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Tea News and Biz Insight - July 23, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – New Criteria Proposed for Differentiating Specialty Tea
| Walmart Tea is now 100% Certified by Rainforest Alliance | Kenya Sets Tea Auction Price Minimums

| GUEST – Avinash Dugar, founder of the La Gravitea Cafe in Jamshedpur in the north Indian state of Jharkand

| NEWSMAKER – David Veal, Executive Director, European Speciality Tea Association

| FEATURES – Tea Biz this week travels to London for a chat with David Veal, Executive Director of the European Speciality Tea Association. Veal describes the association’s new perspective and new definition of what makes specialty tea special. and then to northern India where Aravinda Anantharaman visits a tea café with heart.

Differentiating Specialty Tea

A rigid definition of what makes tea special has eluded the industry. After 45 years of competitions there is consensus on the qualities that make an outstanding oolong as judged by the Lugu Tea Farmers’ in Taiwan. In France, the AVPA has demonstrated skill in determining the gastronomic qualities in tea that please the local palate. The International Specialty Tea Association posts a set of universal standards such as pluck and leaf quality. Consumers mainly differentiate by price. This week the European Speciality Tea Association announced a definition that is more aspirational that dogmatic. ESTA Executive Director David Veal joins us to explain how the association adopted this approach and why it will prove helpful.

For the Love of Tea

La Gravitea Cafe is a remarkable tea café with hundreds of selections of fine teas inspired by the travels of founder Avinash Dugar but aside from specialty teas, what make LaGravitea special is that the young staff are hard-working graduates of the local school for the hearing-impaired.

The teep is podcast delivers tes thatyou need to know a recap of the week's major headlines with commentary andcultural trends hosted by danil is the voice of origin for t professionals,enthusiast rod, line, think of us as a digital caravan ofstory, tellers, bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories toyou, weekly from the plan. Hello. Everyone here are the headlines.New criteria is proposed for differentiating specialty, ta walmart. Tea is now one hundred percentcertified by rainforest. Allions and kenya sits tea, auction price minimumsmore in a minute, but first this important message. What makes a perfectcup of ceylon ti the perfect cup is from the tea businesses that ensure theprotection of all the children living within their tea estates. We salutekalani belly, tell a wakely, bogo, wanta, lawa, parana and elitie testates support, save the children silanga. The european speciality to associationthis week presented a comprehensive new definition of specialty p. The fourhundred and fifty word definition seeks to quote encapsulate the spirit ofspecialty. T in quote: writes s t a president mago melican. The essence isthat those involved in producing specialty ta aspire to attainexcellence from bush to cup, says melacynth aspect cited in thedefinition seek to differentiate specialty tea from commodity.

These include transparency that makesknown the supplier, location, production dates and processing method,physical characteristic, such a size, shape and appearance of the wet and dryleaf sensory properties, including colorclarity, flavor, aroma and mouthfeel, and the mitigation of environmentalimpacts, including support for biodegradable packaging. The effort involved stake holders atevery level, but the messaging is directed at consumers quote. We believethat the consumer needs to be inspired from the moment they enjoy the eromangoand paste of the tea and celebrate in the plant's personality, the origin ofthe tea, the care that has been taken in the processing and brewing of it.This being a speciality moment reads: the association announcement see the definition and supportingdocuments and w w w specialty to europe com thusness in side. Forty years ago,consumers in the us and your a post aside, twenty five cent cups of stale,anonymous, percolated and warmed over drip, brew and favour of carefullyselected, roasted and beric to prepared single orange and coffee and specialtyplants. The additional billions spent on four dollar expressive drinks andpremium beings revitalize the industry will the same, be true for specialtytea, david ville, the executive director ofthe european speciality to association discusses the reasoning behind the newdefinition later in this podcast walmart announced this week that itsgreat value brand black and green teas will be a hundred per cent certifiedsustainable by the rain forced alliance.

Well, this is good news not just forwalmart, but also for farmers and the future of tea. Writes sylvia azra classwalmart. Vice president of private brand's hoods. She explained that rain.Forced alliance helps ensure that the three pillars of sustainability are met:social, environmental and economic quo. Our great value brand black and greenteas will remain affordable, high quality drinks with an added monus eachbox. So by makes a measurable impact on the life of a small holder farmer.According to the company, this is in sight in two thousand andseven when near later, the world's largest tea supplier committed to reinfor certification at kerika, kina it signaled to commodity suppliers, but toremain competitive. They needed to invest in environmentally friendlycultivation at origin. The consumer, driven embrace of sustainableprocessing, packaging and waste reduction soon unfolded, making theentire supply chain more efficient in two thousand and sixteen walmartcommitted to sustainably source twenty commodities by twenty twenty five,including tea now walmart, the world's largest ta retailer, has extended thatcommitment to the terminus of the supply chain. Can you such to election price minimums the canyon government who drew hevalued at one billion and kenyon shillings about nine million? In? U sdollars at the mombassa auction, because prices failed to meet acontroversial two dollars and forty cents percale minimum reserve price.Well, we made a drastic but necessary...

...decision with regard to sale of teas atthe mombassa ty auction agriculture cabinet secretary, peter muna, told thelocal press. The government has plenty of storage capacity and will continuewith drawing tea of prices, do not meet the minimum rate. He said the decision angered traitors whosimply purchased tea on offer from other african countries, leaving eightmillion kilos of kenyon tea idol and local warehouses. The spokesman for theeast african te traitors association said that when sellers set prices forthemselves, instead of relying on free mark inflicta ion, there is quote noguarantee that buyers will follow the lead and pop production, far out strips demand andas such prices have taken a hit. This is not an auction problem said eapitiers managing director edward medeba secretary monia, said the government isdetermined to raise the price at auction quote. We believe we can sustain thesituation as we have enough reserves. He told citizen tv business in side. It is unclear in thisface off whether the tea traders or the canyon government will be the first toblink. Nine tea producing countries sell their tea at the mombassa auctionand independent producers are free to ignore the kinety development agency'sreserve price, but none can rival output of six hundred and twentythousand small holders supplying k, t da's. Fifty four factories. Traitors must also weigh the fact thatp xperto are down from india a bidding rival. The solanco auction at colombohas sufficient volume. The prices are significantly higher than the recentfive and ten year low. Seen in mombasa...

...te prices at the mambos auction haveaveraged a dollar eighty per chilo. So far this year, aribinda and enterie inbengaluru reports on india's teasin prices in dietetics report for the week end injuly, seventeenth, two thousand and twenty one. This week we look atfurther developments in as sam as a new state government continues to boo thathe tribes a significant wart bank, even as an ox fam report is released and astudy on living wages among a samste garden workers in our auction watch. Wesee a slight decrease in prices when compared with the previous week in thesanoni live and tatter consumer products remain in focus as stop buyersand in prices c, t c leaf and sauceda s averaging below hundred a piece whileorthodox tea surprises, ranging from hundred thirty seven rupees in conor,two hundred sixty two rupees in kochi and kolkata. The second flush tagelangis nearing the end of season and while average prices have around five hundreda piece, the top five tagelang sold for prices, ranging from one thousand fourhundred fifty to four thousand five hundred, a piece which was forcastleton on light tea and now a word from our sponsor to trade. Teas works with tea prevailsand every scale from promising start ups to the world's largestmultinational beverage brands in the hot iced and bow day sequence with us,based formulation, blending and packaging services. Fu trade can help.You innovate scale up low. Your specialty t brand for more informationvisit. Our website q trade tsom tibis this week travels to london for achat with david ville executive director of the european speciality toassociation, vile describes, the association's new perspective and newdefinition of what makes specialty ta...

...special, the into northern india, where ar vindaand and fereman visits a tea cafe with heart a rigid definition of what makes tespecial has eluded the industry. After forty five years of competitions, thereis consensus on the qualities that make an outstanding. U long as judged by thelugutan ers and taiwan in france, the a v pa is demonstrated skill indetermining the gastronomic qualities in tea that please, the local palate,the international specialty to association posts, a set of universalstandards such as pluck and leaf quality consumers mainly differentiateby price. This week, the european speciality toassociation announced the definition that is more aspirational than dogmatices. Ta executive director, david veale, joins us to day to explain how theassociation adopted this approach and why it will prove helpful david. The european tea society that evalled into the european speciality to association did so initially withoutdelineating specialty tea from the great sea of commodity offerings. Thattask is now complete. Will you share with listeners your process anddefining the specialty to segment three years ago? We didn't really have adefinition of that point. Nigel had this definition that was sort of in hishead, but it never really put down on paper and i'd been through the wholejourney or attempt to get through the whole journey with the specialitycoffee, associatious of europe. So we between us, we just laid down a fairlyshort definition, but was open to many people in the team, dusty eitherdisagreeing or having different views,...

...and then we decided earlier on thisyear that we should have another girl really. So we set up a working group ofexperient professionals to really look at it a new, and we covered an awfullot of ground, and we thought of our starting point really was that. Are weever ever going to get a universally agree? Definition of speciality, towhich everybody will agree with the nobody will argue it. The answer, ofcourse, is no. We never were going to do with out, knowing that we were goingto achieve perfection, or should we look at it from a different angle andstill call it the definition, because that has impact, but really look atmore of a description to bro it out a little bit to try and bring in wordsand descriptions and ideas and concepts that most people in the industry wouldbuy into. Knowing that not everybody would be happy with every part of it.Will you summarize for listeners the fundamental concepts captured in thedefinitions, ca phrase quote aspiring to excellence in all aspects of teaprocessing and brewing from the bush to come. We came up with what we feel is afairly holistic view about speciality ta in terms of it being a product interms of it being a passion for excellence. They're taking care ofevery step, also not forgetting the most important part, is the actualsensory experience and in the cup, and also the education that, with that we've indulged in to try and helpthe country or understand more about what the drinking that in definablesubjectivity that you were talking about as well the conceptual side of it,the community side of it, the aspirational son of it point that it'sthe movement as well. You know that some people get us. Some people don'tget merging all of those together to come up with em a description which wefeel will never be perfect for...

...everybody, but is fairly close to wherewe might get. How will this definition make a difference? I thangyou firstplay: is it in forcible no, but in a different way, we've sort of veryfirmly nailed out cos to the master. This isn't just the work of the workinggroup, it being endorsed by the hole board of of european special institassociation and other peers as well. If you look at those parameters that we'veactually put into the definition speciality to would have to fit intoall of those for most people, an ally, a speciality would have to fit intothose parameters, but to that fits into those parameters, isn't necessarily aspeciality t. The coffee industry successfully arrived at a definition ofspecialty, leading to consumer enthusiasm that ultimately benefitedgrowers, but it took more than twenty years to establish the protocols thatdifferent have the highestquality coffees from commodity coffee. I think we're quite a long way behindthe curve compared with coffee industry. We haven't, got the penetration ofeducation and understanding to consumers that the coffee industry does.But many people don't have the correct understanding to beable to value a tea as well as they may be, do coffee nowadays, but it will. Itwill follow with without a day people don't particularly mention pricepricing. It's inherent in what we believe. If we can help improve thequality, that's coming into consuming countries of speciality t, then priceswill go, and hopefully you know a lot of the extra margin will go back downthe line. You know to the beginning of the line to give to people at that end,a better living and a better reward for putting in their love care passion ofhard work. Sweat perspiration of the whole thing to you know make that makeit better on. We know that we're up...

...against to be the big guys, the multinationals, centuries old economic model that drives price down and their forquality with it. But you know you have to believe that will improve thequality and will give the consumer mestur experience and will give theproducer a better price. We also aware that speciality will be five percent toten percent to the market maximum maximum, but will pull as it improvesas it grows as the community grows will pull along other parts for the industryand ide. A really good conversation with a very well respected, experienced personwork for many of the big companies over here who told me the other day that hebelieves that speciality will be the savior of the tea industry. As you canimagine, i quite like hearing that lagrave is a remarkable take of ay,with hundreds of selections of fine teas inspired by the travels of founderavenes to god. Besides from specialty teas, what makes low gravity special isthat the young staff or hard working graduates of the local school for thehearing and pair for the love of tea jam chitpur, thenorth indian state of chalkin, is an industrial town. Famous for its steelindustry is closes. Ling to the ta regions would be to colcothar nearlythree hundred kilometers away, but one man here has succeeded in putting thetown on the tea map with a scafell gravity. He serves a dizzying range ofteas from tagelang and japanese match her to ice, tease and flavored blendsalongside a man of pack with popular cafe dishes. But what makes lourgravity newsworthy is that it's manned. By hearing impetuous, i mean as to gerwho started and runs la gravity talks about how it began in two thousand andfifteen. He decided to step away from...

...coprite life. He thought his calling lyan adventures pospo while travelling through south east asia. He happened tovisit a tiban hong kong, more used to indian chie stops. This was arevelation in botetourt, be i mean, as returned to india, kin to start sellingtea. Inspired by what he'd seen he set up a tiers with seventy teas and offerteas that he learned to source brew answer. He thought he would do for teawith the chain. Keffekil has done to popularize coffee in india until oneday among his customers, he saw hearing impaired young woman. He struck aconversation with her brother, who also mentioned that there were no jobsavailable for the hearing impact. The struggle could, with every ness, whodecided to expand his cios in or full fledge to cafe and employ hearing inpadus the local school for the hearing impaired were happy to connect him withtheir alumni in ash. Visited them spoke to their families. Many were reluctantto send their daughters to work, but he went on to hire six young womentraining them in all aspects of running a cafe. In these six years, the firstset of staff have sins moved on and his hired others in their place. Alsohearing in bed and he la gravity his manner has since doubled and offersarranged. That includes several chy types: tis ains tagelang, a sams machasenchan ivan de e ba mate, along with tea. The cafes also first becoming amuseum for tive. On a saturday afternoon, i get a wat sap tour of lagravity. I sport a teapot, shaped clock. Several tea pots from across the world,a prized, victorian mustache, ta cap procured from calcutta, some overswindage tea, spoons and several other collectibles havin thash talks about aconsignment. That's made its way slowly through customs, one that holds a fourand a half foot teepo from china, which will make him the owner of the largesttea pot in india. He confesses to a great love for teapots la gravity is anunusual t, k favorite, show cases all the things its owner seems to love teasfrom all over the world, windige tea pots, a a french language, her desireto do good for the community. What...

...seems you tied altogether is that it'sall hard intre by what you heard in today'spodcast? Would you like to learn more from our goble network, evis journalistand the experts them directly through something private message, based anavoid the chaos of social men and start a conversation that matters subtext,message based platinum lets you privately ask meaningful questions ofthe txanetkl for the to you see their responses, viss text, which are sentdirect to your phone visit our website and subscribe to subtext to instantlyconnected the most connected people remember to visit the tis website formore comprehensive coverage that www t hyphen viz baz thanks for listening for well the nextweek. I.

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