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Tea News and Biz Insight - July 15, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – Darjeeling is Experiencing a Severe Downturn | Researchers Discover Expanded Role for Microbes in Tea Making | Oxfam India Defines Living Wage for Assam Tea Workers

| GUESTS – Kate Elliot, Catherine Drummond-Herdman, Pinkie Methven, Veronica Murray-Poore, Tea Gardens of Scotland
| NEWSMAKER – Carmién Tea founder Mientjie Mouton

| FEATURES – Tea Biz this week travels to South Africa to discuss with Carmién Tea founder Mientjie Mouton the beneficial aspects of the EU’s decision to register rooibos as the first African food product to receive protected designation of origin. and then to Scotland where Dananjaya Silva discusses with nine local tea growers how the short summers and cold winters of a far northern terroir contribute to the unique flavor of Scottish tea.

Rooibos Revived

Rooibos is an herb that grows in a very narrow corridor north of Cape Town, South Africa in the fertile soil of the Cederberg mountains. Growers there produce about 14,000 metric tons annually as a healthful, refreshing, non-caffeinated beverage known locally as red bush tea. Tea Biz Podcast founder Dan Bolton talks with Mientjie Mouton, the founder of Carmién Tea a supplier of quality rooibos, both green and red.

Scottish Tea

Scots have a long history of growing Camelia sinensis in faraway lands ― from the jungles of Assam to the hills of Ceylon. A group of Scottish ladies have decided to follow in their ancestor’s footsteps. I’m Dananjaya Silva from PMD David Silva and Sons, and today I sit down with Kate Elliot, Catherine Drummond Herdman, Veronica Murray Poore, and Pinkie Methven to talk about green tea in Scotland.

Fall the tap is podcast delivers t news thatyou need to know a recap of the week's major headlines with commentary andcultural trends hosted by dan bull. It is the voice of origin for twoprofessionals and enthusiast robie, think of us as a digital caravan ofstory, tellers, bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories toyou, weekly from the tea lamps, hello. Everyone hear the headlines,dargins is experiencing a severe downturn. Researchers discover expanded roles formicrobes in tea, making an oxfam india defines living wages for a psalm teaworkers more in a minute, but first thisimportant message: what makes a perfect cup of ceylon tithe perfect cup is from the tea businesses that ensure the protectionof all the children living within their tea estates. We salute kalani belly,tell a wakil, bogo, wanta, lawa, parana and elipa t estates support, save thechildren silanga the west bengal t community thatsurrounds tarslin is experiencing difficult times, will do forty five ofthe eighty seven tea gardens within the protected geographical region erroutinely altering p. Production has declined from sixteen million killesfifteen years ago to fewer than seven million kilos in two thousand y twentyone tourists a few as covin nineteen infections declined elsewhere. Thepandemic persists in the foothills of the himalayas, forcing travelrestrictions over fifteen hundred active cases. Last week with eightyeight new infections on july eighth, a number greater than cocono recordedthat same day in june, the telegraph of indiareported more than ten per cent of darsi stea gardens were up for sale.That saw no buyers, absenteeism, political turmoil and climate changeare often sighted, his reasons, but the main concern is of declining volume inproduction, rage, energy, the heir to macivors,tate described the situation with clarity and insight. We darsey now faces a large scale decline.He writes commercially darsi. Tea has been weathering a waning export market,explained by outdated management practices and exploitive middle men,but there is a far more powerful factor at work. Now the regions to cology wasalready facing t for a station, making the seismically sensitive areavulnerable to topsoil laws and landslides, pushing the tea gardenscloser to the edge now climate changes bearing down on tea yields and patingthe livelihoods of thousands in the industry. He board of india dowsels that in twothousand, a twenty dargins production stood at six point: seven million calosthis year, the second flush which makes up twenty per cent of the annualproduction the seeing a reported decline of two hundred to three hundredthousand kalos april may. Twenty twenty one production stood at one point: two:two million kelos business in sight, news of gardensbeing sold has been recurring from this region. In two thousand twenty, thesaint voules and later the nursing tea estates were sold. O katie in june is the latest estate tobe acquired. Sixteen hundred acre high...

...altitude, i state, operates a factorythat dated eighteen. Eighty eight. The new owners are local and offer ahopeful vision of dartling, whose first concern is serving the domestic market.The estate was sold to crache a unit of siliguri based evergreen group. A firmthat operates shirota, cafes and boutiques, founder rage, bed in visionsof world class, the academy to draw students of ticul ure and tourists toan estate that produces organic tea, using orthodox processes, as well ascut to curl packet p. The company process was fifteen million kilos oftea a crossed, a broad range of a hundred and sixty five varietiessupplying premium and bulten quantities that benefit from scale. Researchers discover an expanded rolefrom microbes and tea. Making the oxidation of tea leaves during orthodoxprocessing is essential, but not exclusively responsible for the flavourof tea. The finding that bacterial and fungal communities also drive teaprocessing such as the micro boom of the leaves, can be manipulated tocreate greater quantities of tasty compounds. Due to fermentation the teamof researchers at onway agricultural university in china, cleverlydemonstrated that black teas withered rolled and oxidized before drawing areless flavorful when star lised their paper. Black tea quality is highlyaffected during processing by its leaf surface microbiome, which was publishedin the june issue of the journal of agriculture and food. Chemistry showsthat my croia fermentation present in non sterilized control samples producedtea with lots of catacolae and a menoetes specific to tea. He made from the oxidises, but sparrowleaves, was less flavorful and lacking in many of the complex compounds thattasters identify in premium teas. The experiment showed that caffeine andtenian were found in the same quantities in green tea with or withoutleaf surface sterilization quote, however, the sterilization processdramatically decreased the content of tol catacombic tea, indicating thatmicrobes on the surface of tea leaves may be involved in maintaining aformation of these important metabolite during black tea processing, and quotesaid, professor ali ignat milano business in sight. The unwinresearchers are now busy determining which microbes are responsible for thefermentation knowledge that will make it possible for two processors toenhance the natural biome and introduce new types of microbes, resulting innovel flavors of black tea. Oxfam, india, confederation of twentyindependent charitable organizations, released a study last week thatdetermined the minimum living wage for tea workers in a psalm is eight hundredand eighty seven rupees per day out twelve dollars. U s workers make far less per day and areworking fewer days due to covian nineteen restrictions. Only thirty ninepercent of workers can be considered as permanent. The remaining sixty one percent contract, their services with fewer benefits, the speti calculated aminimum of...

...two hundred and eighty five rupees perday for food for a family of four and five hundred and ninety nine rupees fornon food expenditures. Bus in sight. The study of fivethousand two workers in seven districts was conducted in october throughdecember two thousand and twenty oxfam c l amitabha. In appealing for improvedwages described, i quote a start gap between the current wages that teaworkers receive visaphone wage that has been calculated, unquote, er, vinda and and thermata bangalorereports on india's t, auction prices, and yet he prays report for the weekending july. Ten, w thead and twenty one this week to focus is on decliningto exports from india, which is a cause of concern to the industry that theassociations of issue a press release that the industry is bracing for adecline of thirty to forty million kilos this year compared to twothousand and twenty. The reason cited. Our availability of locos is in theglobal market, notably from kenya, silanga lockdowns that limit the numberof foot service venues in operation and tread re, strictures and countries thathave been regular buyers. These have been compounded by economic downturnsfrom covet. The european union, for example, anticipates four point: fivepercent growth in two thousand and twenty one riconosciuto that the deltaverin may force a return to lockdowns. This fall between january and march.Indias tic spots fell by thirteen point two three per cent as compared it tothent twenty and twenty nine point: zero. Three per cent as compared withthousand and nineteen, which introduction volumes stand at fortyfive point: eight six million kilos in two thousand and twenty one as comparedwith fifty two point: eight five million kilos in two thousand y twentyand sixty four point. Six two million kilos in two thousand and nineteennorthend has been more severely affected than south india in pricessailed. Twenty seven, so good demand in calcatae for well made whole leafcrates of tagelang. While there were many outlots demand was mixed in amongbuyers. Middle east was active in gohaz, have dropped from last week and aresignificantly lower than they were for corresponding week in two thand andtwenty. Although they are better than twenty. Nineteen prices for the sameperiod. Sails in the south remain sluggish, and now a word from oursponsor two trade tes works with tea pervers atevery scale, from promising start ups to the world's largest multinationalbeverage brands in the hot iced and bounty segments with us basedformulation, blending and packaging services. Huge trade can help. Youinnovate scale up and grow. Your specialty t brand for more informationvisit. Our website q trade, tesco tibis this week travels to south africato discuss with carmentes minky mouton the beneficial aspects of the euseddecision to register robos as the first african food product to receiveprotected designation of origin and then to scotland, warned an inhighest silva discusses with local growers how the short summers and coldwinters of a far northern terra contribute to the unique flavor ofscottish tea. Roybet is an herb that grows in a verynarrow corridor, north of cape town in the fertile soil of the cedar birdmountains growers there produced about fourteen thousand metric tons annuallyas a healthful refreshing, non caffine beverage known locally as red bush. Keyto day we have from south africa the founder of carmenta, a supplier ofquality roybet, both green and red.

Recently, the european union registeredrobos as a protected designation of origin, a coveted status extended forthe first time to an african food product. Will you tell our listeners?Why that's good news and how you see the ease seal of authenticity advancingthe overall consumption of royas world wide? We are very excited about this. It's a process that was started aboutten years ago. Everyone now know that rovest is really something special,that they are some points of the frantick the product from all the otherhevilie, an obo certification. It means that the product must be cultivated andproduced in the specific region, processing also herd to take place inthat specific region. Propus is a very, very natural product, with a very coldwinters and the very very hot summers to create that very special taste andflavor of robust with this very special flavor and taste, and all the healthbenefits and properties can only be grown in their specific area. Fifteendifferent areas are situated in the western cut and the northern cup ofsouth africa and comment is based with in the western cape and we are buyingtea from all the different areas. The northern cut together with the moresouth western areas and ducatos. We can give you the guarantee that, whenbuying a robusti from conet, you will get the true and honest and pure robustfrom this specific locations about half of the robos produced asconsume locally. The rest is a ported to sixty countries, mainly in europe,where germany is the leading market. Japan consumes about twenty two percent of exports: a long drought, curtailed market expansion. Followingseveral years of strong growth, the rains have since returned, and thebushes that perished have been replaced. Minky o mentioned that shiftingtemperature and rainfall patterns have actually expanded growing areas. Drier conditions actually applyglobally, but specifically in sot africa and specifically in the westernand northern type of south africa, that the production area of a robit haveascert moved more to which the south western thoughts away from the northernparts our ever is ryin for is around three hundred melinee presa and thathas come down toh below a hundred millimeters of ring. During that verysevere drought es i wer the last two years that has naicely picked up, butit's still below average, so in general we can definitely see a train to its adrier condition and luckily for south africa we do have areas which used to be toowet to grow over sea, which actually now has become perfect and suitable forgrowing groot quality robeston. We are all looking for. The geographicalindication requires strict compliance with processing and prohibits thirdparties from using phrases like roy bo style or red bush type, tea orimitation red bush. This is actually a more strict gicertification that now has been approved for rovest. Processing ofrogaty is a obsidian prose he prices or...

...what we call. What we call fermentationwhere the anti accidents in the in the t or the natural pron phenolicactivities in the tea give you this very specific characteristic smell andtice. Witches is a more fruity sweet flyer that is one of the most identic.The properties of rebete do have rubies to have a slightly sweet, paramos andflavor, and it is not as a stringent as, for example, black tea or some of theother novelties. It has a very nice smooth, full flavor and aroma, and thatall has to do with this special opsonize obsivation process, where thetim preacher can actually go up to about above footy debris, celsus, andthat happens over night after the tea has been cut. Once we've gone throughthat process, which we call opina or fomentation, the then we have a product with whichhas a nice ripe up infusion and that we can cortical roy busty in africans is a is roy, the color rate in english.That is where the nun comes from. When we do not go, though, that prices we have a green tea, which isseen actually the unfermented variant of robusti, which is nowadays very verypopular. During the ongoing pandemic, there's been a significant increase inconsumption and interest in the health qualities of verbal infusions. Will youdescribe some o the health advantages of robles primest is tightly caffeinfree. That is one of the biggest health benefits of ravestein every tea, butthat we do. We have credit it for for the internal quality of that specificcup when it comes to your specific and obsidet values that definite helped tobenefit and to support your immune system and help you to be. I dreadedwhich we all know, that is the baseline of keeping healthy, and what we've seenis that men rals like sing, zinc and magnesium and causim others things thatactually have become very, very important in times like this. It isabout a well balanced, healthy body that you have to keep to my time inorder to prevent the virus and actually to get contracted, to keep a healthybody and to keep a healthy life stow you need at least to drink. We like tosit ten cups of robusti. We would bring it down to say to six cups of ribesten,but my maybe you can survive with two cups as well, so your dinnae to drinkyour rage still dialing in order to keep off scots, have a long history of growingcamelias on ensis in far away lands from the jungles of assam to the hillsof salon. A group of scottish ladies have decided to follow in theancestor's footsteps. I'm done under silver from pm, david silver and suns,and to day i sit down with kate, eliot catherine drummond, herdman, veronica,mary par and pinky methon, to talk about growing tea in scotland, as temperatures rise globally, greaterquantities of tea will be cultivated above and below traditional lattitudetalk about how changes in climate have...

...affected the growing of tea, the culevars that are available and some of the challenges that you have faced whenrearing tea bushes. As far as climate change days, quite frankly and spotland,we could do with yet more heat because it's a really marginal crop. When weall started this, we have some consultancy help and we were told itwas going to be a very, very marginal prop. If anybody wanted to groworganically without protection, it would be nigh on impossible. So it hasbeen an absolute should we say learning experience for us. As far as theweather is concerned, it's not so much the cold, because i think that tea isquite cool, tolerant. It seems to be a combination of other factors thatgetting the receeding going to a decent sort of toff bush that can poke withwith whatever is thrown at it, and it just seems to be very temperamentalvery delicate. We've got the problem here that and whether it's timar changeor not, i don't know, is that our springs are getting drier and drierthey're also getting to to be getting colder. So it takes a really long timefor the part to get going and get brain plots outside only just now, beginningto grow and break foments, which is just makes things a little bit harderand at the same time winters just seem to be getting wester and windy, and notso much cold, but just really windy. So the weather is a challenge here: you'reall producing teas and different areas of scotland described a teroi scotland.What makes these teas distinctive and what are the regional differences intaste that each of your growing areas produce what it's very very new? Youhave to come with us to port in a license and have a try. There hasn'tbeen very much scottish team made, yet it's all very experimental and we'vehad some fantastic results with some green tea, which has not yet been forsale. The black tea are really great tea that the nine gardens allcontributed. Nine, ladies dancing, was the name of the tea. I mean that wasgreat, but that was the first commercial t that we've collectivelyhad out of our gardens, which was just a fun thing to be involved in, but ithink you know we get into the stage where you know watch the space in thenext few years. When we can, you know, start sort of bringing our experimentsto fruition and actually bringing out some different teas, yet to be namedpersson, one coming out, which is a green tea, which is reallyexciting and just totally different. His whole journey has been is reallynew to us, and you know: we've all learned so much about tea. There seemsto be, you know well received we've had we have had tasters from all over theworld have tasted the tea in the feedbacks being phenomenal. There's alot of tea on forward contract and you know a sort of like crossing ourfingers and hoping we'll be able to fulfill those. Hopefully it will justget easier as a volumes increase and maybe become a bit more predictable.Every tourism is something that a lot of traditional tear states areestablishing. What are yourselves doing in terms of angry tourism, and whatwould you like to do more of going forward? The mount of tea plants is notquite the same as when i started. I thought this is not viable for theactual leaf at the moment, so we already do various tours of your orchard and otherthings going on. So i've been doing tours a tator, sopeople will come around. We look at the t, see how it's growing look at thedifferent varieties and show people what a tea plant is. So it's basicallyeducation and, but you know done in an easy way and then they come back intothe castle and have tea in the castle. There's a variety of things. I did abit blend with beverly at the scottish teaty. We made a blend, as my ancestorwould have had a blend for afternoon tea, and that was that was reallyinteresting and just being able to explain all this with a tall. It's allabout educating people, but educating...

...people to understand what t is how itcomes from and her it's made and then finishing up with a you know: there'ssomething water teeth and it's not just he it's. You know you can sit around.You have a conversation and you can you know it's just all about talking andactually reconnecting with with each other, with people and actually withthe earth, and when i started out, we did some tours mindfulness tours withpeople that were currently undergrowing treatment, a cancer i made themunderstand by seeing the bushes and thinking about it, who plucks the tea.The idea is, if you're sitting in a hospital on your own and you're, goingthrough some ghastly treatment, you can sit there. You can have your cup of tea,which is you know, strong good. You know i sort of dark colored hot liquid.You can have a stick of that and reconnect yourself with the earththrough the tea leaves that have made it the pickers, who are usually women,and so this is why it was the female side of cancer. You can reconnect withthat, and you can think about all those people and then o. You can go back intothe earth and light the roots on the tea and you can gain strength and youcan get that all from if you just close your eyes in a hospital ward, and youcan just one sip of tea and that's what i was aiming for intrigue by whatyou've heard in today's podcast. Would you like to learn more from our globalnetwork of tevis journalists and t experts, content them directly throughsubtext, private message based later avoid the chaos of social media andstart a conversation that matters sub text message based platform lets youprivately ask meaningful questions of the t, experts, academics and cbsjournalists reporting from the t. You see their responses viasat, which aresent direct to your phone visit our website and subscribe to subtext toinstantly connect with the most connected people in tea. Remember to visit the tabi website formore comprehensive coverage, that'we t hyphen biz beaz cup, thanks forlistening for well the next week.

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