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Tea News and Biz Insight - July 2, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – Logistics Companies Invest to Right the Ship | Kenya’s Newly Elected Board Moves into KTDA Headquarters | and Hain Celestial Streamlines its Tea Selections

| GUEST – Alicia Gentili, of St. Clement, is project manager and tea maker at Jersey Fine Tea, a new tea estate on the Island of Jersey.

| NEWSMAKER – Sparsh Agarwal, co-founder with Ishaan Kanoria of Dorje Teas in Darjeeling, India

| FEATURES – Tea Biz this week travels to Darjeeling, India where an innovative new tea venture is taking root at the Agarwal family’s ancestral farm at Selim Hill … and then to the Jersey Isles off the coast of France where Alicia Gentili, project manager at Jersey Fine Tea, discusses the challenges and rewards of establishing a new tea garden in the English Channel.

Reviving Darjeeling

Sparsh Agarwal is the fourth generation in his family to cultivate tea in the Himalayas but, as you will hear in this discussion with Aravinda Anantharaman, he is not bound by tradition. Agarwal and Dorje Tea co-founder Ishaan Kanoria are targeting India’s domestic market, offering a subscription model featuring Darjeeling tea from all four plucking seasons to give Selim Hill Tea Estate a second chance.

Splendid Tea from the Isle of Jersey

Camellia sinensis is a versatile plant that is grown in many parts of the world, observes Tea Biz correspondent Dananjaya Silva. At 49 degrees latitude, Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands situated between England and France, is much further north than traditional tea lands, yet the island is proving to be fertile ground to produce fine loose-leaf tea. Silva talks with Alicia Gentili from Jersey Fine Tea about the challenges of growing tea on the Island of Jersey.

For the teep is podcast delivers te newsthat you need to know a recap of the week's major headlines with commentaryand cultural trends hosted by dan hole is the voice of origin for tprofessionals, enthusiast rod, fine think of us as a digital caravan ofstory, tellers, bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories toyou, weekly from the tea lamp, hello, everyone i'm reporting this weekfrom our lake cottage in northern canada, it's the furthest. I venturedfor my winnipeg home in five hundred and forty five days here. The headlines logistics companiesinvest to write the ship. Kenya's newly elected board moves into the k, t daheadquarters and haines celestial stream lines, its tea selections morethe minute, but first this important message: a vaney empowers rural womenpracticing sustainable agriculture, including tea and crafts such asweaving with natural fibre and plant base dies up in the towering halil. Human is oneof india's oldest tea regions. To day we raise our cups in the name of avanni kuma a non prophet dedicated to strengthening farming communities,cheers to a brighter future for all to donate visit. A vanney dash, cuman, dut,ork shortages of raw ingredients forbeverages and higher shipping costs continue the saga of supply chain woesinto summer. Last week, starbuck's customers found green tea in shortsupply, along which hid tea bags and oat milk. No single item hasdisappeared from the venue, but reuters found that temporary shortages in ninemajor food service chains or widespread less obvious of the cost passed alongdue more expensive air and sea transport and a shortage of truckers.Reserving a forty foot container to ship t from shanghai to los angelescost six thousand three hundred and sixty eight in june. According to thedrorers rate index, delivery to chicago from shanghai normally takes thirtyfive days, including thirty three at c, but shippers now estimate seventy threedays as port to destination times have doubled when premiums are added tosecure equipment and vessel space is included. The effective west coast ratefor landing tea from china and so being about. Eight thousand tweleve thousanddollars per forty foot equivalent according to the journal of commerce atthe consumer level. This means online orders for tea must now meet fifty andseventy five dollars thresholds to qualify for free shipping and the fourweek delays are common observers predict that the kinks and the supplychain will persist through twenty twenty two business insight. Goble containersfleets are consolidating, as shipping companies put new found money to work,acquiring vessels and ordering containers swiss owned m s. C. Themediterranean shipping company has acquired seventy ships since august andhas an odor book of eight hundred thousand te. U for new ships, the buildup in demand shows no sign of abating as consumers. Penpont ic savings andeconomies emerged from lock dance,...

...kenya's te farmers collectively ownsixty six of that nation's te factories. They contract with the kenethdevelopment agency, k, t da to pay for what they produce and to market theirtea during the past two years. Local concerns and a new administration innaraba led to legislative reforms that permit factories to replace directorsby conducting special elections. The previous system awarded votes by shereboard members found they only had to please the largest farmers. Now it'sone man, one vote, ousted board. Members challenge the t, reform act incourt and consider any special elections conducted between march andmay as invalid. The newly elected directors named davidmooney, kat d, a chairman and on june twenty second police, escorted mooneyin age to their offices. In the k t da headquarters, k, t das, peter kanaga,who had been at the helm of the agency for twenty six years, was forced torelinquish his position after he was unseated in a local election april.Twenty fifth mooney's first official act was to notify the organization whoaccord full recognition and co operation to the new board as it takesover banishment quote. We wish to assure all stake holders that theoperations of the group are running smoothly and without any operations hesaid a spokesmen at a non violent, late night protest june. Twenty secondpredicted that a case before kenya's constitutional court would find thegovernment's actions on constitutional and reinstate the old board. Uvis grocery stores enjoyed a strongtwo thousand. A twenty and in two thousand twenty one pandemic stickinessis apparent for e commerce, convenience and at home males, according to corsineresearch, which reports that, as of june, u s, retail store closures aredown year over year. For the first time since the initial locked outs, half ofamericans now said they would feel quote very comfortable and quoteshopping in a physical store during the next three months, compared to onlytwenty nine per cent in the errigal period. According to safety culture,when they return, consumers will discover that a roting brand loyaltyconvinced food manufacturers to simplify their offerings. Tamanufacturer haines celestial as a big footprint ing grocery, with thousandsof stock keeping units. Far too many according to markel, shiller presidentand chief executive officer shiver told investors that shedding twenty brandsdiscontinuing one thousand skews proactively before the pandemic andreally simplifying the way we operate for the corner stones of a strategythat has increased margins. He told food business news that he istransitioning. The two billion dollar pain celestial group, from a holdingcompany to an operating company. The new focus is on innovation versusadditional flavor varieties. She said quote so: instead of here's, the thirtyseventh flavor of sleepy time tea, he said we're bringing tea with energy teawith melatonin tea, with probite and gut health and immunity, and thingsthat are much more incremental into the category called brute k, cups thingsthat really are going to help the...

...retailer grow their category andtherefore earn their space. He said, or vendean and theramin and bangalorereports on india's t, auction prices in the att price watch for the week endingjune, twenty six, two thousand and twenty one. The high light of the weekwas a special auction conducted by the tea board of india across auctioncenters. A carefully curate catalogue of teas made from leaves plucked on theinternational t day on very first may were on offer this special sales, herrecord prices that brought welcome energy and excitement for the industry.Why teas in particular, did very well with targia badam tomte state toppingthe charts at twenty seven thousand six hundred fifty rupees percuil and atasylvane exhilarate from the nilghiris going for sixteen thousand four hundredpercula in jaradas sam m junction, which launched the t e market place intwo thousand and twenty debuted. The e auction with a special sale alsooffering premium tee that fetched high prices. Second, flash ty is arrived atauctions and we expect busy weeks ahead, sail twenty five, so could demand forarthodoxly across india, byes from iran, middle east, russia and seas. Countrieshave been active in authenticity c, seeing good responses top quality.Second flush is now available in colcato auctions. It uped in a samorthodox tes sold for between five hundred two thousand apiece percil inthe south in corser that has been a major buyer of dusty, was mister cochelast week in all sale. Twenty five did not see significan fluctuation in pricefrom the previous week and now a word from our sponsor to trade. Teas works with tea perversat every scale, from promising start ups to the world's largestmultinational beverage brands in the hot iced and bounty segen with us,based formulation, blending and packaging services and huge trade canhelp. You innovate scale up and grow. Your specialty t brand for moreinformation visit. Our website q, trade tsom tea biz this week travels to dargleindia, where an innovative new tea venture is taking root at the argualfamily's ancestral farm at salem hill and then to the jersey, isles off thecoast of france, where alicia gentily project manager at jersey, fine, tea,discusses the challenges and rewards of establishing a new tea garden in theenglish channel. Spars hower gwell is the footgeneration in his family to cultivate tea in the himalayas. But, as you willhear in his discussion with our venda and antherae, he is not bound bytradition. It made to a new tea brand was launchedin india in dogies. It takes its name from where it originates, which is thougilling. The brand was launched by spashal and ishan kin oria. What setsthis brand apart from others is that oger tas was created to take dagen teasto the indian market and as a subscription model. The brand originallies in one of tajin's tea gardens, selem hill, which belongs to theaggerwals family and, along with the launch of darget selim hell itself,seeing a revival of sorts with the formation of the selam hill, collectiveand, among other things, it has brought roger banerji the man who built macaybar back into business. As share person of the collective and his mentorto ishan and spash. We speak to spash a garwil about why he started the gitesand what he hopes to achieve with it. My family has been in the dodge in debusiness, specifically for the last four generations now and i get andfather was the one who first enter to the tintype cis, an whatthe first to god of the family before...

...that as well used to sell each cheststo tyanos. So we've had a long connection with with tea and such toughfamilies. When the pandemic hit. Last year, the lot down was announced on thepretty fifth of march bang. At the time of the first cut by the time that itended, we had pretty much lost our first such trout. At that point, imight can absolutely sure that they would not be able to sustain. The lossis pure because saliman as a garden has also not made profits in the lastthirty years we still held on to it, but we never made profits going beyondthat. This two thousand and twenty was a year in which we made huge lusts, andthat point there was a very serious conversation that was taking placeinside the house there with thought we we go. We were looking to self, butseein also to occupy is a very special place in the heart of a lot of familymembers and lots of friends of family ees, a bunch of my friends myself. Wespent a lot of time at the garden at the house. We all began started talkingabout what can be done and the more we probati we realize what the two nationof the proper that is facing us was, and so we realized in what if we wereto create it, a farm fresh subscription base model, because i can explainexactly how it would solve the problem of the garden. There are only the tenthousand dear states in adia. Only eighty seven of them are touching keyat.Each of these agent gardens is unique, its magical, its fabled, what not andthey make very good, very expensive thess. So how is it possible that thesefestas are making lost now? The problem that we realized was thatthe four flashed system that exists in dagnan- as for that you have the firstand the second pludge that gets exploded and sells for fancy prices andyet t gardens are not able to break even so. Obviously, the problem lieswith the monsoon and the outen flush, the monsoon, more, maybe the autum lessso essentially, the first of the second flash teas are trying to make up forthe losses that the garden is making for. The third in the fourth flush, thesecond thing is that why is it that the first of the second flash tos, eventhough they are selling for profits? Why is it for really good profits fireto are able to make up for the losses of the other taps i'll? Come to that ina second? So what happens is when you produce in the gin t gardens you do thewith ran giving the rolling for mating trying it comes out of the drying ofpetsie. Now as soon as it comes out of the prying album that te that yourwhole day that tea and ven you to be ten sum i haven't, found a single agriculturepoder, which once it is ready its crushed after that, because it's anexport dependent market and you have international science in europe in america. In all thesespaces, they require a uniform product. So, in order to make that the uniformyou have this degrading system whole leaf, broken pannings and dust, no onekag of of the as it is fall coming out of thetri cries mouth one case you fit only only only thirty percent with a fitgets sorted into folly fees, which is that beautiful brad and the problem isto make them beautiful. Wholly great tease, you created the rested, usewhich is broken pannings and dust, thus going into your t, bat, and only thatthirty percent of teas gets sold for profits, so you're, not even trying tocover the profits of first flash, not even trying to cover the losses of, butthe monsoon flashed by the profits of the first plash. You are only trying tocover the losses of the rexow through the profits of the whole lift, and wehad a law dispassion and especially...

...with raji, kept asking him that youknow. Are these belieft better tasting the more we scope, the more we keptdiscussing life? How can it be better tasting are basically putting it down,brushing it handling it port, putting it through a machine. Mental metal iscatching the tees, so it cannot be better tasting. We did blind tastethings and we realize that you know k. T e, the putes as it is coming out ofthe dryer is much better tasting. We did more research and we realize thatthis breaking phenomenon is actually a recent phenom. It's not howtraditionally t dains. It's been only been happening in the last thirty fortyyears. This entire creating system that exists for which that the gardens arepretty very fancy names wholly as we must have work wit, be called sforth. Idon't think most people in diving, even wot, the full formers super fine, tippygolden flowery orange beacon. Nobody knows what does that even mean, so thisentire grading system, i find it not only out dating it- makes no sense tothat was the first eleven. The second dilemma was this hierarchy that hasbeen created between the flashes past. Flash is the best flush second flushes,a little willow that then it comes out on flash and them monsoonish cannot behad. Why can't it be a have you has anyone ever had a one foot monthon?First, when you really roast it? Well, you high fire it to double roasted. Itgives an almost a lapsing sush in next faver, it's moky and very nice. No, ihave, i have other family members were. I was twenty so when i would have thesearguments with them and ask them that you know what is the problem with high?You know i would i do say exactly this, so they would say no, but it is smoky.Then it becomes smoke in favor o, say exactly that is pi practicism parent.So this said no, but that is a defect in the defend becomes smoky and i wouldjust to- and i would say that in that smoky taste is something that is reallya day. Lection flavor and you can even add a drop of milk. No, but that hintyou cannot admit who said so, why these two things never made sense to thegreat the flushes with my parents. I would travel to a lot of gardens eve inthousand and sixteen i will some way or the other been going to the t card hasbeen somewhere import, so the more i tasted as the more i realize that allfour of these have the unique saver. The unique pays: a unique aroma, theunique story. So why don't we do something where, and here we studyingto monmorin clubs in the us and in the uk, and we realized that somewhere inthe n y, a similar problem was paced by some of these villians. They created amodern where include subscription system at the beginning of the year.You subscribe that vinas products and you get on of it at your house. Youdecided why? Don't they create something like this for our own devin? If tha gling is to survive, if there isto be a dodging te, renison e, it has to be with indians. Indians need tounderstand the handicraft of this industry and they lead to want tosupport it, because this is, i mean this is one of the most phenomenalproducts that india's ever made, so why i it needs to reach indian households.We want to make the grant in the black tea and its cashes a mass market of co procreate so thatpeople can drink this chile on a daily basis, a footing in degrees, latitude jersey.The largest of the channel island situated between england and france, ismuch further north than traditional tea lands. Yet the island is proving to befertile ground to produce fine loose leaf tea. Camelias sentences is a versatile plantthat is grown in many parts of the world. This is the injussi from p m,david silver and sons, and today i sit...

...down with a lisha gentily from jersey,fine tea, and we talk about growing tea on the island of jersey. We talk aboutmarketing. We talk about some of the challenges that she has faced producingtea on the island and what we can expect from jersey, fine, tea, establishing a t farm where nonepreviously existed presents many costly challenges. What is the eternalinvestment for a small holder farm like yours and what quantities will it taketo reach break? Even so, that's a really complicated things to answer. Asfar as what it takes to set up a new state, a return is going to depend onhow much you have to invest it. So you have high investment, you'll get fasterreturns, but there's a higher risk same thing. If you have you know low skilland low investment you're going to see a longer time to get a returns, itdepends on what quality of to you that you want to sell. So if you want to dosomething like jersey, fine tees do we're going for absolute premium, so wecan charge more for that, whereas we are going for a consumer that wantedmore flavor, teas or something in bags, we could be probeing it at a cheaperrate. It would just be a different fin that were kind of appealing to you.Will you blend to achieve volume? We are not going to be blending teas, ajersey pint that i do appreciate that something that companies can do otherer, pt growing regents to of finding that you can't really make enough moneyfrom selling to you alone, so we're having to do things like tours andclasses and like open it up to the public as to a way of supplementing inthem. What are some of the challenges that you've experienced one of thetimes that i think that most tea companies everywhere face is cost oflabor in jersey, minimum wage is much higher than it would be in somewhere,like india show lona for example. So that's a huge challenge stress toconsider in what we need to charge for teas how much we can make the laws hereare just different in other places. If we wanted to send whether the tea wedon't have the flexibility to just put a sheet outside and let let it with herin this sun, i know that companies in the united states are getting reallycreative, with working with health and safety. One companies using uvis toactivate the same kind of reaction that sun, whether i would do so there arelike creative ways of getting around it, but considerations that you have tothink of in new to brown regions. This, not technically a beverage, it's afinished product, but it's still a food product. So it's kind of like in thisgreat area, so we're kind of unsure about whether it's like a finishproduct or a food product. So that's, i think, gonna come with some alenes forsure how is jose fine t adapted itsmanufacturing process to the climate of jersey like everything grows? Well, athe soils great here and we've had to add legation to make up for a lack ofrainfall that happens, but that was was fairly easy to do. Where would you like to see jose fin tbeing marketed and enjoyed? Is it just for jersey? Is it for britain, or areyou looking further afield into europe and the rest of the world? We actuallydo sell globally now, which is really great and through our website we getsales from all over the place. America, france, germany, the netherlands,definitely the uk, which is great. I think our target consumer really is toenthusiast people that are interested in to from new t going regions. Ourother target audience is jersey. Tourists like people that are cominghere, they're looking for something local, something that's grown here,something that's really high and high quality, so we're trying to get into alot of the higher end hotels, i'm pushing for work we're slowly gettinginto afternoon. Tea is here which is really exciting because in the uk,after nan t really isn't about the tea so much so i'm trying to like work withrestaurants to get thanks to kind of change. That attitude like make afternancy about having a nice good quality, a cup of tea, with that it's definitelychallenging in jersey because lose leete isn't really a well knownexperience here. So it comes with like...

...a lot of educating the consumers of howthe girlet what it is. Even i think a lot of people get intimidated by it. Sofor us to succeed, is the business. That's why i i want to push for doingtours and classes and talking about it just so. We have the education herethat people will be interested and start supporting us anfre by what you heard in today'spodcast. Would you like to learn more from our global network of evisjournalist and experts on tape them directly through subterrane message,based an avoid the chaos of social men and start a conversation that matterssub text message base platinum, but you privately asked meaningful questions ofthe texts: academics, abs, journalist reporting for the two. You see theirresponses, foss text, which are sent direct to your phone visit our websiteand subscribe to, subject to instantly connecting the most connected people onta remember to visit. The tea is websitefor are comprehensive coverage. Thats hyphen, biz baza, thanks for listeningfor well the next week.

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