tream, you know oftenity generates a lot ofmoney for us. It's a hugely popular pasttime with people to do to gettogether and it's a fantastic were shocas. He Hotel. How is the hoteladapted to the pandemic and what have you done to still generate revenue?Whilst we've been in this lock down here in Britain being out and to copyside like we have been during the lockdowns generating revinues tough? Wedon't have enough population on our door, get to read warrant bringingchefs into the kitchen full time, so we decided against doing general. Take theways like like a lot of other places of DONEA. We decided andstead to focus on the special ICATIONS motheringSunday, Easter Sunday, getting our name Colf thers, that we are not forgottenand for us oftherint was the best. But to do that, you know it's. I was supper.WIRH was easily transportable. You didn't have to worry about it being hotor cold. afteentime was absolutely perfect. The demind is more than wethought it was going to Bein. The best thing really was wasseeing people's reactionly te when they got home and they anpacked theiraftering tea, and suddenly you SI popping up an instagram and on facepoking on twitter people. We are posting pictures of the summer like intheir own home. It's a really good feel good factor for us. APIC ant have beenthe biggest challenges in pivoting your business o offering delivery afternoontea. The challenges actually have not been that many for us. I know it wassomething which which came to us fairly natural and a lot of the issue for usactually have revolte around things which we couldn't really control. Ittook US quite a long time to find some packaging notes, tothat that we thoughtwould be in keeping with the standard of what we were trying to provide. Ithink, to be perfectly honest: it Wa' still not a hundred percent there. Ithink you know we can do better their...

...afterin tea is its a labor intensivething to prepare. It's intricate is delicate. It takes time you know andsoy. We need to throw a lot more time than resource at and giving the teamenough time to get that prepared. The aftering t take teways for us,definitely something that we're keeping long term an KIW. It's been a very,very positive thing: Intrigue by what you heard in today'spondcast. Would you like to learn more from our global network of pebzsjournalist and txperts contact them direct through subetext private messagebased platform, avoid the chaos of Socialy and start aconversation that mat subtext message based platifum? Let's, you privatelyask meaningful questions of the txpesof academics, vis, journalists, refordingfot. You see their responses to the SMS TEX which or send Directto your fonvisit our website and subscribe to subtext an instantly connected. Themost connected poqinty remember to visit the tbiz website formore comprehensive coverag atch wwwt hyphen bizz Beya Zi Dat Kan thanks forlistening farewell till next week.

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