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Tea News and Biz Insight - August 13, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – Top Tea Producer McLeod Russell India Faces Bankruptcy | A Tea Authentication Protocol to Chemically Verify Origins | Soggy Soil Keeps Kulhads in Short Supply

| NEWSMAKER – Rona Tison executive vice president of ITO EN North America

| GUEST – World Tea Academy Online Education Director Lisa Boalt Richardson

| FEATURES – Tea Biz this week travels to New York where Rona Tison executive vice president of ITO EN North America explains the appeal of functional tea and introduces a new matcha LOVE ENERGY + line of ready-to-drink teas… and then to Boulder, Colo., headquarters of the World Tea Academy, where online education director Lisa Boalt Richardson describes the newest of six certification programs.

Natural Tea Energy
In the US the RTD segment is a battle of titans dominated by Lipton-PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Snapple, and AriZona -- but it is tea-focused brands like ITO EN that are innovating. Instead of concentrates and solubles, line extensions are brewed from whole leaves from tea that is sustainably grown and offered in recyclable packaging. Rona Tison, executive vice president at ITO EN North America joins Tea Biz for a discussion of what makes tea the ideal base for function-enhancing blends that appeal to health-conscious consumers.

World Tea Academy Online
Tea industry certifications are becoming sought after in the industry. There are certifications for tea specialist, sommelier, blender, health expert, and now a tea aroma specialist, a new offering from the World Tea Academy. Joining Jessica Woollard on the podcast today is Lisa Boalt Richardson, online education director of the World Tea Academy, and Kathleen Hippeli – Lisa’s assistant and a former tearoom owner.

The teep is podcast delivers t newsthat you need to know a recap of the week's major headlines with commentaryand cultural trends hosted by Dan Bull. It is the voice of origin for teaprofessionals and enthusiast rod by think of thus, as a digital caravan ofstory, tellers, bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories toyou, weekly from the tea lamp hello. Everyone here, ere this week hadlids top te producer, Mick, Lloyd, Russell India faces bankruptcy. A TA authentication protocol tochemically verify origins is now under way and soggy. Soil gives cooledge in shortsupply more in a minute. But first thisimportant message white makes a perfect cup of Ceylon tea.The Perfect Cup is from the tea businesses that ensure the protectionof all the children living within their tea estates. We Salute Kalani Valley,tell a Wakely, Boga, Antalla, Parana and Elida t estates support, Save thechildren, Srilankan Mc Loyd, Russell India, once thelargest producer of tea in the world, and currently India's largest teaproducer, is facing bankruptcy. Maclodio Kolkata Base Division of theKitan Group operates thirty one estates in a Sam and two in West Bengal, aswell as Tea Gardens in Africa and Vietnam. The corporate insolvencyresolution process was triggered by default on a fourteen million dollarloan dating to two thousand and eighteen, but MC lawn case. Two hundredand seventy million in debts in faces a combination of debtors. The applicationwas revealed in a spack exchange filing August sixth azan Monami continue toguide the operations of the company and key managerial staff will remain inplace with the intent to restructure, miss inside the combination of massiveflooding in a SOM, rising labor costs and conflicts. Amid declining exports,reduced turnings from the recent peak in two thousand and sixteen to lower its debts, the company hassince sold twenty one tea gardens in India and Romande reducing annualproduction from a hundred eighteen million kilos to seventy three millionkilos of tea rival Camellia Plc. The Holding Companyof Goodrick Group is now the largest tea producer in the world. The Institute for Global Food Securityis analyzing the leaf chemistry of tea from a broad range of geographicallocations to create a map identifying the chemical finger prints of teasamples. The protocols can be used to verify the tea was grown at the statedorigin, as marketed the rigorous examination uses state of the arts,Pictro atry and artificial intelligence modeling to also identify the presenceof bulking agents, dyes and Adulter, and soap, stones, fromage and Jimson,and their review of vulnerable food supply chains. Professor Chris Eliotand researcher Dr d wool found to be at high risk due to the complicated natureof tea production, making authenticity testing the tricky undertaking.According to New Food magazine...

Galliott, a professor of food safetywith the assured, safe and traceable asset technology center at Queen'sUniversity Belfast said that once these statistical modelswere built, they will be validated with further samples of known origins tocalculate the predictive capability of the methods. The most accurate technique will beselected and the method will be fully validated to international standards.This method will then be transferred to laboratories across the world saidEliot business insight Professor Elliot isseeking partnerships with tea companies and research organizations, as well asmajor retailers to join in the effort to improve the integrity of the world'stea supply chains. His contacte details are included inthe blog version of the tea BIS. PODCAST Sugi, SL and sunless days havecurtailed the manufacturer of India's iconic Goodlad, leading to widespreadshortages of these simple unglazed terracotta clay cups as a result,Chihuahua r forced to switch to paper or plastic. Neither is acceptable to Tijankers accustomed to crushing the Kola's under foot near constantdownpours and auction dowry, turned clay, quarries into soup and persistentovercast skies prevent air dry before firing. The Cup still available areselling for one rue P, each in lots of a hundred more than three times thetypical wholesale cost business. In sight. Last November, theIndian government ordered the nation's trading stations to sell to exclusivelyand locally made colite boosting the man to help employ two million pottersin the is railway. Ministers said, the Echo friendly cups are currentlyavailable at four hundred train stations, learn more on the TEB blog arvind and an terman and Bengalurureports on India's tea auction prices. INDIA TI price reports for the weekending August, seven, two twenty twenty one. This week's high light is nusefrom Tajine of the sale of the estates, Jung, Pana and Gumti the new owners, aSantoso Alcinor, a group led by UNCUM N Canora. It also owns that interiorestate in the Gelin, the last sale of Jong Panna was in twenty. Seventeen.The sale follows a continuous stream of news and the struggles the Gagelingardens are facing his climate. Changed, decreased production prices and exportsamong others. This week also saw the pilot of the Japanese auctions in SouthYndia. The auction system was recommended following a study by theIndian Institute of Management Pang Lo for better price realization and betterparticipation from buyers. However, it appears that the pilot was not asuccess. We spoke to Epoque, chairman of the Curtenty Trade Association andthe Machangara, the largest spire of Balta in the south, for their views onthe pilot among Asher things, requestioning the need for a newauction system to replace existing one, which the few can be tweeked to addressits current challenges in prices, sale that he want so a new record price ofthe Gohaz auction centre when a speciality of totok variety from deBrugger's, my Janty estate sold for seventy thousand five hundred one rupiepercuil and now a word from our sponsor to trade. Teas works with tea preverseand every scale from promising start ups to the world's largestmultinational beverage brands in the hot ICED and bounty segments with USbased formulation, blending and...

...packaging services. Few trade can helpyou innovate scale up and grow. Your specialty t brand for more informationvisit our website and q trade tsom Tab is this week travels to New York,where Rona Tyson executive as president of Edain North America, explains theappeal of functional ty and introduces a new mochalof energy plus line ofready to drink, teas and then to Boulder Coloradoheadquarters of the world to academy where online education director LesibaRichardson, describes the newest of six certification programs ready to drink tea, both refrigeratedand shelf, stable generated, four point: two billion and sales in the US multioutlet channel last year. Sales are estimated to have increased forty percent from two thousand y eighteen through two thousand and twenty four.According to market research, future Cande Botteles now generate twenty fivebillion a year globally. In the US, the art D segment is a battle of titansdominated by Lipton Pepsico, whose pure leaf brand is a top cellar, Coca Cola,marketing peace, tea, honesty and gold peak along with snapple and Arizona, but it is tea. Focus brands like I doan that are innovating instead of concentrates and volubles line.Extensions are brewed from whole leaves from tea. That is sustainably grown andoffered in recyclable packaging Rona Tyson executive ice president atEdo in North America, joins Tibis for a discussion of what makes tea the idealbase for function, enhancing Balins that appeal to health, consciousconsumers cross category tea, blands known ashybrids the bridge. Traditional retail categories such as energy andrefreshment, for example, have successfully carved out space on theshelf next to functional beverages as low sugar, Organic Clean Label,alternatives to potii waters and juice, delivering a plant powered ManchaEnergy, drink formulated with functional ingredients such as superfurred, Isora and Usu for immunity, Jin sang for focus and ginger and honey tosoothe he ewins newly launched Manchan love. Energy plus provides a clean andnatural energy boost, with fifty milligrams of caffeine and alpining. Inan eight point, two eight fluid ounce can at two dollars and forty nine cents Rona. During a time when many teabrands are introducing herbals and herbal infusions. Ininen has shown astrong commitment to traditional tea and tea blends. Will you share withlisteners how the new Manchuli of energy plus line, maximizes teas inhered health benefits before adding plant based enhancements to the shot,Eton's, expertise and legacy, is really in green tea, not a botanical, but theChameleon Sinensis plant that has been unoxidized, unlike black tea, that isfully oxidized and as a vertically integrated company, we work veryclosely with the tea farmers tending to the soil, cultivating the tea leaf andunique to Japan. The Japanese green tea is that the tea leaves are steamedright after harvesting, and this actually stops the oxidation and itreally helps preserve all the great...

...health benefits and each of theproperties of the tea leaf, and particularly in taste in aroma. We wereactually the innovators of the first unsweetened ready to drink green tea, afeat that was said to be impossible because, of course green tea wouldOctidi E. SO, after years of research, you know we were able to introduce abottle green tea that really captured the Octava moment of enjoyment, as ifyou were having a you, know: Freshly Brewed Cup of green tea, and thisreally revolutionized tea drinking. Even in Japan, a lot of the younger generation weren'ttaking the time to steep, you know, leave tea as her parents were and theywere much more mobile on the go and so to be able to have this convenient on the go ready to drink green tea,really sort of changed. How T was enjoyed even in Japan like then, and ofcourse, that being our OI OCHA, which has just celebrated his thirty secondyear? So it's been pretty exciting to see the impact that this is had just inthe modern lifestyle. Will you describe these plant based enhancements, so ourmuch La brand had been doing incredibly well, but we wanted to take it one stepfurther and have a beverage that actually had more functionality to it,particularly given these times to the global pandemic. So we decided tocreate a clean energy drink. Of course, PLAN PAS powered with the basis of thegreen tea and Macha, which has the goodness and the vitality of the greentea leave, but each having a functional ingredient that that has the purpose ofeither immunity, focus and soothe. And, as many of you aware so many of theenergy drinks, I believe on the market today, do not actually have suchhealthy ingredients. So we're excited to be able to introduce a clean energy drink. That gives you the benefits as well as tastedelicious, and that, of course, is first and foremost, people are very conscious aboutboosting their health and wellness, particularly in these times. So withthat in mind, we created the three flavors and starting with community,which helps maintain your defenses with the superfused and the Japanese USO,which is a Japanese citrus, very high n vitamin C, and then we have focus which,with Macha combined with a gin, sing and blueberry, really empowers sort ofmental clarity and focus. And then, third, we have the sooth which helpskind of south, the body and mine, and that's with the honey and ginger and,of course, the basis being the green tea in Macha, which already has thenatural caffeine balance with the Amino Acid Alfine, which is very high and inGreen Tea, and that gives you a sense of calm but alertness and combined withthe caffeine in the Alpini and really iss a very clean and healthy energydrink and keeps you grounded throughout the day we like to say it keeps youstaying grounded. so much of the energy drinks have really unhealthyingredients, ones that you can't pronounce that are artificial andsynthetic. So we're excited because our MOCHALOF energy plus has healthy cleaningredients and fifty milligrams of natural caffeine again balanced withthe Alpini, the amino acid. That really gives you a sense of calm and alertness.So you get your nice gentle boost but keeps you grounded throughout the day. Consumer research confirms that drinksthat deliver an energy boost for a top priority in Europe. A survey of fivethousand o you consumers revealed that half for looking for food and drinkproducts to help them make it through the day, with eight of ten of thoseaged eighteen to thirty, four seeking energy boosting products, but with safeconcentrations of caffeine and without...

...synthetic flavours, sweeteners, colorsand preservatives. So right now, there's been a huge increase in theplant based lifestyle as more more consumers are embracing a life ofhealth and wellness and of course, t is the original plant based beverage. I don't know if many of you are alsoaware that it was actually in Japan that functional foods first wasintroduced. It was in the N S as there was a grant that was given to researchand the entity is called fo Shu, which is abbreviated for foods for specifiedhealth use. So we actually thank Japan for the fact that they're actuallyfunctional beverages or functional foods, so it's always been a priorityfor Etowan to bring healthy beverages to the forefront. In fact, our fiveguiding principles have always been natural, healthy, safe, well, designedand delicious. So, whenever we conceptualize and develop products, itreally has to be within these five principles and so we're pretty excitedabout our motchalov energy plus line joining our portfolio of green teabeverages and, of course, we have our award winning TST organic line, whichis known for its clarity and clean finish. Then we have our traditionaloil Chi line, which is very much an authentic, green tea, taste, refreshingand, of course, all the green teas have our anti Occidents, the CATAKA E G C gsand the multitude of vitamins to include the daily vitamin C. So, giventhese times of the global pandemic, where people are really thinking andprioritizing their own health and immunity, it's pretty exciting thatwe've been able to introduce this hybrid beverage that not only tastegood but has functional properties. T industry certifications are becomingsought. After in the industry, there are certifications for t specialist,Sameland, er, help expert and now a t aroma specialist, a new offering fromthe world's Tea Academy. Jointy me on the podcast today is Lisa BoltRichardson online education, director of the World Tea Academy and Kathleenhippolestes assistant at a former tea room owner. Let's chat online teaeducation and the value for business owners Lisa. Your six T, certificationprograms are fully online available to people around the world. How are youcreating a meaningful educational experience online? We have six. As youmentioned, we have the certified t specialist, which is our lower corelevel, which everyone has to earn in order to go into the advancecertifications most of our classes. They get class kits and they're shippedall around the world, so it becomes very interactive. They Cup, the teas,there's blind tastings, especially in advance classes and the base classes,were just teaching them the classic flavors of teas. So they can learn fromthat experience and know how to purchase in order and cup. And then wehave us me and Cathy and we're here as instructors and as long as they'veturned their insines in on time. They get feedback from us. So that is crucial. Ithink, because you know, even though it's online, it is very much peopledriven with me and Kathy behind the helm, to answer their questions, and Iunderstand that world tea academy recently added a new certification, theW T, a certified T, aroma expert. How did this new certification come aboutand what need is it filling in the...

...industry? I am friends, colleagues withVirginia lovelace and Scotts FA. Hula sense of tea is what they created, andthese are really unique. A roam of vials and I jumped on the chance to bethe exclusive online educator for these Romans of tea. Of course, they canteach them in person, but globally. There is nothing like this on themarket, and so I feel quite honored that they chose world ty academy tocarry their sense of tea for an online training program and they are amazing.The students grow and learn so much. It is fascinating to watch than smell theteas and then smell the aroma, kids and they just develop a whole anothercentury bank in their memory to help them to identify tes, not just theirreamas, but then the flavors which carries on through now over to Kathleen. I understand youread a tea room, one steep at a time in Jamesburg New Jersey for eight years.How did classes from the World Tea Academy help you as a business person,I felt the classes at Worldt Academy were really invaluable to adding credibility to being a tea roomowner. I was one of the first classes in two thousand and thirteen when theacademy went live and it also helped me to transition from my corporatepharmaceutical quality career into one of where I was a one woman business inten. Do you think your clients perceived the benefits of youreducation at W ta? And if, yes, what benefits do you think your clientswould say, drew them to Your Business? I'm absolutely. As I said, you know,credibility to being a business owner in t was invaluable and guess actuallysought the tea room because of the certifications that I have as a semly,professional and health expert and well guess, may always know, or there manyto guests who know more than you about tea, they're sharing their experiences,their preferences, etcetera. But it allowed me to be comfortable to engagein conversations with them and share their experiences, and I learned somuch from those who brought that to the tea room. So having that Tea AcademyFoundation was invaluable to being a business orante les. So what do alumnisay are the most memorable aspects of doing a worldy academy certification.Our alumni really come from all different walks of life. As far as inthe t industry, we have flavor experts, flavor companies, we have people thatare sending their employees through from big companies like Coca Cola,Pepsi Twinings, and then we just have the entrepreneur that wants to justlearn and benefit and grow. So what they grasp and and the path they chooseto take as far as the advanced certification just depends on. Wherethey want to go, some of our students have have taken every class and areeagerly awaiting new classes to come in. So you know we get from. I had no ideawhat I didn't know about tea and there was so much there's so muchmisinformation out there on t for a t professional to learn truly. What iswhat is correct in the industry and what is not is so helpful for themgoing forward, because then they have the confidence to say what they need tosay to their customers and what I like to tell our students. As we arepartners. We are partners to help your business succeed in the tea industry,learn more about world tea academies, six online, certifications at World TeaAcademy Com or reach out to Lisa and Kathleen directly by emailing yourquestions to Info at World Tea Academy, Dot Com...

...intrigue. By what you've heard intoday's podcast. Would you like to learn more from our goble network oftybis journalists and P experts content them directly through subtext, privatemessage faced, clap avoid the chaos of social men and start a conversationthat matters subtext message base platform lets you privately askmeaningful questions of the T, experts, academics and teds journalist reportingfor the t. You see their responses via SMS texts which are sent direct to yourphone visit our website and subscribe to subtext to instantly connect withthe most connected people in Ta reever to visit the T is website formore comprehensive coverage. That's www t hyphen Biz, because Ze com, thanksfor listening for well till next week. I.

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