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Tea News and Biz Insight - May 6, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – Dry Weather Worsens in Assam | COVID Infections are Rising in Nepal and Bangladesh | Are Tea Auctions Still Relevant? | Two Major Grocery Chains Agree to Carry Flash-Frozen Tea Leaves

| GUEST – SofaSummit for International Tea Day organizer Shabnam Weber, president of the Tea & Herbal Association of Canada

| NEWSMAKER – Are Tea Auctions Still Relevant? Pranav Bhansali, managing partner at Bhansali and Company, tea traders since 1929, answers in the affirmative. Auctions continue to be very relevant and play an important role, he says. Currently 45% of tea sold in India is auctioned, vs 55% sold in private transactions. Read more of Bhansali’s views on the Tea Biz blog.

| FEATURES – May is Tea Month. The United Nations-designated International Tea Day will be celebrated on May 21 this year and you can once again participate from the comfort of your home. The second virtual Sofa Summit is hosted by Shabnam Weber, president of the Tea & Herbals Association of Canada.

… and then we visit London where Kyle Whittington, founder of the Tea Book Club reviews The Story of Japanese Tea, a fascinating book by Tyas Sosen covering cultivation, manufacturing, history and culture.

Tea Day SofaSummit

The all-day SofaSummit begins at 8 am Eastern Standard Time on Friday, May 21. It is a lively virtual chat that introduces tea enthusiasts to dozens of tea experts, scholars, growers and tea professionals from around the globe. Initiated of necessity during the pandemic, the popular event is again hosted by the Tea & Herbal Association of Canada. Jessica Natale Woollard outlines the day.

Tea Book Club Review: The Story of Japanese Tea by Tyas Sosen

Tea Book Club founder Kyle Whitting considers The Story of Japanese Tea by Tyas Sosen one of the best and most comprehensive books on Japanese tea available. Listen to his comments and visit Tea Biz Blog for how to buy this book.

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