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Tea Biz News and Insight - July 15, 2022


HEAR THE HEADLINES – Sri Lankan Tea to the Rescue | India’s Monsoon Rainfall Exceeds 2021 Totals | Vancouver Hosts Bubble Tea Festival July 22-23

| GUEST – Ksenia Hleap, Director of Communications and Development at Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles (AVPA) 

| FEATURE INTRO – The Fifth Edition of the annual Teas of the World International Contest is underway. Tea producers from around the world are invited to submit entries to AVPA, the Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products. Samples are due by the first of August. 

More than a Medal – AVPA’s annual tea competition offers more than a medal. The organization was founded to assist producers of various agricultural products, including edible oils, coffee roasted at origin, and chocolate elaborated at origin. During the past five years, AVPA has elevated the status of tea producers large and small, not only on the global stage but, most notably, in their local markets.

The Tea Biz podcast delivers tea news that you need to know, a recap of the week's major headlines, with commentary and cultural trends. Hosted by Dan Bolton. It is the voice of origin for tea professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. Think of us as a digital caravan of storytellers, bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories to you weekly from the tea lands. Hello everyone here. This week's headlines Sharlankan tea rushes to the rescue. India's monsoon rainfall exceeds one totals. Vancouver hosts a big bubble tea festivul July two and and the fifth edition of the annual teas of the world international contest is now under way. Tea Producers from around the world are invited to submit entries to a VP A, the agency for the valorization of agricultural products. Samples are due by the first of August. More in a minute, but first this important message. What makes a Perfect Cup of Ceylon tea? The Perfect Cup is from the tea businesses that ensure the protection of all the children living within their tea estates. We Salute Kailani Valley Teal Awaki, Lee Boga, Wan Thalawa, Harana and Eliptia tea estates support Save the children. Sri Lanka tea traders are harvesting prized foreign exchange dollars essential to Sri Lanka's financial recovery. Sri Lanka exported one point three billion dollars worth of tea in up eighteen percent compared to according to statistics provided by the Shloka teaboard, freight on board prices averaged nine hundred and sixteen rupees, in Fo b prices averaged eight hundred and sixty seven rupees in when exports total one point two billion. Production and export volumes are down, but prices, at three dollars and sixty two cents per kilo US dollars, are substantially higher this year, making it possible to exceed last year's revenue. The T Exporters Association writes that uncertainty makes predictions difficult, but improved demand as Middle Eastern countries benefit from high oil prices, lower production volumes due to the weather and the application of less fertilized combined with a substantial currency devaluation and the long...

...term general preference for better quality T, will sustain pricing. Political strife, protests, runaway inflation, conflict and a sagging global economy have severely depressed tourism, the third largest source of foreign exchange reserves at four billion dollars. Given the circumstances, investing in Ta is a safer bet for Sri Lanka. A critical unknown is the role of newly appointed teaboard chair, garage demel malice, scheduled to join us on next week's t BZ podcast. Production declined by five million kilos in May, leading to lower exports compared to one but the FOB average price was twelve hundred rupees per kilo, an increase of almost a thousand rupees per kilo compared to the period of January through Maye Iraq is now the top buyer, replacing Turkey and Russia. In June, monthly tea prices for all three elevations average one thousand, two hundred and fifty four rupees, about three dollars and fifty one cents per kilo in US dollars. June is the sixth consecutive month in which the average remained above three dollars and fifty cents per kilo. The April average of four dollars and nine cents per kilo was the highest cents February, according to statistics compiled by the Tea Exporters Association of Sri Lanka. Sanjay core, CEO it continental tea, writes that, quote. The existing shortage of fertilizer, diesel and transport issues and other production inputs sure as bad combination for international buyers who requires Selon tea for their blends. They have started paying up higher prices since May and will continue to do so until they find alternative Orthodox teeth from other origins. End Quote. He predicted Orthodox t producers in India would benefit. He writes that an immediate concern is a warning from Sri Lankan shipping agents that major shipping lines may no longer except cargo departing and arriving at Colombo because local agents have failed to remit payment in US dollars. Deningaya Silva, managing director at P M D T, said, quote. The nation's tea estates are still working. The auctions are seeing good volume and prices are firm. The factories are operating despite rational electrical power, and workers are getting to the fields despite a two week ban on sales of...

...petrol to the public. Tea Gardens began stockpiling fuel last year and, while few contractors have that capability, the contractors can borrow fuel from their clients. Quote. Bear in mind that this industry has always weathered turbulence and has adapted. Business inside tourism generated almost twelve percent of the country's gross domestic product in previous years, viewed as an engine of growth. Revenue Peaked at four point four billion in twenty eight, when the industry employed more than four hundred thousand workers. In May, the number of visitors declined by seventy percent following a series of Easter Sunday bombings that killed two hundred and fifty people. Fatalities included forty two foreigners. Revenue fell fifty due to the pandemic. Visits were growing in one as lockdowns ended, more than twenty thousand visitors arrived from Eastern Europe in January of the following month, the Russian invasion of Ukraine virtually eliminated travel from both of those countries. Russia and Ukraine. Nationals previously accounted for a quarter of Sri Lankan visits. During the past forty days, torrential rains inundated thousands of hectors of tea in Assam and West Bengal, lowering yields, killing dozens of tea workers and mud slides and sweeping aside infrastructure. The Indian Meteorological Department reports that, countrywide, India has experienced nine increase in rainfall compared to the previous year. However, five districts remain unusually dry, including twelve districts into Milndu. Prior to the June arrival of the southwest monsoon, the countrywide rain deficit was eighteen percent compared to Assam, rivers are receding after a record one thousand millimeters of rain in twenty four hours that fell on June SEV driving two hundred thousand from their homes. Villages and Silchar and Kachar were underwater for weeks. However, groundwater levels remains stubbornly high, posing a threat of water logging, a condition that will kill even mature trees if roots are submerged for longer than forty five days. The Assam branch of the Indian Tea Association estimates production to twenty seven percent in June due to flooding, even though there is...

...an overall rainfall deficit of five in the northeast. June, tea production in West Bengals to ours, was down. An output in Terai Gardens was down due mainly to cold weather. Tea Plants Thrive in Loamy, sandy soil, as roots must be well drained to prevent rot. The PRAHATMA Putra Valleys Water Table is normally at least ninety CIS below the surface, but researchers at the Asama Agricultural University report that tea plants every year are experiencing more prolonged periods in standing water. Ironically, flooding reduces water uptake, leading to cell desiccation, in other words, the leaves die of thirst. In common cultivars, leaf drop rises to and survival is reduced to fift after forty days in standing water. Hope, all the clones of our crops here are neither drought resistant nor flood resistant, so the Tea Gardens in the region had to bear the brunt of the flood. Said Jal Decca, secretary of the Assam Branch of the Tea Association of India. I'm sitting in a Yeefang cafe in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada, sipping one of the Taiwanese fruit tea chain's new summer offerings, peach, grapefruit green tea. The beverage is sunset orange. I ordered it with ice and sweetness. It's cool and refreshing on this sunny summer day, not too sweet. The births of fruit flavor that travel through the bubble tea Straw up the yummy factor, plus they deliver that extra boost of vitamins. Bubble tea and fruit tea shops are everywhere here. Within a few blocks of where I'm sitting, I can count five just off the top of my head. British Columbians have embraced these Taiwanese drinks, so it makes sense that Canada's largest bubble tea festival will take place in Metro Vancouver. Mark your calendar. Vancouver Bubble Tea Fest Will Take Place July twenty two and twenty three in Burnaby, a city just outside Vancouver. Ye Fang will be there, along with nineteen other bubble tea vendors. Attendees can visit the unders and...

...learn about their unique takes on all things bubble and fruit tea. Like you, Fang, summer beverage that I'm having the pleasure of sipping while I record this man. Bubble tea will hold a pearl judging contest, traditional pearls, grass, jelly, Alo Vera, Red Bean, all of your favorites and many more. After trying out some exciting new recipes and refreshed takes on old classics, you can vote for your favorite bubble tea shop. Awards will be given out at the end of the two day event. Your experience at the festival will be capped off with Games, a talent show, live DJ dance performances, trash and fashion show and even a car show. All of these activities are included with your ten dollar admission ticket. And, of course, there's a section devoted to delicious food like Taiwanese Fried Chicken. I'm a big Fan of Korean Fried Chicken, so I'm looking forward to trying out some Taiwanese fried chicken. Grab a bite to complement your refreshing bubble tea and find a place in the picnic area to enjoy food, drink and entertainment. For more information about Canada's largest bubble tea event, visit Van Bubble Tea Fest Dot c a Venda and Terman in Bengaloo u reports on this week's tea auction prices. India tea price report for the week ending July nine two. The weather continues to cause concern in the northeast. In sassant trains have led to a drop in deep production. Indian media reports a drop in production of eleven in the sum sixteen percent in cutcher in the doors in the derive June two, as bear with June twe this has been further aggravated by the drop in prices at the auctions, along with an increase in wages in north Bengal. In auction sales twenties seven saw a good week at the Calcutta auctions. Hin the Stan Unilever was active for CTC and dust, while Orthodox cy so a good response from the Middle East. Exporters were also keen on the jailing second flush teath. The overall average prices were lower than the previous week and got to Hind Stan Unilever was active. Average prices were marginally lower than the previous week, but there was also a decrease in the percentage of outlots in the south. CTC Dust sold well in coaching with exporters picking up some Orthodox dust. Leaf t is sold reasonably well with exporters to C I s in the Middle East. Actor for Orthodox sleeve, Hin the Stan Unilever was also active for Orthodox sleeve. About twenty five of the total quantity remained unsold. A good response from major blenders for CTC leaf and CTC dust, while exporters continue to be active for Orthodox Leaf and select CTC asked. Now a word from our sponsor.

Hello, I'm Bogdon, a passionate tea drinker and the inventor of the ultimate tea machine, the brewmaker. One preparation is key to making fine teeth. Sequential steeping is delivered the best taste possible and unlock the true value of whole leaf teas and botanicals. Brew automates that process without using any pots or capsules. This simple to operate. Smart from control device stores steeping profiles to consistently make great tea at the push of a bottom. Brew also reduces time, waste and energy. That's because I engineered the brew to Remember Control Settings for temperature, brewing time and quantity. Using my patented process, lets you stack steep simply and conveniently. This week, t Biz travels to Paris, where the fifth edition of the annual teas of the world international contest is underway. Tea Producers from around the world are invited to submit entries to a V P A, the agency for the valorization of agricultural products. Samples are due by the first of August. A V P as annual tea competition offers more than a metal the organization was founded to assist producers of a range of agricultural products, including edible oils, coffee roasted and origin and chocolate elaborated in origin. During the past five years, a v P A has elevated the status of Te Producers Large and small, not only on the global stage but, more poor only in their local markets. Joining us today is my name is senior there and I'm development responsible at a BP agency popularization of agricultural products. Thank you so much for joining us on the podcast today. How do you a V P A, and specifically the teams of the world competition, benefit the tea industry? Vp a exists for already twenty years. This year we we have done our twenties edible oil contests, but speaking about tea, this year will be the thief edition and from the very first year we are created this contest to help the producers. We have the teeth from all over the world, because we don't have only money variational ties, but also the herbal...

...ties, and that give the possibility for the producers to compete with the different countries and to have a feedback from a very professional French speaking Jewry. So each time, if producer wanted from the beginning to have a feedback, they put the information for us and if they want the medal or not, they will have this possibility. You must love tea. Will you tell listeners about your preferences? I love tea. Frankly speaking, I prefer different frbulties because in my childhood I drank a lot of about his but now, with the five years of experience at V P A, my passion is to taste the differentias from different countries and very looking for something original. A V PA seeks to elevate awareness of tea producers globally, not just in France, although French astronomy is the framework by which judgments are made. Will you talk a little bit about a VP as recent initiatives, such as the effort to increase participation by African producers and efforts to draw attention to European t producers. The contest is to inform the producer that we exist and what we are doing. After the context, we are proposing for the producers to help them if they need our help, to do some marketing or strategy decision. Maybe so our jury that an international consultant in tea industry and they can help the producers. Also about the African or Latin American countries producer? For sure, we are in touch always. We are trying to be in touch with the CO operative or the associations in this country. We are explaining why it is important to have the producers. We are and closely in touch with the prompt Peru, for example. This is an association based in France who are helping not only t producers but also coffee and chocolate producers. They're helping to send these samples for competitions and after the competition we're helping to find the distributors the medal. It's not only to open the new markets. It's first of all, the recognition for the local market. It's the recognition for the work done. A V P A then provides marketing support to contestants long after the competition. VP A support doesn't end with the vod ceremony. New once the contest ends, the...

...producers are free to reproduce the medal on their packaging, but unfortunately not every producer understands why they need to do this. So we have some videos to explain. We schedule zoom meetings with the winners after the context. I am an experience marketer, so I explained to the producers how can they use their medal, not only on the packaging but in their communications strategy. That is very important winning and if you pay. Medal for producers is also a fantastic commercial instrument. If they need to apply for a credit at the bank to buy new machines or something else, for example, or maybe to find in us an expansion, it is very, very helpful to explain that they have a diploma and are recognized in Paris by an international te contest. It is a reassurance to clientele during ongoing negotiations, supports favorable decision making and improves the producer prospects. Intrigued by what you've heard in today's podcast, would you like to learn more from our global network of t vs journalists and t experts. Remember to visit the TVs website from more comprehensive coverage. That's W W A W T hyphen Biz B I Z alcohol. Thanks for listening. Farewell until next week. m.

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