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Tea News and Biz Insight - August 20, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – Delta Delivers Foodservice Setback | Why are Tea Tariffs Still in Place? | Tea Marathon Earns a Medal for Japan

| NEWSMAKER – Philippe Juglar, President AVPA (Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products)

| GUEST – Japanese Tea Marathon finisher Kyle Whittington, founder TeaBookClub

| FEATURES – This week Tea Biz visits Japan for a victory celebration of the Tea Marathon, an event during the Tokyo Olympics that drew attention worldwide to 15 tea producing regions in a country famous for quality green teas… and then we travel to Paris, France as the deadline nears for a unique global competition in a tea consuming country that focuses on the gastronomic pleasure and profits of tea.

Victory for Japanese Tea Marathon

As athletes from around the world competed in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, tea lovers participated in an event of their own: the Japanese Tea Marathon. The marathon included 15 days of online events that shone a spotlight on Japan's teas, producers, and the 15 tea-producing regions. Led by the Global Japanese Tea Association and Japan Tea Central Council, tea marathoners learned about 30 Japanese teas, how to brew them, and where they're grown. Kyle Whittington, a Tea Biz contributor and host of the TeaBookClub, attended every tea marathon event, tasting 30 teas over 15 sessions. He gives the event a gold medal!

AVPA's Teas of the World Competition

The deadline to enter the AVPA’s 4th annual Teas of the World Competition is Aug. 31. Our guest, Philippe Juglar is president of AVPA (Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products), a Paris-based, non-governmental, non-profit organization that judges wine, chocolate, coffee, and teas best suited to local preferences. He joins us to discuss what it takes to be a winner in the only “gastronomic” tea competition in a consumer country that evaluates tea solely to promote the good practices of production and trade.

For the TAP is podcast delivers t news thatyou need to know a recap of the week's major headlines with commentary andcultural trends hosted by Dan Bull. It is the voice of origin for teaprofessionals and enthusiast rod by think of us as a digital caravan ofstorytelling, bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories toyou, weekly from the plan, hello, Eron here this week said lines:Delta Delivers Food Service set back. Why are tee TA still in place and t marathon n earns of metal forJapan more n a minute, but first thisimportant message: What makes a Perfect Cup of Ceylon tea?The Perfect Cup is from the T, businesses that ensure the protectionof all the children living within their tea estates. We Salute Kalani Valley,tell a Wakely, Bogo, Wanta, Lawa, Parana and Eliptic t estate support,Save the children, Silanga consumer spending decline in the US,China and Europe last month in the US, the Delta Varian of the Corona Irishsurged, reaching one hundred and forty thousand new cases per day July. Sailsat restaurants, stores and online declined. One Point: one percentcompared to June thent. Twenty one, according to the US Commerce Department, the impact on tea retail is uneven.Restaurants and bars reported sales grew by one point: seven per cent onaverage, with much greater gains and regions where a high percentage of thepopulation is vaccinated. The second quarter spending grew at an annual rateof eleven point. Eight percent and total retail sales are seventeen point.Five per cent higher than pre prandeat levels, offering a glimpse of how muchpotential there is for a return to normal economists now say. The third quarterwill dampen that outlook, tea shops and downtown locationsanticipating the September return of office, workers may not have to contendwith log downs, but can't meet expenses in high rent locations. Meanwhile,footfall and European and American malls decline an online sails growththat flowed to four point four per cent from an average twenty one percent inChina. A test of consumer worries, World Wide Business, insight to retailers,occupying valuable real estate, faced...

...tough choices, Jesse Jacobs, founder ofwell respected, Simabara, tea house cafes, a San Francisco chain that reliablygenerated more than three million annually for years, was first forced to close its threelocations and then hibernate this week, Jacobs and his brotherJoshua announced that Samovar will pivot to serving destroyed style pizza,joy, ride pizza will occupy the Valencia and your Bubina locations inSan Francisco, where general retail rents averaged forty dollars and fiftyfour cents per square foot per year and restaurant retail cost forty fivedollars to seventy five dollars per share feet. Serving Pizza is profitable. He told Eter San Francisco quote. Ispent twenty years developing Samovar to an iconic brand similar to otherrestaurant tours across the country. Covin nineteen dissolve the breakedmotor businesses to the point of no return. We needed to creatively adaptto the moment and quote: Tease remain on the menu and www. Someof our life com retains its lustre as a premium online retail destination, but without office workers and withgovernment bailouts exhausted and commercial landlords, agitating forrelief, T re tailors and downtown locations are unlikely to survive. Why are tea tarifs still in place? Last week, a consortium of thirty majorbusiness groups appealed to the US White House to remove tals on Chinesegoods. China is certainly not sufferings. Tsales to the US remain under a hundred and fifty million per year, and willChina's tea export volumes are down over all due to the pandemic with twobillion and sails, China is clearly finding buyers globally. In June theaverage price of Chinese t exports rose two point: Five, four per cent to sixdollars and eighty six cents per kilo. The US did not win its trade wars. USTreasury Secretary, Janet Yellin, recently admitted that Terrif onChinese goods are hurting American consumers. The Biden Administration isunwinding trade entanglements over Arrow space and autos with theEuropeans, and last week, Chinese anbeter King Gang told Craig Allen,president of the. U S, China, Business Council. The trade ties could recover,...

...but first the US must cancel unfairtariffs. SANCHA's goods, China, has shown interest in hostingYellin and talks with Chinese Vice Premier Lou. He this fall. Eliminating theTERRAPORT and reciprocating by easing Chinese tariffs on American goodsimposed solely in retaliation, is an important first step business in sight. No one in thetendest ry wanted the US to levy tave some tea. The seven point: Five percent terriff, is an unnecessary cause. Compounded by rising shipping andoperating expenses. Miniscule import revenue makes the tea industry upon inthis geopolitical chess match a billion dollar multinationals that includeApple Ford, motor and I B m. Yet easing the restrictions on teacould play a symbolic role in China's business culture. Conversations thatbegin with tea lead to agreements, often far more influential than the USpreference for confrontations in court. Here, Benden and Ferman and Bengelireports on India's tiotio prices in the TI price report. For the Week EndingFourteenth August twenty twenty one, the week leading up to the IndianIndependence Day was largely uneventful. Prices remained fairly similar to theprevious week, with the exception of Tagelang, which dropped significantlymarking the end of summer. Flush then sail thirty. Two Kolkata opened astrong demand for Todok tea well made whole and Rokens be selling well.Middle East was active while C I s, countries showed far demand in go Hatithe market opened to fete and in the south, Coche saw a busy week with majorblenders up country, buyers and exporters active seventy five per centof the Orthodox leave an awful and sixty eight per cent of CT C leaf. Anoffer was sold, local buyers were active for broken grades, a comparisonof sale. Thirty two at Kochi for the last three years puts this week'sprices as higher than twenty nineteen, but lower than twenty twenty conurseimproved a man for city sea leaf as well with eighty five per cent sold, ofwhich nearly thirty seven per cent was picked up by major blenders. Exporterswere selected with holy of grades for up country and other traders competedfor broken's and fannings, and now a word from our sponsor to trade. Teas works with tea perversand every scale from promising start ups to the world's largestmultinational beverage brands in the hot ICED and bounty secrets with USbased formulation, blending and packaging services. He trade can help.You innovate scale up, grow your specialty t brand for more informationvisit our website and q trade tsom.

This week, t Biz visits Japan for avictory celebration of the tea marathon, an event during the Tokyo Olympics thatdrew attention world wide to fifteen tea, producing regions in a countryfamous for quality, green teas, and then we travel to Paris to learnabout a unique global competition in a tea consuming country that focuses onthe Gastronomic, pleasure and profits of tea. You may remember our conversation inJune with Simona Suzuki, president of the Global Japanese Tea Association.Here on the tea BIS podcast. We got a preview of the Japanese tea marathonwhich took place during the Tokyo Olympics, while all those incredibleathletes were participating in feats of amazing athleticism. We were flexingour cultural muscles learning about Japanese tea ceremony, wares brewingand growing, presented in partnership with the Japan,Tea Central Council, the tea marathons featured free, live online, teatastings to shine a spotlight on Japan's teas producers and the fifteentea producing regions to day I'll be chatting with one ofEngland's star marathoners who participated in every Japanese teamarathon event. His name is Kyle Whittington. You may recognize him asthe host of the tea book club and a Tibis Contributor Kyle. You attended every single day ofthe Japanese tea marathon event, tasting thirty Japanese teas overfifteen days and listening to two hours of speakers from the tea regions ofJapan in every session. Now that's some endurance, tea tasting. What was itabout the marathon that inspired you to attend so diligently? Well, really it was the range of teas.That's what really got me hooked? I have to admit I I fully intended not tointend all the sessions when I signed up, but once I got started, I was socaught up with variety and the quality of the teas. I developed a serious caseof Pomo and I didn't miss a day I kind of after the first year as I Oki haveto attend. Tomorrows added to that there was the the presentations, thechats with the farmers and the videos which really got me hooked intoexploring each new region each day. That sounds amazing. Now, did you setup your own rituals when partaking in the team marathon? For example, did youselect specific vessels to use with certain tes or set up your space acertain way? Well, I have a little bit of a imitionhere I did the first few from the bath.

I'm run Microphone Off O. Thank you, BoTerifie, yeah sticker over the camera on the I had just so that I wasn'tflashing the world, I'm just not a mortin person, so being composent, ousand awakened functioning for am and looking functioning was not going towork for me and took some getting used to so my solicitous was to soak in thebath. While I adjusted to the schedules, the first two or three days I did fromthe bath and then got up and did the past tings downstairs, then the rest ofthem. I found that I would do them on my ipad and I do the washing up andmake breakfast and do my morning routine and then, when it came to bringthe teas, then I would come and sit down get out my nice Japanese tea whereand enjoy bringing them along with everybody else on the marathon, andthat was really nice actually to delve into my collection select pieces basedon the tea that we were brewing. The requirements for brewing so therecondition farmers gave about volume and water temperature and all theseother bits and bobs. I really enjoyed that because I got to use pieces Ihaven't used in ages. It was so nice to do that and then post some picturesinstagram. One of the days I saved the Matcher to use for K, Co t comanypractice later that day, so that was really special and actually the firstday was quite special as well as I had my first t ceremony guests since beforethe first lock down last year. So I saved the teas from that session andserve them to my guests. So I use the fucking Maship Cha from Kagoshima andbrewed it cold for when they arrived as a refresher, and then I used the secondpack of it because some of the teas we got to pack two packets of and use thesecond pack after we'd had the T, Soman Event and searched my guests in thegarden for a little wine down and well, we chattered and talked, and then Imade a Pon Zoo and we ate the leaves afterwards. So that was really nice. Itwas just a lovely touch to kind of open the first day of the marathon and thatway floy so you're already paying it forward and sharing what you learnedwith others. Yes, how did hearing from the producersright before you tried their teas influence? The tea tasting experiencewe heard from the famers before and during the tasting, which was reallyspecial. Of course, hearing from them about their growing and processing wasgreat and we learnt a huge amount, but what I really really enjoyed was thenteaching us how to Brievete teas each time you can't really get much betterbring advice than the person who grew the tea, and it was really interestingas well to explore with them their individual approaches and practices welearnt so much from them. In that respect, new and interesting brewingmethods for specific teas. They had great fun, showing us the special teamwhere they developed with local potters, specifically for those teas that theygrow, and that was really special. You were actually learning how to use thetea at home from the person who grew. It did any particular farmer story.Captor, your imaginationseveral...

...with all their passion and dedicationthat I mean with every family that really shone through and withorganizers, but as particularly caught by. Let me see I facing presses rightor to your Otoyo Gachi Chuck your do Kumi from Kochi Prefecture, who makesBoyceau, which is a rare fomentor, and he actually was the last farmer makingit at one point and saved it from extinction. There now three producers,but he saved a te from extinction. It would no longer exist otherwise, sothat was really special and really captivating. I also really enjoyedforthe from Nagasaki, a really lovely story of four young tea farmers whojoined together to open a factory and create their specialties, which wetasted. Of course, it was just lovely the way that they'd actually cometogether in the community to set something up to save and push forwardand promote tea. We tasted there to marry rocketer and the boy Hojiu, whichwas made from the stems from much a production. You've mentioned a few thatyou've enjoyed. Is there one tea in particular that because of the Marathon,is on your list to explore further goshute? Absolutely I only heard aboutwe Sechura last year at such a rare for mental Japanese tar. It's reallyunusual, you don't come across it, so I was really excited when I thought I wason the list for the marathon. I was looking forward to trying it and tohearing from the producer I loved it. It was amazing, absolutely do I showthat I felt so good. I was drinking all day and it's one of those that you justkeep on brewing. So that is way at the top of my shopping list. I also reallyenjoyed the sun, then buncher, which I'm drinking now at the moment actually,which is made from tea bushes that have been left to grow for three years. Thenharvest Inan processed, and it has these huge, big chunks of staminate,but it tastes really delicious that sweet and gorgeous, so that one is onmy list as well, and then the other one that really really kind of stood outwas the Gokoro from Yoshida Machian in Cato. Oh, my God, it was amazing. I hadgoose bunks when I took the first SIP. It was just one of those justincredibly amazing tease. You can explore Kyle's favorite, Japanese,tease, Yokut Goshi, Cha, Sanin, Bancha and all of the other teas on the GlobalJapanese, Tea Association website G J T dot, Org, learn about the tea producingregions, connect with producers and watch videos to hear more from Kyle,read his book reviews on t dash, FIZ com, the deadline to enter a v PA's. Fourth,annual teas of the world. Competition is August. Thirty, first, our guests today Philip Juggler is president of a v PA, a pair of space, Non Governmental,non profit organization that judges,...

...wine, chocolate, coffee and tease thissuited to local preferences. He joins us to discuss what it takes to be awinner in the only gas from nomic competition in a consumer country thatevaluates te solely to promote the good practices of production and Trade Hallo Philip, and welcome back to thetea BIS podcast. Will you share with listeners details about a v PA'supcoming teeves of the world competition? Last year we receive morethan two hundred teas from more than twenty countries all over the world,and we are very happy with that. The reserches such a humou competition, so we can hope thisyere to get three hundred tes from twenty five countries. The mostimportant participant to our competition are new comers in the teendusty. These were year, for instance, we had the description of a tea from UK.Great Britain is now a country producing T in his hassand. We have alot of teas from a time one from Asia from Africa Stan Africa, westernAfrica. What is missing up to now is a China. China is a bit child, but asPoillon one day or the other, Japan is now in our you know. Competition inFrance, teas are very, very new and dynamic industry, and we are very, verygood t amateurs. We are not greet great tea drinkers, but we are sharp teadrinkers and we have a very good ceasing in France now, which teas have been most successful inprevious competitions. Any type of tea is welcoming our competition. WHAT WETRY TO DO IN F PA is to her categoriesmono Vates, Camelia,simminses and Camelia Assamica. We have adults, blender, tes, perfume tes ineach category. We just AROMAS, taste and texture, and what we are lookingfor. I would say I judge, are looking for harmony, balance and originality, so we'll rather prefer contro ter twhich may have ten or ten with three judge, maybe only three or four overten with two other judge better than Stuart, which is a medium t. So we arelooking for character, character. Tes, please were different from the average.How is the industry benefit from AV PA's annual competition? Well, firstpoint: Agricultural Peter Competition are partof the food industry in Europe. You...

...know we had competition for years. Iwould say for cent centuries, with wine, with olive all with cheese and so on.When producer compete, they can share information and compare their ownproduction against their friends neighbors, which is always different.Obviously each producer is sure to be the best producer of the world, butit's good to check it in front of other products of the world. So I wis a thefirst, the first parent for the competitors is to compare the qualityof their products with other products. Tecle interesting point on the testaside each year that we have very important byers when I say veryimportant byers, not only for the turn over they can do, but only also for thequality they are looking for, may compare what there normally buying,usually buying with what they could buy from other countries. Other producer,Oder Garden that it looked new, then, after what we try to do is to have thehappy peers who have received a middle in our competition, informing the triand the final client of the quality of the KITA offering to the to the market.A final reminder that the dead lander receive entries is August. Thirty.First, the competition is now very, very veneer. You have to send yoursembles before the end of the mince. They must arrive in Paris by the verybeginning of September, so we are waiting for you and we'll be very appyto receive them red by what you've heard in today'spodcast. Would you like to learn more from our goble network for kebesjournalist, P, expert content them directly through something privatemessage faced clan, avoid the chaos of social me and start a conversation thatmatters subtext message base platform lets you privately asked meaningfulquestions of the texts, academics and TPS journalists reporting for the two.You see their responses via SMS texts which are sent direct to your phonevisit our website and subscribe to subtext to instantly connect with themost connected people in t remember to visit. The Te is websitefor more comprehensive coverage. That's www t hyphen viz beatas for listeningvery well.

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