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Episode · 8 months ago

Tea Biz News and Insight - May 6, 2022


HEAR THE HEADLINES – India Resumes Tea Shipments to the Russian Federation | COVID Surge Makes Tea Packing Unpredictable| Special Report: Beyond Tea Cuisine

| GUESTS – Brand owners Nikita Mittal, Dhiraj Arora & Priti Sen Arora, Anubha Jawar, tea producers and industry veterans, Jagjeet Kandal, Vikram Gulia, Atul Asthana, Ajay Jalan, Raj Barooah, and Rajah Banerjee

| FEATURE INTRO – This week Tea Biz returns to Bengaluru where South Asia Editor and Producer Aravinda Anantharaman concludes a two-part series on Realigning the Marketing of Indian Tea with the questions needed to solve the mammoth task of rebranding the industry as it coaxes consumers in the domestic market to drink higher quality tea.

Realigning the Marketing of Indian Tea – In Part 2 of our story on Realigning the Marketing of Indian Tea, we speak to various stakeholders in the industry, including brand owners and tea producers and industry veterans. We also have Ramya Ramamurthy, author of Branded in History offering her views on nostalgia as a marketing trope in tea.

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