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Tea News and Biz Insight - May 6, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – Dry Weather Worsens in Assam | COVID Infections are Rising in Nepal and Bangladesh | Are Tea Auctions Still Relevant? | Two Major Grocery Chains Agree to Carry Flash-Frozen Tea Leaves

| GUEST – SofaSummit for International Tea Day organizer Shabnam Weber, president of the Tea & Herbal Association of Canada

| NEWSMAKER – Are Tea Auctions Still Relevant? Pranav Bhansali, managing partner at Bhansali and Company, tea traders since 1929, answers in the affirmative. Auctions continue to be very relevant and play an important role, he says. Currently 45% of tea sold in India is auctioned, vs 55% sold in private transactions. Read more of Bhansali’s views on the Tea Biz blog.

| FEATURES – May is Tea Month. The United Nations-designated International Tea Day will be celebrated on May 21 this year and you can once again participate from the comfort of your home. The second virtual Sofa Summit is hosted by Shabnam Weber, president of the Tea & Herbals Association of Canada.

… and then we visit London where Kyle Whittington, founder of the Tea Book Club reviews The Story of Japanese Tea, a fascinating book by Tyas Sosen covering cultivation, manufacturing, history and culture.

Tea Day SofaSummit

The all-day SofaSummit begins at 8 am Eastern Standard Time on Friday, May 21. It is a lively virtual chat that introduces tea enthusiasts to dozens of tea experts, scholars, growers and tea professionals from around the globe. Initiated of necessity during the pandemic, the popular event is again hosted by the Tea & Herbal Association of Canada. Jessica Natale Woollard outlines the day.

Tea Book Club Review: The Story of Japanese Tea by Tyas Sosen

Tea Book Club founder Kyle Whitting considers The Story of Japanese Tea by Tyas Sosen one of the best and most comprehensive books on Japanese tea available. Listen to his comments and visit Tea Biz Blog for how to buy this book.

The teeth is: podcast delivers t newsthat you need to know a recap of the week's major headlines with commentaryand cultural trends hosted by Dan Hole. It is the voice of origin for teaprofessionals, enthusiast Robin think of us as a digital caravan ofstory, tellers, bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories toyou, weekly from the tea lamps. Welcome here, the head lunch dryweather worsens in a SOM. OVID infections are rising in Nepal andBangladesh or t auctions still relevant, and two major grocery chains agree tocarry flash frozen. Tea Leaves more n a minute, but first this importantmessage: a Vaney empowers rural women practicing sustainable agriculture,including tea and crafts such as weaving with natural fibre and plantbase dies up in the towering Hamelen human is oneof India's oldest tea regions. To Day we raise our cups in the name of aVanni Kuma a non prophet dedicated to strengthening farming communities,cheers to a brighter future for all to donate visit a Vanney Dash, cuman dotork. The Tokat Research Institute in a Psalmhas issued a special bullet in describing adverse growing conditionsin western India. Rainfall is down by half, and temperatures arecomparatively higher than normal. There were only four days of rain in April.Rainfall since January is down two hundred and five millimetres: asubstantial deficit compared to the long term normal. According to the tenpage bulletin, temperatures averaged one point: sixdegrees centigrade above norms. POKA warns that these variations favourpests that prey unweakened bushes, severely affected bushes, should not beplugged hard and they must be allowed to recoverwith adequate rest advises the report. The Economist Intelligence Unit writesthat prospects for India's twenty twenty one. Twenty two harvest arerelatively weak, with only a partial recovery likely following a nine point.Six per cent fall in tea outwood in two thousand and twenty well. We now expecta broad stagnation and output in two...

...thousand and twenty one ahead ofpartial recovery in two thousand, a twenty two production levels are likelyto remain below prepended levels, even in two thent, twenty two: According toEi Yu's monthly te forecast, learn more reading in depth. India, a question ananswer with a psalm garden owner rage, Boro bus in sight, Te, rowers and Kangra. Ina marshal, prudish are experiencing great weather, been unable to harvestproduction. There is predicted to the clan seventy per cent to less than amillion kilos, because laborers who fled to the native villages during thewinter have not returned. Covin fears are to blame. In the past year, ninehundred farms ceased harvesting tea, as growers turn to more profitable crops.There now are eleven hundred tea rowers down three quarters from the more thanfive thousand in twenty ten. The region produced one point nine million kilostwenty years ago, but will struggle to produce eight hundred thousand kilos intwenty twenty one. COVIN related deaths may double in thenext month, as the virus spreads to rural India. According to the IndianInstitute of Science in Bangalore, death snow at more than four hundredthousand could rise to a million by the end of the summer. Twenty million arecurrently ill. Attention has focused on the crisis inIndia, but the spring wave has engulfed peagreen regions in Na Pole andBangladesh. Here's a quick run down. dryweather cut yields by half during NePole's. First flush buds did not appear until April. Three weeks later thannormal scarcity means raw, green, organic certified leaves now earn.Farmers are guaranteed one hundred rupees per kilo. Up from forty rupeesfor Kine last year, export volume increased sixty five percent to nine thousand seven hundred metric tons in the nine months sinceJuly. Twenty twenty, the price paid for exports set records in two thousand andtwenty and prices are expected to remain high, due to short falls inIndia, which purchases. Eighty per cent of Nepal Ta Nepal reported a sixteenhundred percent increase two D D, Fifty eight thousand co vid infections. Lastmonth, army medical teams are mobilized this week to care for the ill ashospitals are overwhelmed in Bangladesh, Covin restraints forced a ten per centdrop in year over year to production in...

...two thousand and twenty, but output wassufficient to meet domestic needs. Consumption decline, ten to fifteen percent due to strictly enforced, lock, downs that included closing restaurantsand tea stalls. The country witnessed a sharp rise andinfections in April, when the seven day average reached seven thousandinfections and a record hundred and two deaths reported on April. Ninth Lockdowns have since driven the weekly average to below two hundred infectionsin May. Our Tea ocians still relevant PanavBonsela managing director at Bonsal and company Tea Traders, since nineteentwenty nine answers in the affirmative auctions continue to be very relevantand play an important role. He says currently, forty five per cent of teasold in India is auctioned versus fifty five per cent sold in privatetransactions prices discovery at India's reachingly dispersed actions isan accurate reflection of the dynamics of demand and supplies. Says monsal transitioning, from outcry to digitalauctions was the right decision, and if it wasn't for the e auctions, the Peinity would have come to a halt during a pandemic. He says: Read more of them: Sali's views on theTe Bis blog, major grocery change, safe way and sobes with two hundred and fifty locations. The Stock Millennia Teanation wide in Canada, Millennia washes and flash freezes. Organic tea leavesfor use as a culinary ingredient and in rewing tea. The result is a cup offresh tea, with greater concentration of tea compounds. According to companyCo, founder Tracy Bell, the certified organic ty is available choppedcompressed into individual portions, that the company calls Te Cubes or, astwo leaves and a bud recipe suggestions include sauces, soups and smoothies.Teas are sourced in Trilogie, writes at the traditional path to market forwellness brands es through health stores. Oh, but as soon as the pandemichit, the health industry stopped taking on new innovative products and weneeded to quickly rethink our business model. She says a ten store trial lastsummer and Sobe lent to a placement in thirty locations, says Bell: Well, wewere thrilled when they said yes to national distribution. Millennia is also available on lineadded. A few US locations stand up,...

Pouch containing a hundred and twentygrams of tea sells for twenty five dollars Arvina and a Fereman and Banglerreports on this week in the T, auction prices and yet e pray support for theweek ending first made thousand and twenty one sale. Seventeen was broughtin out in the other south, so good demand for C T C in Couche. Ninety onepercent, a better city, see, was sold also in Cochi good milly relief soldfor a high of two hundred and fifty six to pies and a low of a hundred eightyrupees cousa subdue dust market attributed to lockton because of thecoved pandemic. Meanwhile, Assam continues to see draught, even as doesdealing to ours and ter. I finally received some rain fall. Indiananalysts reported that the Intente Association is trying to increaseexport markets Polin and Canada and focused the ser owing to the marketsize in the account ly exposure to three million kilos to Canada and hoopsto increase this to ten million Killo over the next three years.Interestingly, this will not be as Balkt but as rediae tea. Poland'sconsumption stands at forty million kilos annually, of which India accountsfor post six million pillows. The push is towards increasing this volume aswell. It will necessitate testing and certifications that are acceptable toboth India and the export country, and now a word from our sponsor to trade. Teas works with tea perversat every scale, from promising start ups to the world's largestmultinational beverage brands. In the hot iced and bout secet with US basedformulation, blending and packaging services, hug trade can help. Youinnovate scale up and grow. Your specialty t brand for more informationvisit. Our website Q, Trade Teso may is tea month. The United Nationsdesignated International Teda will be celebrated on May Twenty first thisyear and you can once again participate from the comfort of your home. The Second Annual Virtual Sofa Summitis hosted by Shaban Weber, president of the tea and Herbal Association ofCanada, and then we visit London, where KyleWhittington found her of the tea book club reviews, the story of Japanese tea,a fascinating book by Tius Sam, covering cultivation, manufacturing,history and culture. The all day, sopha summit begins at a aM Eastern Standard Time on Friday may twenty first, it is a lively virtualchat that introduces to enthusiasts...

...dozens of T, experts, scholars, rowersand tea professionals from around the globe, initiated of necessity duringthe pandemic. The popular event is again hosted by the tea and HerbalAssociation of Canada, Jessica and Natalie. Willard outlinesthe day on May twenty font viewers around the world will tune in to elevenhours of talks with tea professionals from the tea lands. The free event,which will be streamed on you tube, is the creation of Shaban Webber,president of the tea and Herbal Association of Canada, I'm Jessica, aItala Woolard from British Columbia, Canada. You may remember, I chattedwith Chapman on the podcast a few episodes back. We spoke about the T,Samli ER program. She designed Shaban, is with us again to day to give us apreview of what we can expect in those eleven hours of tea. Talks. Welcomeback Chapman lovely to have you on the podcast again well. Thank you so much for having meback it's our pleasure. So I understand the Association has planned its SecondSofa summit, a free full day of virtual presentations from tea professionalsfrom around the world. Now you'll be streaming for eleven hours straight asI understand it. So what can our listeners expect this year? Well, we started sofa some it last yearout of necessity because of coid and the inability to do anything in person,but it was such a big success that I've decided to do it again, so we've gotbelieve twenty four or twenty five guests from around the world will betraveling through about thirteen or fourteen different time zones, and it'sreally me chatting with a variety of people representing all parts of thesupply chain. Some are business owners. Some are tea lovers. Some are heads ofcompanies and some just have a deep passion for this tea which, actually, Iwould say, is probably the thread that connects all of us. It sounds amazing,wow, that's a lot of speakers and over eleven hours. I guess that covers allthe different time zones. It's a it's definitely a long day, and I can tellyou from experience last year. It is exhausting, but it's worth every momentof you know being on there and just being able to share this with the T,community and bringing us all together. So who do you think would find value inwatching these sessions? I think that, because our panel, orrather our guests, represent such a wide range of the industry, I thinkeverybody who has any interest in t would be interested. I wonder if youhave any advice for information overload, so if we have viewers thatreally want to sit down and experience the full eleven hours, yeah many tipson how people can get the most out of...

...these sessions. Well, honestly, it's Ithink that the best way for people to do it because you're absolutely right,it can be information overload, but I think the best way- and this is whatpeople did last year as they sort of tuned in and tuned out, because we'reon Youtte live all day long. You can just sort of come in and go out as youplease or whatever your schedule allows you. The other option, of course, isyou know, tune into the areas that you might be interested and will be postingthe the schedule in advance. So you can start of pick and choose what you'reinterested in initially, but the other plus, of course, is that we record theentire thing. So all eleven hours will be available and then we segmented outbased on you, know what point within the video you can fast forward to catchwhichever speaker, so you can sort of dissect it that way after the fact aswell. So it's not a you know, listen now or it's gone forever. You alwayshave the chance to go back and pick up things. You may not have been able toget into your head at that time. Well, for your second year, it soundsextremely well organized and I understand that people can even watchlast year, SOFA summit as well. Correct, that's right! If you go to our youtchannel, if you go to tea Otar website, you'll find a link to our youttechannel and absolutely you'll find last year as on there as well. It was. Itwas a big leap of faith last year and I always say you know it's a bigtestament to the tea industry that on a Monday morning, I decided I was doingthis and by Tuesday afternoon everybody I'd sent invites to said. Yes, I'm onboard count me in so, and this year has been no different. Everybody has beenso giving up their time and so wanting to just connect and be a part of thisamazing industry, re Palty. Well that speaks volumes to the contact thatyou've built around the world and Canada isn't a country stronglyassociated with T in terms of culture or industry. Although we havepassionate devoted tea drinkers and t professionals, why did the Pan ErbilAssociation of Canada decide to be the one to move forward with this incelebration of international t d? To be honest with you, you know thereare different events happening with different people in different parts ofthe world, so there are certainly different associations doing differentthings, and you know this just happened to be my brainchild and I just happenedto be Canadian. So that's really what it boils down to,but to be honest with you, it's years and years of being in the industry andyears and years of traveling and connecting with people and and that'sone of the you know, they said it's really. It is a testament to tea andwhat it represents. The ability to just draw us all together is quitephenomenal, and the connections and the people that you connect with is evenmore extraordinary, because everybody...

...really is, you know, may be theirbusiness if maybe how they're earning a livelihood, but at the same timethere's this. There's this deep, deep love that connects everybody to to teaand the business ate. So our listeners can learn more at t dot CA. Is thatright? Yes, if you go to our website, click on events you'll find a microcycles crated for internationaltoday and will be sharing the length for the Yutu Channel, probably the weekbefore the actual event itself, but we'll have that on our social mediaplatforms as well. Well, thank you. So Much Shaban, president of the T inErbil Association of Canada, were looking forward to to hearing from youagain on the Sofa Summit on May Twenty Fine Tea Book Club Founder Kyle Widdingtonconsiders the story of Japanese tea by Pious Sosun, one of the best and mostcomprehensive books on Japanese tea available. Here's his report. Therefore, it can be said that a t onceit reaches us is only half finished and that the way in which it is brewed isthe final stage of bringing the tea to life. In the sections below, I presenta range of suggestions on how to fully enjoy a tea taste in session, butrather than focusing on claims as this he should be bred in such manner. Iprefer to direct focus to letting you decide on how to infuse the tea youhave in front of you and that's a quote from the story ofJapanese tea by Tito Sausen and probably one of the best and mostcomprehensive books and Japanese tea available hello, I'm Kyle Wittington found of tabootclub, although I'm based on the UK Taboo Club, was an international groupof tea lovers and readers who meet up virtually each month to discuss teabooks, whether you're, ready love and thinkyou know, Japanese tea or just getting into it. This book is definitely a mustread. Tire saucin takes us on a fully immersive look at Japanese tea throughhistory cultivation and production, customs and the different types ofJapanese tea, as well as advice on preparing and drinking Japanese tea from the traditional and historicalright through to the bang up to date. This is a fully rounded and thoroughbook and entire chapters devoted to matcher, but it was the wide reachingexpiration of different types of Japanese tea that really stood out forme, for example, there's more to buncher than each that meets the eyewho knew there was such regional variety. The discussion around how sensual mighthave tasted before reconized production and those now trying to replicate thistaste was truly fascinating and really got me. Thinking tires also exploresrand unusual teas such as Goshute, post, Clemente, tea and Dansher, a precursorto Matche Pius's discussions around farmingmethods and taking care of the land are important and backed up with casestudies well worth reading...

...over all an excellent book, whichreally shines a light on the subject of Japanese tea, my only slight rive it could perhapshave done with an edit by a native English speaker to ion at some of thelanguage which can at times be a Tad clunky. But then I couldn't exactlywrite such a book in a second or third language, so hats, soft Erti es oncompiling and writing this truly fantastic book. He has how one tea book club memberSUMTER UP. I really liked it. It's really hard to find a book on Japaneseteeth. That's really dedicated to it for a book with so much great contentwas actually pretty readable and if you'd like to join us by nextread, you can find us as joint tea book club on Instar or Tibo Club, dot or ingred. By what you've heard in today'spodcast. Would you like to learn more from our global network of EVA'sjournalist Xperto te them directly through something private message basedPLA, avoid the chaos of social me and start a conversation that matters subtext message base platinum lets you privately asked meaningful questions ofthe texes academics. An is journalist, reporting from the t. You see theirresponses, Tiss text, which are sent direct to your phone visit our websiteand subscribe to, subject to instantly connecting the most connected people remember to visit the Tis website forcomprehensive fever. That's W T hyphen Biz Biz, thanks for listening very well. Thenext way E T.

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