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Tea News and Biz Insight - April 30, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – Mombasa to Expand Tea Auctions to Five Days a Week | Spiking Prices Dismay Russian Tea Drinkers
| A 6.4 Quake Shakes Assam – Tea Factory Damage is Minor | Vahdam Tea Mobilizes Emergency COVID Aid for India

| GUEST – Rishi Saria is a third-generation planter, managing the Gopaldhara, and Rohini estates in Darjeeling, India.

| FEATURES – This week Tea Biz visits the fabled Darjeeling tea growing region in the Himalayan foothills of northwestern India
…. and we travel to Seattle for the launch of the Organic Marketing Association a group that conveys the complexities of organic cultivation with memorable memes, clever ditties, and illustrations that radiate the joy of farming in harmony with nature.

Steadfast Darjeeling Continues to Evolve

Darjeeling is the most famous of India’s tea growing regions. Revenue from its spring flush makes it the most lucrative, but the plants there are aging, wage inflation is high, and workers are restless. Innovation is overdue. Aravinda Anantharaman spoke with Rishi Saria a third generation planter, managing the Gopaldhara, and Rohini estates in Darjeeling. He discusses Darjeeling from the point of view of a planter, where things stand, what it needs, and the successful processing of . She filed this this report:

Marketing Organics with Humor

Dennis Weaver is the co-founder and president of the Organic Marketing Association, a non-profit that growers CANNOT pay to join. The consumer-facing OMA celebrates the fun side of organics by building awareness with slogans, puns and Instagram-inspired illustrations of vegetables like celery with the headline “Stalking You” or lemons calling you to “Pucker Up Baby.”

Weaver explains that organic food is delicious and nutritious, “So why is organic stuck at 5% market share with plantings on only 1% of US acreage?” he asks. One reason is that organic suppliers spend too much time talking about what’s not organic. They are in a defensive bubble, he says. Consumers are far more interested in how tasty, fun and easy it is to choose organics.
“We won’t try to educate anyone. Instead, we’ll focus on making positive associations with the word organic and the things that make people happy. It’s a simple formula that works,” says Weaver.

For the TEEP is podcast delivers t newsthat you need to know a recap of the week's major headlines with commentaryand cultural trends hosted by Dan Hole. It is the voice of origin for teaprofessionals and enthusiast Robin think of us as a digital caravan ofstory, tellers, bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories toyou, weekly from the tea lands. Welcome the here of the headlines.Mamas expands t auctions to five days week. spiking prices, dismay Russiantea drinkers, a six point: Four earthquake shakes a psalm, but tfactory damages minor vatum t mobilizes emergency aid to India more in a minute,but first this important message: a Vaney empowers rural women practicingsustainable agriculture, including tea and crafts such as weaving with naturalfibre and plant base dies up in the towering Hamelen human is oneof India's oldest tea regions. To Day we raise our cups in the name of aVanni Kuma a non profit dedicated to strengthening farming communities,cheers to a brighter future for all to donate visit, a Vanney Dash, cuman dot,ork low auction prices for Kenyon and otherEast African tes had persisted. For the past three years, due to over supplyduring the past nine months, the average price of two dollars and fiftytwo cents per Hilo declined by eight point. Six per cent tees auctioned bythe Kenya Development Agency generally sell for more than teas from elsewhere,but are down twelve per cent. Recent auction averages of a dollareighty one percil are well below the cost of production for many factories.The country's agriculture and Food Authority also blames the decline onweak demand due to the Coronari, lock downs and the evaluation of manyforeign currencies. Meanwhile, favorable weather and increasedanchorage under tea with each passing ear lead the greatest surplus volumesadding to already high stocks. Two developments this week will like befurther Royal Mombasa on April twenty. Fourth, the government announced thatauctions will be expanded from two to five days. A week later, this Springand last Friday, detectives with the...

Directorate of Criminal Investigationseized both Kat da records and equipment and those of the East AfricaTea, trators association, no sails were conducted Monday, business insight. The Colombo teaauction in Salanka is conducted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Annual salesvolume of three hundred million chilos was comparable to the four hundred andfifty million kilos auctioned in Mombasa in two thousand and twenty.After a hundred and twenty seven years, Colombo's traditional auction wentdigital but retains its two day. A week schedule John Snell owner and see ofEllis T in Ontario, Canada has been buying ta in commercial quantity, sinceone thousand nine hundred and eighty four, a former trading manager formultinational S, purchasing east African tea Snell shared his thoughtson the expanded schedule in Mombassa Torchon for five days aweek, irrespective of technology allowing youto do so. The suggestion that the capacity is there for buyers and tragerto attend all weak is misplaced. It speaks to a lack of consultation, whichcould very charitably be called out as a mist opportunity to get things rightand is another example of the disconnect between state and commerce,which sometimes manifests itself when there is a regime change. A foot, I'm not suggesting for one minute thatthe current system is perfect either. But if you have ever sat in an outinand seen the feeding frenzy, a can occur through good sewing were indeedby the recognition of limited time and tea of this environment concess thanfuture auction fatigue could dampen this effect. I also wonder whetherthere has been consideration for the impact that a five day, investment intime is going to have on buyer's choice as to where they buy their tea. Of course, can you produce as much ofthe exported tea in the world and sales will not stop because of this decision,but will it help or hinder whichever? I can emphatically statethat it will not change the fundamentals of this market or the lotof the small hold of farmers? It purports to help that will require muchmore work. The pandemic and economic consequences cause tea prices at retail,to increase by two to ten per cent in Russia last year and prices therecontinue to climb in two thousand and twenty one rising freight cause. Packagingexpenses and a weak rouble against the dollar also increased the cost of rawmaterials. Natalia a lazarone with the RussianAssociation of tea and Coffee Producers explains that it could be worse. Pricegrowth is restricted because producers...

...are concerned with the decline ofpurchasing power by consumers and a declining popularity of tea among theyouth as many switched to coffee in recent years. The association does notexpect the Russian tea market to expand this year. Sales volumes are growing atminimal levels. She said, making thousand y twenty one much like twothousand and twenty learn more on the T. BIS blog. A six point. Four earthquake shook asound this week. The strong quake was followed by several after shocks thatrattle rafters and nerves on April twenty eighth, but caused only minordamage to tea processing factories throughout the region. If, under seeingchairman of the Assam branch of the India Ta Association, said quote, wewere lucky to have got away with no injuries to employees and theirdependents from member gardens. The National Center for SASMAL GY putthe epicenter of the a a m play near Soniferous, sasmal active area alongthe Cupidi fault, the last major quake in July. On thousand nine hundred sixtymeasured six PLOTO votum t this wig donated fifty thousanddollars to launch a fund raiser as part of Hash tag rise together for India, acoved nineteen emergency relief. Fun Donations will assist the Non ProphetDoctors for you who deliver relief services across India. The companyseeks to mobilize tea drinkers world wide to set up temporary covintreatment facilities, acquire oxygen, cylinders and oxygen concentrators andfacilitate rapid vaccination efforts. India reported more than two millioncoved cases in the past ten days, learn more and find a kettle crowd.Funding Link to donate on the T, BIS, flog, arvina and and perman andBenglieto TS on India's te auction prices in tete price report for the weekending April twenty fourth, the week was dominated by the raging second way,with the Covin nineteen ten to make across the country. A itises cityregions are all struggling with draweth er, the Indian Te Association issued apress roves on twenty first April, the detis extent of damage from the extrememental long try weather there has been very little drained nearly reduced byhalf of what was received. Taste. The San Value received pouting point to amembrane fold for January and February, twenty twenty one as against twentyeight point, four seven M in two thousand and twenty cut her to receive,but only almost half the rain fall at four point: one five, and then thisyear, as against eight in three M in...

...two thousand and twenty in not Bengal,the Cari region received six point: one five men rain, as against nineteenpoint one in em last year he is termine salmon or spring all earlier. The monthwas also more severe than usual. Seventy gardens have seen damaged tomature in young ty, pushes the scale of damage is reported to be more extensivethan Usual Ching. Mariti STI also reported extensive damage to workershouses. This is the main halver season inproducers would hope to see a revival after two thousand and twenty and a dubbarried a sound produces around four point: five percent of its total cropin March and around six per cent in Atro, a Samite reporter that workers ofthe macrone estate did not work for two days in April, as they were not leavesto clock were two thousand and five hundred to three thousand kilos areproduced every day. This month of talking of introduction of two hundred and fiftyto three hundred kilos, Su production is down by at least that it is sent andin some places, as much as by sixty percent in auction watch. This week. HerSixteen saw about seventy percent up take across south and Outina, which wasin carriage COQUETTA auction saw about ninety one to send the Ozoros Leaf onoff her sole and now a word from our sponsor to trade. Teas works with tea perversat every scale, from promising start ups to the world's largestmultinational beverage brands in the hot iced and bounty sequence with us,based formulation, blending and packaging services, hug trade can help.You innovate scale up and grow. Your specialty t brand for more informationvisit. Our website q trade tsom this week to bus vis is a fable DARSItea, growing region in Milan, foothills of north western India, and we travelto Seattle for the launch of the Organic Marketing Association, a groupthat conveys the complexities of organic cultivation with memorablememes, clever, ditties and illustrations that radiate the joy offarming and harmony with nature darling is the most famous of Indiasteagown regions, revenue from its spring flush, Mek et the most lucrativeas well, but the plants there are aging wage inflation, ISS, high and workersor wrestles innovation is overdue. ARVINA and enthered files. This reportis: Is a third generation planter managing to Pandosia Gila? Among otherthings, he has put a dolings, often fusties, in the map that producing aflatu range of e long strattis. He spoke to the shepody from the point ofview of a planter when there things stand what it needs and cause thecompetition from Nethang, where the...

Daglets Tam compared to say even tentwenty years ago, there's been a lot of Bugis Seine is a far more progressive countrythan what it was doing. Between thousand nine hundred and eighty twothousand, I what we have achieved: Betwene thousand nine hundred andeighty to two sand and ers to economic growth. We are certainly out passedthat by a long margin between two thousand and two thousand and twentythat has had an effect on the team sing as a hope, so wages have gone fasterthan what we would have like. So that is one challenge. That is one of thereasons why there is a lot of an crime. Inflation has been ramped. Wageinsulation was vorty three to four percent. Sometimes it is in fifteenpercent. Rage in Frisian is a hug, so that has been a problem life people arealways talking of the set backs. That's etain this, but if you look at offer wise, I mean: Do you never usedto make the lot of green teams which that sing, as I did a lot of braintytate was never known for speciality, the destination of US FiscalAssociation and what a Ta shop things of speciality is very different. Hewould go through the logs twenty years back. You would find dusting first lessand does in second plus inner retailers Kep, at least that exchange. You havewhat you call the T, P moonlight stiltes. Now you have second flusht,you have green teas, you have white peas, you have some special hand roleand with stuff. Also syces of is, you could have gone gone to eight or ten P.There is a lot of novation happening and they it's happening more with farmswhich are the which are realizing that what can needs to come in all ostalabout rules, the mean who thought dain would make boo. They'll like you canalong. That is what the first reaction was and being ready on EST on this. Imy stay in mind would not have thought we don't have a proper T, researchinstitute, which guides you to all these things. I mean a lot of the younger generation they're, taking alot of effort. So once you take effort, you tend to learn some of the RETALLAC.They started writing o long, some that they're like why why we can't make onbut don't know we don't even have no long on it. So we started a ding definethat we started learning of to plug them. Is this to send samples used toget the response, not good enough, not good enough, not good enough, then we started getting in some rightnotes and you know an all these things you know living. You start thinkinglike we learned so much, then we realize how to make mountain. Okay, wedon't know so much, but we can always love A. I think the dazling P feelshave to get updated and that will take...

...a lot of time. Can we have greater salefast enough to still be relevant? What about the plantation model? It serfice?It's still workable, tranter, your not being able to makequality out of bokes. It is only teas to do, I think, which is able to figureout and we are doing it, but based on what I see, it is certainly nothappening in a very, very large scale, just to say that the plan diction modelhas no future. I think it is not fair and educated this socle owner with asord workers. It has its strength. I mean, I think that combination of I hadsomething to offer. What are your views in the competition from Nipati? I Indian who, as you know my mother,used to be from? Never so I I don't think of Nipal as Nipalthe country. You know for me, Nipas, like my mom's home country, and we havegone to Nepal whenever we wanted to sillybones has always traded with Nepal.I have not thought of Nepalese something very foreign. So for me tosay that you know there is competition from a pal. It's Ike telling you an MAmy charger. My friend has put up a tasted. They are allowed to do thething. Why are you so? What it where I think is the fact that Nepalese are notdoing enough to promote in their own country? Secondly, see Nepal is abottle model. There is a lot of dumping which just goes on. I an they just dumpthe tea, so the Nepal e straight as a hole, so perect revenue, more re lowerthan that of that e. let's say a minute: Last year I heard that they even soldthe High Mountain Green Leaves for Indian rops. Twenty acts last year was sending at itys year.It is selling at thirty Nepal Factory is Nepal, traders may be making money.Things are really you know. Is People don't understand? Nepaliindustry also needs to understand that they have to stop this dumping model. I don't know if you've ever bought teasfrom Nepal but or you've seen how the NIPAL trade isorganized. They just send you two sand cages of taginal samples and they expect you tobuy it now. The buyer is going to pay you what he's going to pay your peanuts,so most of the sling is organic. That is one strategy which sometimes in TAproducers have taken. I don't know if that's working for them or not, butit's very difficult, my opio that, because I see things very differentlythat the rest of us like what we try to do is we may be better to Venice, is the confounder and Presidentof the Organic Marketing Association, a...

...non profit. The growers cannot pay tojoin the consumer, facing Olema, celebrates the fun side of organic bybuilding awareness of slogan, spuns and Instar inspired illustrations ofvegetables like a celery with the head lunch stalking, you or lemons, callingyou to buck her up baby, oh Ma slogan, is the double on Pandreorganic eat me wever explains that organic food isdelicious and nutritious, so wise, organic stuck at five per cent marketswith plantings on only one percent of you as acreage. He asks. One reason isthat organic suppliers spent too much time talking about. What's not organic,they are in a defensive bubble. He says: assumers are far more interested in howtasty fun and easy it is to choose organics. Well, we won't try to educateany one. Instead, we'll focus on making positive associations with the wordorganic and the things that make people happy. It's a simple formula that worksas Weaver says, of organic foods and beveragesare steady with broad distribution in the US, but growth has plant pod. Inthe fifteen years. Since organic foods first became available at mainstreamgrocers. How did Ome come about? A group of usfrom a wide ranging of backgrounds happened to believe that organic goodfood is the best for you me, and the planet and more people ought to beenjoying the wholesome healthful Benevis of organic good foods. So we'vecreated the Organic Marketing Association to do just that. To Inspireyou, the Aganice Market Association is of new fresh, bold hierogl non profitdesigned to present organics in the positive, always we're flipping thescript to the a fun delicious and entertaining side we're not here toeducate anyone. We will spend our time and energies and efforts presentingthings that make people happy it's a simple form of the works is called thelaw of attraction, the law of attraction states. People are more aptto move towards what they want. Rather than to avoid we're walking away fromthe same old, same old, tired, organic narrative, a narrator that was negative,argumentative disparaging, describe, I mes newly launched website and how itbreaks free of the Conventional Paradigms for marketing organic. Thewebsite is full of color and fun and smiles and people living life to itsfullest. That's the presentation of organic, always on the positive, alwayson the up. A brand or aganice brand can become a member. A non organic brandcan become an ally. The most important thing is the engagement rate. Theaverage for food and beverage is zero...

...point. One two percent for all industryis zero point: Zero, nine per cent. We have influences our tag lines andheadlines cause a smile, if not out loud laughter in some of the comments.Return to our fun generate a thirteen point. Five percentengagement break, so we claim more thirteen thousand one hundred and sixtysix percent funnier than anybody else that engage he rated. What the money is,and so we've refined that skill. How could Alima benefit the organic segmentof the Global Tea Industry Dennis the most important ingredient? Is that tworkers in former and they can join for free, because without the organicfarmers we've got nothing. As we say, the time is now joined the fun and theAdante Market Association is full of Fun Design to encourage people to makethe organic good from choice for their own good health in breage. By what you heard in today'spodcast, would you like to learn more from our global network of pevasjournalist B experts content them directly through something privatemessage, based an avoid the chaos of social men and start a conversationthat matters sub text message based platform lets you privately askedmeaningful questions of the texes academics and Dis journalist reportingfrom the toe. You see their responses, foss texts which are sent direct toyour phone visit our website and subscribe to sub text to instantlyconnecting the most connected people in to remember to visit. The tea is websitecomprehensive, fevret, hyphen, Biz Biz, thanks for listening very well the nextweek.

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