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Tea Biz News and Insights - June 3, 2022


HEAR THE HEADLINES – Food Safety is in the Spotlight | Tea Bushes Globally are Taking a Beating this Spring Due to Climate Change | The UK Tea Academy Announces “The Leafies,” a Whole Leaf Tea Competition

| FEATURE INTRO – This week, Tea Biz is at home in Winnipeg, Canada celebrating the 6th Anniversary of the magazine’s launch and asking readers, ‘What comes next?’

Learning by Listening - Six years ago today, after a sleepless night, I learned that Kickstarter donors in 36 countries had pledged $128,107 in donations to fund Tea Journey magazine, making Tea Journey the third-highest of 1,098 Kickstarter crowdfunded periodicals. 

Hundreds of articles that have since appeared in the print edition, smartphone app, and website enabled tea enthusiasts to travel to tea gardens from Argentina to Zimbabwe, walk the terraces, watch tea being made, read the sampling notes of professional tasters, study the latest medical findings, and download culinary recipes. 

“Think of us as a digital caravan that travels to the tea lands and returns laden with artisan tea and stories to tell,” I wrote, describing Tea Journey as a magazine for tea enthusiasts, embracing the story of tea in every language with authoritative, elusive, exclusive articles, photos, and videos to help readers discover their tea destiny. 

Tea Journey has charted a course with lots of advice from a loyal following, but we need additional insights to expand our audience. Therefore, we ask that you complete a 2.5-minute online survey available on the website and social network and via email. Your response will guide the design of an online portal revealed in the next few weeks. - Dan Bolton

The Tea Biz podcast delivers tea news that you need to know, a recap of the week's major headlines, with commentary and cultural trends. Hosted by Dan Bolton. It is the voice of origin for tea professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. Think of us as a digital caravan of story tellers, bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories to you weekly from the tea lambs. The tea industry merits more newanced coverage than a mere recitation of production volumes and moodity prices. Each week. The Tea Bi is podcast and a more inclusive tea Biz blow report news with the greatest impact on the industry, aired with Tea Journey, magazine for tea enthusiasts. The Tea bis portals and global resource for everyone who loves tea. Hello everyone, June is iced tea month. Here this week's headlines. Food safety is in the spotlight. Tea Bushes globally are taken a beating this spring due to climate change. The UK Tea Academy announces the leafees a whole leaf tea competition. Plus, on its sixth anniversary, tea journey announces a new portal and a survey of readers on their views. What should come next? More in a minute, but first this important message. What makes a Perfect Cup of Ceylon tea? The Perfect Cup is from the tea businesses that ensure the protection of all the children living within their tea estates. We Salute Kailani Valley, Tellawackie, Bogo, Wan Thalawa, Harana and Elyptia tea estates. Support Save the Children Sri Lanka. In my packet, buyers rejected...

...significant quantities of auction tea that failed India's food safety in Standards Authority regulations. Failure rates on lots sold varied from fifteen to forty percent. The Economic Times reports that independent testing for mural fins analytical services India found traces of plant protection chemicals that exceeded maximum residue levels. Quantities were not stated. Veron Shaw, chairman of the Federation of All India Tea Traders Association, told the newspaper that while most buyers have in house test laboratories, few are accredited by the National Accreditation Board for testing and calibration laboratories. Quote so we tested the teas through an independent agency. The test results show that some chemicals have gone beyond the prescribed limit. We have also informed the tea board we are not going to buy teas that do not conform to the FSA I standard. Said, Shaw Fai tta represents many tea companies, including Taut of global beverages in Hindustanu, leading the tea board of India, formerly advised sellers that teas that do not meet FSSAI regulations will not be sold at auction. The circular states that quote all seller members are advised to ensure compliance with FSSAI regulations before selling their teas through the auction and quote purchase. Tea that failed safety inspections cannot be resold and must be destroyed. Business insight. World Food Safety Day is June seventh.

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization will host an online event Tuesday, beginning at two PMS CET. This is the fourth observance dedicated to drawing attention and inspiring action to prevent, detect and manage food born risks. Presentations during the first half of the program will be followed by a panel moderated by the World Health Organization Assistant Director General, Neo Yamamoto. Interpreters will translate proceedings into Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. Visit FAO DOT ORG or the tea Biz blowed to view a video providing background, along with a link to register and to review the report. The state of food security and nutrition in the world. Extraordinary temperatures in India, downpours in China's Yunon and Fujian provinces and adverse conditions and can you have combined to reduce yields of profitable second flesh tea. Storms ravaged two of China's most productive tea producing regions, causing flooding, landslides and loss of life. Rainfall totals in Yunan reached a hundred and fifty seven millimiters, destroyed a hundred and fifty buildings, force relocations and power outages affected a hundred thousand. There were eighteen thousand acres of crops damage due to flooding, and Fujian rainfall totals reached two hundred and twenty millionnaires, well above previous records. There were thirty landslides's placing eightyzero cubic meters of soil and leading to eight deaths. Meanwhile, temperatures and going zoo were just thirteen points seven degrees Celsi is the lowest temperature ever recorded in May. In India,...

...the onset of the second flush coincided with an almost unimaginable heat wave that began with the hottest march in a hundred and twenty two years of record keeping. During the third hottest April on egg record, portions of the country experienced temperatures as high as forty nine degrees Celsius. That's a hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Standard and poor. Reports that South Asia's economies are the world's most vulnerable to global warming threats in the coming decades. Kenya tea producers experienced to thirty two million kilo decline in the past year. The tea boat of Kenya blamed climate change for the decline to five hundred and thirty eight million kilos compared to the five hundred and seventy million kilos harvested in two thousand and twenty. Raimudita, the boards acting chief executive officer, pulled the standard that rainfall was pour throughout the country last year, especially during the final quarter. Due to Londonya conditions, poorly distributed rainfall during the short rainfall season was more pronounced in the tea growing areas east of the Rift Valley. The cacal region reported a short fall of more than twenty million kilos. Production west of the Rift Valley declined by ten million kilos. In April, intense hail strip the leaves off of millions of bushes, requiring laborers to remove damaged tea stems so that new leaves will sprout. Temperatures have increased by two degrees Celsius over the past sixty years, according to the tea research institute in Carico. Quote. The rains came late again this year and most of the region experienced hailstorms. Due to Climate Change, hailstones never used to be a major problem until recently. In...

...quote. According to Turri, the UK Tea Academy announces the leafies, a whole leaf tea competition. Artisan whole leaf tea's in thirty categories will compete for recognition and the inaugural International Tea Academy Awards. The leafies is the inspiration of UK Tea Academy Cofounder Jane Pettigrew and Partnership With Fortnum and Mason London tea retailers sin one Thousan sevne hundred and seven. The awards celebrate the astonishing diversity of crafted teas from every tea producing region in the world. Said Pettigrew. Judging criteria will consider the farming and processing of the teas, as well as the stories and the people behind the gardens. The entry fee is fifty pounds. One gold will be awarded in each category, with commendations at the judge's discretion. Categories are organized by type. Why? Green, long, dark, Jasmine, Macha and many more explained better group. A selection of winners will be given the opportunity to have their teas sold by F and M oddly. Cunningham t buy our F and M said that Footlandman Mason is delighted to be involved in a competition. The quote was created to champion the values of family producers, small badge teas and inspiring tea companies. We're looking forward to discovering some exciting new tease for our rare tea counter and quote. The deadline for submissions is September. We're judging in October. Winners will be announced at a ceremony in London. visit the UK Tea Academy Dot COEO DOT UK website to download entry forms and review the rules of the competition are been to an Etherman...

...and well glue rule. Reports on this week's tea auction prices. India tea price report for the week ending twenty eight, May, two thousand and twenty two. It was another uneventful week at the auctions. Sale Twenty one saw a good demand for Orthodox tea in Qulcutou, with exporters from the Middle East lending good support. dodgeling saw some movement, but prices average three hundred and fifty is per kilo, the lowest in a month. Incidentally, the same sale in two thousand and twenty one, so the average prize at five hundred and sixty rupees per kilo. CTC Leaf and dust also saw reduced prices, and Gohati prices remains somewhat similar to last year, but only fifty two percent of tea on offer was sold. In the south, Kunu continued to see a strong demand for Orthodox Leaf, especially among exporters. Prices for whole leaf and broken's were higher than the corresponding week last year. Qatchen, too saw a good demand for Orthodox tea, especially those resembling spree, lunkan varieties. CTC LEAF also did well, and all the Orthodox dust on offer was sold. Orthodox dust saw a good uptake. It canoe as well. A hundred and nine kilos of green tea on offer and Kunour sold for three hundred rupees a Killo now or word from our sponsor. Que Trade understands that a successful tea blend goes beyond the creative fusion of appearance, a Roma and flavor. Are Multi Award winning product development team is passionate about converting natural ingredients into sensory experiences that customers grave. Every recipe is formulated with a commercial backbone of dependable quality sourcing. When a pricing structure that supports a safe, regulated, provable and scalable bland, q trade meets every brand's retail, the food service any...

...commerce need. For more information, visit our website, q trade teascom. This week, teabz is at home in Winnipeg, Canada, celebrating the sixth anniversary of the magazine's launch and asking readers what comes next. North Americans consume only two point three percent of the world's tea. Europe accounts for less than five percent. Innovation and refinements are in the tea lands, where riders provide in depth coverage that is rarely translated from the native tuge. Tea Journey was inspired by publications like we're magazine and Yunn and shout, a life the art of tea in Taiwan, the cameleon magazine in India and Mantra magazine in Japan, as well as the leaf magazine in South Korea. Six years ago today, after a sleepless night, I learned that kickstarter donors in thirty six countries had pledged a hundred and twenty eight thousand dollars in donations to Fund Tea Journey magazine, making tea journey the third highest of more than a thousand starter funded periodicals. The launch demonstrated that founding subscribers shared a global vision of tea. Funding. The magazine confirmed their thirst for knowledge and their desire to refine their taste in tea. Tea For me please. Blogger Nicole Wilson's enthusiasm was typical. On the first day of the campaign she wrote that quote. I've already subscribed and the preview issue was awesome. For All of us nerdy tea heads,...

...this magazine will be truly groundbreaking. They are translating many articles and information not previously available in English. Please consider supporting their effort. Listeners can download that awesome hundred and fifty page inaugural issue at no charge on the TEAB is blog. The print edition, smartphone APP and website enabled tea enthusiasts to travel to tea gardens from Argentine into Zimbabwe, to walk the terraces, watch tea being made, read the sampling notes of professional tasters, Shundy the latest medical findings and download culinary recipes. Tea tourists follow our footsteps, visiting the world's tea museums, famous tea rooms and landmarks. Quote. Think of us as it Digital Caravan and travels to the tea lands and returns laden with artists and tea and stories to tell. I said, tea journey is a magazine for tea enthusiasts, embracing the story of tea in every language, with authoritative, elusive and exclusive articles, photos and video that help readers discover their tea destiny. During many years of travel, I filled suitcases with tea magazines, books and agricultural and scientific journals. To share this bounty, I exchanged English content with overseas publishers and contracted with a cadree of t journey correspondence to translate and produce original work. Editors became storytellers because literal translations, while rich in detail and authoritative, presented an obstacle for readers. Editing the first issue, we...

...use the translations as a template and learn to retell the stories that the writers had discovered. The result was fluid, eloquent stories with an emotional power. The captured distant scenery and sensations. In short, tea journey gave voice to those in the tea lands. Now we need to hear from you. Te Journey has a loyal following, but we needed additional insights. Therefore, we ask that you complete our two point five minute online survey available on the website and social network, as well as the email, the responsibill guide a redesign of the online portal that will be revealed in the next field Beau. Intrigued by what you've heard in today's podcast, would you like to learn more from our global network of TB is journalists and t experts? Remember to visit the TV is website from more comprehensive coverage that's wwwt Biz Biz dolcom. Thanks for listening. Farewell Till Next Week.

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