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Tea News and Biz Insight - June 18, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – Cold Brew is Trending for Iced Tea Month | DAVIDsTEA in Canada Settles its Debts
and Kenya Exports Surge but Auction Prices Remain Low

| GUEST – Ravi Kroesen, head teamaker at Steven Smith Teamaker, in Portland, Ore.

| NEWSMAKER – Amy Dubin-Nath, founder Janem Tea in Colombus, Ohio

| FEATURES – Tea Biz this week travels to Columbus, Ohio to visit with Amy Dubin-Nath, founder of Janem Tea and an ad hoc India tea ambassador to the US.… and then to Portland, Ore. where Ravi Kroesen, head teamaker at Smith Teamaker, explains the many uses of tea at the company’s recently opened plant-based café.

Spectacular Indian Teas

Amy Dubin-Nath sees a bright future for specialty teas originating in India, “but I don’t think it is going to be a quick flip where people are only after high end teas.” Instead, the process will be gradual, following a path similar to wine. “Do I want to see the spectacular teas of India keep selling at a high price?" she asks, “Yes, definitely, as that elevates the perceived value, making it something precious. I believe that message should be spread throughout the world — including in India.”

A Plant-Based Café where Tea Reigns Supreme

The intent of the new café concept, says Smith Teamaker Ravi Kroesen, is to “develop foods that really reflect our ethos [E THOS] of plants, as well as utilizing tea as an ingredient.” The new Smith Teamaker café sources locally with a menu that includes snacks, lattes and iced concoctions with full meals that demonstrate how tea and food can live in harmony from leaf to cup to plate.

For the teep is podcast delivers te newsthat you need to know a recap of the week's major headlines with commentaryand cultural trends hosted by Dan Pole is the voice of origin for toprofessionals enthusiast Robin think of us as a digital caravan ofstory, tellers, bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories toyou, weekly from the tea lamp. Hello. Everyone here are the headlines.Cold Brew is trending for Ice Tea, Bunt David's, tea and Canada settles itsdebts and Kanya Exports Surge, but auction prices remained low more in aminute. The first, this important message: a Vaney empowers rural womenpracticing sustainable agriculture, including tea and crafts such asweaving with natural fibre and plant base dies up in the towering Hamelen human is oneof India's oldest tea regions. To Day we raise our cups in the name of aVanni Kuma a non prophet dedicated to strengthening farming communities,cheers to a brighter future for all to donate visit. A vanney Dash, cuman, dut,ork, cold brew convenience as the answer tosummer heat during ice tea month. The challenge of correctly steeping, adelicate green tea to avoid bitterness disappears when the tea is brewedovernight. In the fridge quote, I'm cutting calories and want somethingmore flavorful than water begins. One red at thread. Can you explain to atotal cold brew newby how to get the most flavorful green tea withoutadditives? The responses were enthusiastic and numerous evidence thatthe technique rivals more traditional, fresh brewed flash chilled black tea,whether boiling tea to pour over ice or making cold brew. The teat of waterratio is critical begin with about twice the normal amount of tea. Six toeight tablespoons for one point: Five ports or eight to twelve grams per ninehundred and fifty milliliters stale tea requires more leaves. Quality Leafrequires fewer make sure your vessel is air tied, as tea will pick up the scentof leftovers. Allied N Mark at research estimates RTTgenerated thirty billion in two twos nineteen and will grow five point. Fiveper cent annually to thirty nine billion in two thousand, a twenty sevenhealth conscious millennial, are driving sails. Mantel reports thattwenty five per cent of new tea...

...innovations are RTT in China we'reseventy eight per cent of the consumers are frequent drinkers of freshly brewedhot tea. Art d enjoys forty nine per cent penetration, which is greater thantea bags. According to mentell business in sight, cold grew coffee,experienced remarkable five year growth and both bottled ready to drake andfood service. North America is the largest cold brew. Coffee marketglobally was sixty six per cent market share. This is followed by Europe. wasseventeen per cent in Asia and eleven per cent in the US. Twenty fifteensails of cold bre coffee are expected to rise tenfold from a hundred tenmillion to nine hundred forty five million in thousand a twenty five.According to statist market research, three sixty market research estimatesthe market globally will reach two point: Eight billion by twenty twentysix David's t settles its pet. A QuebecSuperior Court approved the Montreal based tea companies plan to settle ahundred eighteen million in claims. With eighteen million able in July, theUS bankruptcy court this week approved a similar plan for resolving debts owedby David T. U S: subsidiary! The settlements are a final step towardsexiting a year long, reorganization, precipitated by the closure of all, buteighteen of the companies more than two hundred locations. The settlement willbe divided, with approximately fifteen point: three million going to Canadiancreditors and three point: five million to US creditors. According to pricewaterhouse, Cooper's, Canada, the company has sufficient cash on hand tomeet settlement obligations under the direction of CEO Ceracee David's Te hasadopted a digital first marketing strategy for sales to consumers. Itswholesale products are now found in twenty five hundred grocery in pharmacyoutlets. Company reported sales of forty point, two million in fourthquarter. Two twenty twenty revenue from the fast growing online and wholesalessegment has increased from forty two million and thousand nineteen to ninetyseven million in two thousand and twenty greatly reduced brick and mortarrevenue now accounts for only twelve point. Nine per cent of total salesrevenue overall declined. Thirty eight per cent in two thousand and twentyleading to fifty five point: nine million in losses can you t exports surge despite a hevilat the factory level, Ken Ya exported...

...much higher tea volumes this year,first quarter. Exports increased eighteen point: nine per cent comparedto t thousand and twenty. According to the National Ta Directorate volumepopped, a hundred and fifty three million kilos up from one hundredtwenty eight million during the same period in two thousand and twenty smallholders that produce sixty five per cent of the country's tea experience,variable weather conditions in o thousand twenty one, creating anoverall decline in production during the first three months, rowers, primarily in the far westharvested eighteen million fever kilos. Since January auction prices are on the rise reachinga dollar eighty four per kilo last week, but they remained well below the twodollar percuil threshold considered e central to cover production, costweekly prices. So far this year, average two dollars only once tea prices averaged a dollar eighty perkilo in two thousand and twenty downed from an average of two dollars and fivecents per kilo. In two thousand and nineteen business insight, Kenya's tea growers are benefiting fromtimely direct payment. Thanks tis national reforms instituted this spring.In past years. It was common for farmers to wake two months for paymentafter liveries to the Kenai Development Authority, factories payments are nowimmediate Aravinda and an Therma in Bengalowreports on India's toxin prices in Tiati price report for the WeekEnding Twelfth June twenty twenty one, even as the second flash, is under way.The mood remains Glum, as the industry continues to deal with many challenges.Local media reports have been on rising imports of tea into India and asyelling produces, if expressed a lot of concern about zero duty imports fromNepal. Kochia Su Secretary, as a agiline association has asked forstring into checks for quality of the tees coming in the associations alsoask the food safety and Standards Authority of India to step up thesechecks in terms of production. So far as salmon was Bengal combined for theperiod January to meet two twenty twenty one have reported a decreesintroduction by sixty to seventy million kilos when compared with twothousand and nineteen. However, prices remain firm and expectations are highfor the months of June July and August. Meanwhile, on Covet, the downward curveof the second wave has begun, but only just in some parts of the country inthe neleges up until early June. The daily case load was on an upward curve.A decrease in daily case. Lord, is hoped for in a week's time in priceslast week saw orthodoks tea, far better than C T C in terms of volume sold inthe South Cutch. In so good demand for...

...ortodox ty, while cits dust, so fairdemand would supply who were in cose playing the part in northend call Kata,so good demand for CT C, an Orthodox with Middle East and Siis countriesactive for Totogi. Only fifty three per cent of agiline was sold. TATTOIN UMERproducts and in the Sanoni live were active in Gohaz, with so good demand,and now a word from our sponsor to trade. Teas works with tea, perversand every scale from promising start ups to the world's largestmultinational beverage brands in the hot ICED and borrow t secrets with us,based formulation, blending and packaging services. Huge Rade can helpyou innovate scale up and throw your specialty t brand for more informationvisit. Our website Q, Trade, Teso tibis thisweek travels to Columbus,Ohio to visit with Amy Du Benno founder of Jarmt and an Antho India team astorto the US event of Portland Oregon were Ravie Krose head tea maker at Smith.Tea Maker explains the many uses of tea at the company's recently opened plantbased cafe. Baby Duben not sees a bright future forspecially t originating in India, but I don't think it is going to be a quickflip where people are only after high and tea. She says. Instead, the processwill be gradual following a path similar to wine. Do I want to see this pectable tease ofIndia keep selling at a high price? She asks Yes, definitely as that elevatesthe perceived value of making it something precious. I believe thatMester should be spread throughout the world, including Indian, a singleorigin whole and broken leaf. The teas of the future, that is that is such a fantasticquestion. I love talking about the future of tea, because everything ispossible in the future right when it comes to the future of tea. I see abroader rage. We have to have tea at at every level, but the challenges is thatwe have been exposed as a culture as a society, to tease of a certain style ofa certain grade of a certain color. It creates a certain expectation if youlike, liptons great drink it I'm happy for anybody to drink tea, but there areother styles. There are other places that tea comes from. There's otherexperiences that you can have, and I think the near term future of Indian Tis in the excitement and curiosity...

...around exploring India's mostspectacular teas, I foresee, in the next fifteen twenty years that thatpeople will become have more facility with the language of tea, will reallyhave more clarity around what they're buying and be intentional about buying.Oh, I want these health benefits or I won't dister that and and be able todiscern that in the grocery store. I personally in my professionalexperience, do not believe we're there yet, so I think it'll take a little bitof time to start expanding people's horizons and giving them more choicesand some more opportunities with tea to taste, fine and specialty ts. The newpresident of package, T at Tana consumer products in April, introduceda premium lines sold exclusively online and marketed exclusively to India'sdomestic at summers taught as eighteen. Sixty eight and fifty gram tins sellsfor between five hundred and fifteen hundred rupees of twenty dollar us. Thecompany reports that sales grew by fifty nine point: six percent in valueand twenty three percent in volume since January, the thought that oneperson has only one tea and they only drink one t ten cups a day, their wholelife. That does happen. That does definitely does happen. But more andmore, when there's more opportunity to taste, people want different flavors,it's just like a you know: women preferring to wear red one day oryellow another day. It's just you just want novelty and, however, I don't knowif you can attribute all of that to the desire fourteen itself. Sometimespeople want the best of the best, just because it's the best and it doesn'tmatter what it is, and sometimes people want somethingthat looks really push, because it's a really special gift and it's a reallyspecial thing, and it's like wow. This is this is t and it's Jus, like lovely.You can have all of the best most gorgeous packaging in the world and thebest tea in the world, but the tea and the experience of tear inextricable thecool thing about Indians is they know what tea is. They already have anflavor expectation. They already understand of what it is, but when itcomes to long leaf, loose leaf tea, a hole t most of that's been exported toWestern countries. Do I want them to keep selling at a high price? Yes,definitely because what it does is it elevates the the value, the perceivedvalue of Indian T as something that is precious and it is- and I believe thatmessage should be spread throughout the world and including an Inda. Will youdiscuss the pivot on line by to retailers and the popularity of Supplysselling direct to consumers and share...

...your expertise and marketing tea toshare with you a little bit about what's happening in India? There'ssomething in a Sam alone like a hundred thousand small leaf producers. Nowthere are several smaller areas, gardens where people are making tea and makingexperimental tea and some fantastic stuff. The only outlet that I am aware of for small growers to have amarket place. It is through a website called T, or tea or B and t rbguarantees their tea to be fresh and gets it to consumers as close to directto the from the producers as possible. It's a very new operation of justwithin the last couple of years, but there really isn't anything that ispervasive. Government back large organizations that are stepping up toreally promote the produce from small producers. So far as I know in India,Korbe is ground breaking and I don't know of any other market place forsmall growers. May May we tell listeners about your talk next week atWorld T X P. This is going to be a very interesting week for me because I'mspeaking at the Worl t x bow and the global summit for all things, food, acompletely separate, show at the Ng grand a couple days later. The World TX. Po talk is here's all the things I love about.Indian t talk ind, I feel, has been a little bit under represented at world tx Bo, so my goal in going is to share with people how I got into it. How Ideveloped my love for Indian t over twenty years ago? How and why I changed my life tobasically be a de facto brand ambassador for Indian T in NorthAmerica. Is that people don't realize they've been drinking Indian T and theythink of Indian T as being metalogy and are unaware that India produces so manydifferent styles and types and varieties amy's export talk is titled.The wild expanse of Indian t hang on to your taste buds. It's at one P MTuesday June twenty ninth, two days later at the global summit for allthings, food amy will accept an award as one of the hundred most influentialfood and beverage professionals. The intent of the new cafe concept asSmith tyma robby cosen, is to develop...

...foods that really reflect our ethos ofglass, as well as utilizing to as an ingredient. The New Smith tea maker, cafe sourceslocally, with a menu that include snacks, lates and ice concoctions, thefull meals that demonstrate how e and whoo and live in harmony from leaf tocup. The Perfect Cup of tea is one sharedwith others. This quote by legendary t entrepreneur,Stephen Smith, adorns Oak paneling of Smith, tea makers, new cafe in PortlandOregon. It's a cafe with a t twist. The plantbased menu features dishes and sex infused with the company's Premium Te Culinary director, Carl Hull developedthe food menu working with head tea, macere, Robbie, prosen and Smith's Tealab beats roasted in Jasmine T, Kina cookedin Sencha Cusan filled with peppermint infused chocolate Robbie, these allsound divine. What are these culinary delights? These are all things that arethat we have started offering in our new plan based cafe up on North West,twenty third in Portland Oregon. The concept really is to further the beinga plan based company further that concept in terms of developing foods that really reflect are those ofplants, as well as utilizing T as an ingredient. What flavor combinations oftea and food delighted you the most. I really personally like the sheepscheese that was used to make our white petal cheese now taking the the sheshe's from a local partner. Carl is very specific in terms of working withlocal partners for a lot of the things so chocolate. I assault, you know withthe big goods. Those kinds of things were all very specifically sought outto have local partners that would work with us. So with the the sheeps cheeseitself, that's comes from black sheep creamery and we basically lend in whitepetal, which is our sort of floral, slightly fruity white key, and it justcreates a credible sort of new experience that, as you may me not know,works in this process called of Floras, where it takes on aromas very easily.So the fat in the cheese really brings in all those flavors that you find indrinking that tea, so I there express very cleanly through and we used thatin a couple, different aspects at the space and one in a bowl that is just adelight to eat. I imagine this process was filled with experimentation in yourlab Carl spearhead ing this again work with my team to find tune a lot ofthese concepts he had already. Some of these dishes were quite well worked out,but there were some that just me as...

...some fine tuning and with our help youknow kind of guiding and offering suggestions on how to best achieve thefinal outcome of a really wonderful dish. We work together to create awonderful menu and again you know, my team is was intering that, butcertainly carl is the genius in this whole process and the driver you justopened at the end of May. But can you share what menu item has been a popularchoice so far and what you think it is about that item? That's attractingcustomers. We have a Tumeric nodle, you know having a Tumeric on the menu assuch a recognizable ingredient you've seen a rise in consumption in Tumericbase tes over the last five years. There is a understanding in theconsumere consciousness on a broader scale, now for of Tuming a beneficialand healthy ingredients. So you know, leading with that as part of theoverall makeup of that dish allows for people just to immediately get whatthey're buying that shows that were people that are coming to buy food atSmith as well drink teas are health conscious, as well as looking lookingfor new and exciting experiences. What is your personal favorite item onthis lovely menu? Now? Is your chance to entice us all to visit PORTLAND? Ireally do like the Solitis Vice Cinnamon Sugar Bun. If you peel elfeplayer and eat them did by bit, you can really get the experience of how wellthe Masaloth is built into that state could, and I love to pair thatspecifically with our black lavender late, which is actually brute using anespresso machine or an like. We like to call out a tepee machine and what thatdoes is the high pressure combined with the heat, creates a large large amountof dissolved and suspended solid in the brew, which give a much thicker richerexperience. Hence the use of you know that was the intention of espressomachines from the beginning is to create this. This guest quality to thebrew that you can't quite get from brewing it in different ways, so addingthat black lavender late and we use a little bit of oat milk to top. That offis just a such a delight in pair so well with the thebasite morning, butthe cafe is located in Portland's northwest twenty third district, thesame neighborhood where the company was founded in two thousand and nine by thelate tea maker, Stephen Smith Visit Smith Com to learn more in free by what you heard in today'spodcast. Would you like to learn more from our global network of Hebijournalist e experts, intet them directly through subpectoral the chaosof social man and start a conversation that matters sub text message baseplatform? Lets you privately ask the meaningful questions of the txanetkl,see their responses, viss text, which...

...are sent direct to your phone visit ourwebsite and subscribe to sub text on instantly connecting the most connectedpeople to remember to visit the TAB is websitefrom more comprehensive coverage. That's W W W T, hyphen Biz Biz copthanks for listening for well the next week. I.

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