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Tea News and Biz Insight - May 14, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – Kenya is Becoming Unbearably Hot for Tea | Brexit Disrupts UK Tea Trade | Colombo Tea Auction Transformed

| GUEST – Adventurer and author Jeff Fuchs, founder of Jalam Tea

| NEWSMAKER – Steve Schwartz, founder of the Art of Tea in Los Angeles and graduate of Ayurvedic Institute of New Mexico

| FEATURES – Tea Biz travels to Los Angeles this week where Art of Tea founder Steve Schwartz, a graduate of the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, describes tea as a powerful conduit for health and wellness.

...and then to Hawaii to interview tea adventurer and Jalam Tea Founder Jeff Fuchs who is sheltering there during the pandemic. Jeff shares with Jessica Natale Woollard his thoughts on the tranquility of tea.

A Conduit for Health and Wellness

Tea is a powerful conduit for health and wellness, says Steve Schwartz, founder of Art of Tea in Los Angeles and a graduate of the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. In this segment, he discusses the challenging role for tea retailers amid the pandemic. Retailers are wise to offer counsel on the comfort and health benefits of tea, educating themselves in both the traditional and science-based properties and then sharing that knowledge with customers.

The Tranquility of Tea

Author, adventurer, and tea lover, Jeff Fuchs has walked the Ancient Tea Horse Road, been featured in television documentaries, and traveled extensively in the tea lands sourcing tea for his company while sharing the story of tea. His affinity for high-altitude treks equals his affinity for tea. He tells Jessica Natale Woollard, “I've had some of my best tea times in the mountains without necessarily having had the best teas.”

The Tea Biz podcast delivers tea newsthat you need to know, a recap of the week's major headlines, withcommentary and cultural trends. Hosted by Dan Bolt. It is the voice oforigin for tea professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. Think of us as a digital caravanof storytellers, bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories to you weekly from thetea lambs. Welcome here. This week's had lunch can he is becoming unbearablyhot for tea. Brexit disrupts the UK tea trade and the Columbo tea auctionis transformed. More in a minute, but first this important message. Avaniempowers rural women practicing sustainable agriculture, including tea, and crafts such as weavingwith natural fiber and plant based dyes. Up in the towering Hillalayands, humaneis one of India's oldest tea regions. Today, we raise our cups inthe name of Avani Kumone, a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening farming communities. Cheersto a brighter future for all. To donate, visit Avani Dash Qum ondot org. The red volcanic soils of Kenya's Rift Valley, long sunny daysand tropical rainfall are perfect for growing tea. At two thousand meters, the temperaturesbetween sixteen and Twenty Nine Sea, generating new leaves at a fast paceand making Kenya one of the most productive tea growing regions on earth. Allthat is changing, according to Christian Aid, the charity that this week published atroubling research report into the future of tea in growing regions essential to Kenya'sstatus as the world's largest tea exporter. The report predicts that, quote,climate change is going to slash optimal conditions for tea production by twenty six pointtwo percent by two thousand and fifty. Tea Grown in less favorable regions willexperience thirty nine percent declines. Lower Quality Leaf and less appealing taste will affectall growers. Kenyan farmers are some of the most productive in the world,harvesting and average fifteen hundred to thirty three hundred kilos of made tea perfector peryear. Smallholders Harvest and average twenty three hundred kilos perfector. Torrential rain andextreme temperatures are the two biggest concerns. The combination encourages plagues of locusts anddevastating floods. Temperatures will rise two point...

...five Centigrade to an average twenty threepoint five centigrade, with spells hot enough to kill mature tea plants. Businsign researchers concluded that it will be very difficult for tea growers to move tonewer, high altitude and previously uncultivated regions. Tea is an example of how weare all connected. Rights one farmer, quote. We grow it here inKenya and it's enjoyed by people around the world. But if we areto carry on growing in we need those other richer countries to cut their emissionsand to think about how we are affected as tea farmers and quote. Brexitdisrupted the UK tea trade in significant ways. It is too early to assess thefinancial impact, but long term change is apparent. Along with howls fromtea lovers on the continent, EU grossers specializing in British foods ay their shelvesare bear following the January thirty one start of the EU UK trade and CooperationAgreement, ratified a light in May. The immediate shortages are the result ofcustoms delays due to additional paperwork and transport bottle lex caused by Covid the fivehundred thousand British expatriots living in EU countries that can played the loudest or someof the best customers for tea brands including Yorkshire Gold pg tips, Deatley,twinings and typhoon. The brexit vote and drawn out resolution of disputes unsettled traditionaltrade in tea. Cany of the UK's top tea trading partner and sixty twozerometric tons began selling tea direct to Europe bypassing British tea packers for those inGermany and Poland. Breaks had also realigned UK's previous focus on non EU markets. T exports to non EU countries increased eight point eight million kilos in twothousand and nineteen and continue to rise. UK Tea Exports Total are in declineover all, but two thousand and twenty one marks the third consecutive year thatthe UK recorded growth and overseas shipments to non EU countries. Business inside salesof goods explorted to the EU decline steeply in January as brexit rules were enforced. In February, e goods exported to the EU increased four point five percent, and in March they grew at a solid eight point six percent rate.Meanwhile, imports from non EU member countries...

...exceeded EU imports in the UK forthe first quarter since one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. While it istoo soon to assess the full market impact, UK residents remains skeptical of Brexit.The most recent Ugo of pole showed that fifty one percent of respondence thinkit was the wrong decision and thirty eight percent a right one, the largestgap since two thousand and sixteen, according to the Wall Street Journal. Learnmore on the Te Biz blog. Last year, Sri Lanka confronted its pastand raced beyond, scrapping a hundred and twenty seven year old tradition and transformingthe Columbo tea auction into a digital workplace. The pandemic not only close the auctionfloor, but prevented the hundreds of face to face interactions involved in storing, sampling, shipping and presenting tea to buyers, who rightly insist on sippingbefore bidding thousands of rupees for a lot. Shutting down the auction jeopardize the livelihoodsof many more than the traders who attend. A Task Force led byNeil Cook, CEO of Asia Siaka commodities, worked with secret holdings, a localinformation technology venture, and coordinated with the Sri Lanka teaboard to develop atraining program while simultaneously customizing the auction software. Within days, the digital platform earnthe endorsement of auctioneers, brokers, technicians and government officials. Simulations enabledthree hundred key users to master the system, which went live in early April.Two Thousand and twenty a year later, tea prices are stable, exports revivedtrading as lively, with many improvements and transactions, thanks to a quickdecision that took twenty years to contemplate. Our venda Han and there Aman andBengaluru reports on this week's tea auction prices. Tea Price Report for the week inthe eighth may twenty twenty one. This was the week of stale eighteen. Even as a weather is finally relented, the bandmaker still raging. Worryingly,Tea Gardens in the SEM have reported covid cases among tea bookers. Zalonit estate was the first to report, and outbreak for gardens. Zaloni,my John, the nil pool section of the TAPCA estate and Bossaporti have beenfield as containment zones. As of the weekend, work was suspended in bothSaloni and neal. Poor Indian media reported five hundred positive cases across ninety gardens, as Sam has eight hundred tea gardens...

...and community spread as at pressing concern. The SAMTI Track Students Association issued a press release calling for COVID GAEST centerswith oxygen support to be made available in each garden, vaccinations for workers andfamilies and the distribution of in ninety five masks. Meanwhile, lockdown has beenenforced in the Meliar the's this week, but tea gardens will remain operational.In dog you link, the first flush is ended on a better note,as rains of riot and there is optimism about the second flush. And nowa word from our sponsor. Q trade. Tea's works with tea purveyors at everyscale, from promising startups to the world's largest multi national beverage brands inthe hot, iced and bottle tea segments. With US based formulation, blending andpackaging services, q trade can help you innovate, scale up and growyour specialty tea brand. For more information, visit our website. Q Trade Tascomtea bears travels to Los Angeles this week where art of tea founder SteveSchwartz, graduate of the Arovetic Institute to New Mexico, describes tea as apowerful conduit for health and wellness. And then we're off to Hawahili to interviewtea adventurer and Jolymn tea founder Jeff Fuchs, who was sheltering there during the pandemic. Jeff shares with Jessica Natalie Willard his thoughts on the tranquility of tea. Tea is a powerful conduit for health and wellness, as Steve Schwartz,founder of art of Tea in Los Angeles and a graduate of the Arabtic Institutein New Mexico. In this segment he discusses the challenging role for tea retailersamid the pandemic. Retailers are wise to offer counsel on the comfort and healthbenefits of tea, educating themselves in both the traditional and science based properties.The delicate task of dispelling this information while educating customers brought to mind this scenein Star Wars when Yoda instructs a young Luke Skywalker on his quest, providingguidance for a future without specifics, instilling insights in place of an instruction manual. Yodas not to hear of the story. It's Luke. Luke is stumbling alongthe way, trying to figure things out. So if we are theYoda and the customers the hero of the story and we're trying to help givethem the best tool as possible to have that successful journey of how tea canreally impact their lives, I think one...

...of the things that I would wantto know is how did te impact you? Right, if I go to restaurant, I want to order a glass of wine or subdistions with waiter tellsme this one is an absolutely incredible and I drank it and here's where ittook me and here's why it's important to me. I want to go there. Wherever they took me, I want to go there. One of thethings that we found is people were wanting to learn more about tea. Assoon as covid hit, we created a how to become a t expert seriesand it's on our website. And it's twenty five videos on how to tastethe understand tea at a deeper level, understanding grades varieties of teas, andright now we're working on content for level two. I think that's almost aresponsibility of a tea shop owner right if you know that, if someone's comingin with that typical tea bag, supermarket tea bag experience, what tea cando for you on a much deeper level, that that blissful state, that teamind, that elevated consciousness. That, I think, is the ultimate responsibilityof a t shop owner when they know that you can reach those levelsand to be able to pass it on. If we can go into some ofthe biological the biofeedback effects with tea and help unlock that journey for them, that's a beautiful process. Our mission is to create a delicious experience andwe want to impact as many lives as we can through tea and we believethat tea is a powerful conduit for health and wellness and also just for internalconnection and connection with loved ones. As a tea shop owner, I wouldencourage you to really bring in your story and help that loop skywalker along theirjourney to really discover those moments of tea that can really impact their lives.Long before you found it art of Tea in two thousand and four you traveledwidely to see firsthand how herbs are grown and processed. You then spent yearsexperimenting blending botanicals in your living room. Today, as a master blender,you are known for utilizing a diverse range of inclusions. Your latest blend isChilga Chi mushroom tea, a blend with black loose leaf, a PSALMB baseand spice is featured in your wellness collection. You mentioned blending Gojie and Child ofseven years ago and and then abandoning the experiment after concluding that no onewas going to drink mushroom tea. So I'm not a huge mushroom expert.I your Veta tends to see mushrooms as being Tomossic, meaning it's sort ofa low energy. But if you look at it from the root level,there are certain parts of the mushroom when in when combined with other spices andother botanicals, they can actually unlock deep immune boosting properties, Chaga being oneof them. We created a beautiful Chaga Chai Cardamon being a good lung opener, cinnamon being a good blood cleanser and and Chaga being a wonderful thyroid stimulatinga moon boosting botanical consumers tell market researchers the tea was immensely helpful during thelockdowns, columning and comforting amid the scross...

...of home, schooling and work.Packaged tea sales in the US were more than twelve percent during two thousand andtwenty, and online sales reached new hajj. There were also big games and salesof botanicles. There's a story where the master said I want you togo within a one mile radius and I want you to find a single botanicalthat doesn't have medicinal properties. Student, very confident, says okay, I'mfor the task, goes, comes back twenty four hours later, sobbing.It's master. I fail, that I couldn't find a single botanacle. Itdoesn't have adicinal properties, and the master said know, in fact, you'vepassed. Every botanical has medicinal properties behind it. When it comes to blending, when it comes to sourcing one knowing where the botanicles come from, knowingwhere the tea's the fruits, the roots come from, how are they're grown, how are they started? Really want understand the soil conditions, even justthe environmental impact of the community, the people around it, and how thatwas also helping to create better, better quality products. The End, ifit's not something I want to give to my children into my community, thenit's not something that we want to be able to showcase in this world.Peak consumption has declined in food service, making business more difficult for importers andwholesalers. Like the art of Pa, we saw other hotels and other hospitalityvenues being successful and so we ask them for permission, can we share bestpractice to some other property? So we ended up becoming a conduit for improvementin the conduct for best practice. So it changed that process too, muchmore of a consultative, much more handholding, much where we're all in this togetherprocess, and I think the hotels and the restaurants and cafes of workwith really benefited from that. And I'm not a doctor, not here tomake any sort of direct medical claims, but one of my observations is thatif we believe that the universe has produced us for short window in time tobe able to live out our fullest potential as part of a longer story.Right then we have our full responsibility to be able to show up fully andintentionally with the best life, the best care and and the best responsibility thatwe can for our family, ourselves, for a community, for our world. And so it really does start with a daily, simple ritual, justleaves and water, and what that can do in terms of the health effects. And you can compound that powerful effect day by day. It's it's incredibleall thor adventurer and tea lover, Jeff Fuchs is walk the ancient tea horseroad and featured in television documentaries and traveled extensively in the tea lands sourcing teafor his company while sharing the story of...

...tea. Is Affinity for high altitudetrucks equals his affinity for tea. He tells Jessica Natalie Willard. Well,I've had some of my best tea times in the mountains without necessarily having hadthe best teas. So I read in an interview that you gave that youare drawn to the mountains because they silence the mind. Now people often saythe same thing about tea. What other commonalities do you see between tea andthe geography in which it grows. There is something silencing about the mountains andtea. There's a process in which I go through to be within the mountainsas a preparation of sorts of the mind, of the body. I think there'sa bit of reverence. So all of these things are stimulated. Thephysical body needs to be prepped as well for the mountains. The process forme of tea every morning, every afternoon, it is a process which quietens everythingdown a bit and it also stimulates. So I think on a very viscerallevel there is that connection to tea and mountains. I also feel thatthere's there's something very much of the natural reverence we've had and hopefully still havefor the for the world in general. The leaf is a gift, it'sa stimulant fuel. Beyond all that, all other things, I've had someof my best tea times in the mountains, without necessarily having had the best tea's. The Best Informal Reflections, the best exhausted joyous moments have been withtea in the mountains for me. So you mentioned that you've had wonderful teaexperiences. Whether or not that tea is in the best you've ever had.Tell us about that. So the experience of tea and drinking tea isn't justrelated to the taste. No, certainly there's a visceral a moment when someof those little bitter catechin elements hit the PALLETTS. There's a there's a familiarityand, of course, a sort of a satiated comfort. But I'm drawnmore and more, I think, to the the this whole relationship, thiswhole informal aspect of tea taking and the relationship to time it's taking, who'sserving the tea. And arguably, in my I and my own experiences atleast, some of the best tea times have been with substandard teas production wise, but they've been moments of sort of sublime joy in an environment that wasrestorative. And one of the great, I think, understated and underrated elementsof tea taking is the efforts that the servers are, the providers of thosethose cups of tea provide you, their...

...lynch pins in this whole offering oftea. So in many cultures around the world tea is many things. Itis currency, commodity, nutrient, medicine ceremony artifact. Here in North Americait's predominantly a beverage. So do you think understanding the story of tea playsa role in appreciating it and do you think we in North America need todevelop our own narrative in our own time? A lot of traditions are not necessarilyimportant at all for the present in the future of tea, but Ido think that they provide a context and what comes before usually provided, providesand provided a huge insight into what we're dealing with now. I'm delighted tosee tea ceremony in North American and Europe sort of exploding into a whole newgeneration. But I also get very excited when I see t used in beingused in bars to mix with Gen's. I think it's really exciting to explore, you know, te the old panacea, the old medicine, being thrown intothese new scenarios and experimented with. Intrigued by what you heard in today'spodcast, would you like to learn more from our global network of t BIZ, journalists and t experts? Contact them directly through subtext private message based platform. Avoid the chaos of social media and start a conversation that matters. Subtextmessage based platform let's you privately ask meaningful questions of the t experts, academicsand t Biz journalists reporting from the tea lends. You see their responses viaSMS text which are sent to wreck to your phone. visit our website.Subscribe to subtext to instantly connect with the most connected people and tea. Rememberto visit the TV is website for more comprehensive coverage. That's wwwt Biz bizcom. Thanks for listening. Farewell. Till next week.

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