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Tea News and Biz Insight - August 26, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – Afghan Tea Market Concerns as Taliban Conquers Kabul | US Foodservice Recovery Rates Vary Widely by Sector | Researchers Confirm Heart Healthy Aspects of Tea

| NEWSMAKER – Anshuman Kanoria, principal at Balaji Agro International and chairman of the Indian Exporters Association

| FEATURES – This week Tea Biz visits Darjeeling, India on word of the sale of the iconic Jungpana and Goomtee tea estates to Anshuman Kanoria, principal at Balaji Agro International and chairman of the Indian Exporters Association.… and then we travel to London where Kyle Whittington reviews The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, a novel by Lisa See.

Restoring Darjeeling's Reputation from the Roots Up
The sale of two iconic Darjeeling tea gardens last week drew attention on the ongoing challenges facing growers in this fabled tea-growing region. Jungpana (1931) and Goomtee (1899) were acquired by the Santhosh Kanoria Group, which owns the tea export company Balaji Agro International. The group also owns Tindharia estate in Darjeeling. Interestingly, Jungpana was last sold in 2017, a sale that came on the heels of the Gorka agitation in these hills. We spoke to Anshuman Kanoria, Chairman of Balaji Agro and, also Chairman of the Indian Exporters Association about this acquisition.

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane
New York Times best-selling author Lisa See has written several novels set in the tea lands. The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, however, uniquely explores the mysterious world of Pu’er. Reviewer Kyle Whittington writes that See’s novel “consists of so many brilliant layers… for the tea reader this is a wonderful story, packed with great tea content that will either develop or ignite an interest in, and a desire to explore the world of Pu’er.”

Fall the TEEP is podcast delivers t newsthat you need to know a recap of the week's major headlines with commentaryand cultural trends hosted by Dan Pole. It is the voice of origin for tprofessionals and enthusiast Robin think of us as a digital caravan ofstory telling bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories toyou, weekly from the plan. Hello, everyone here, this week'sheadlines, Afgan tea market, uncertain as Taliban conquers, Kabul, real growth,food service, recovery rates very widely by sector and researchers,confirm heart, healthy aspects of tea, more n a minute, but first thisimportant message. What makes a Perfect Cup of Ceylon tea?The Perfect Cup is from the T, businesses that ensure the protectionof all the children living within their tea estates. We Salute Kalani Valley,tell a Wacky Li Bogo, Wanta, Lawa, Parana and Elipa t estates support,Save the Children Silanga. Afghanistan is a major t consumingnation and a smuggler's paradise for tea. The country became a profitablemiddleman by clever manipulation of border regulations. Only recentlyreigned in after decades of openly flaunting Pakistani customs enforcementorders slowed this week as the Taliban occupied cabal. According to the EastAfrica Te Trade Association Ito reports that Afghanistan gets most of its tea.The a pack o stand where there have been no disruptions at all. It is too soon to know how the collapseof the African government and return of the Taliban will alter the tea market,but smuggling was rampant during on nineteen, ninety six, two thousand andone Taliban regime and the Helman province. For example, traders saidthat if we smuggle forty kilos of heroin, we give the Taliban for kilos.Magestic stems lists black tea and green tea as two of five most smuggledcommodities. He exports to Pakistan surged in two thousand and twentyincreasing eighteen point. Seven per cent in value compared to thousand andnineteen making is the world's highest value t import market at five hundredand ninety million dollars. Kenya can lern for four hundred. Ninety sevenmillion of last year's imports spend growing twenty seven percent followinga decision by the Indian government to...

...no longer export tea to Pakistan. AFKAN's preferred green tea to black,yet millions of kilos of black ter landed annually at the port of Karachi,a kisten until recently, Pakistan charged to thirty eight per cent taxand duty on tea, making the import cost of ten thirty two percent higher thanthe same tea imported into Afghanistan. Afghanistan, however, is a landlockednation, so huge quantities of African tea, mainly from Kenya, are deliveredto the pack standing port tax, free and then transported to large warehousesacross the nearby border, where it is broken into retail packets and smuggledback into Pakistan. This is inside Pakistan's competition.Commission consider smuggling to be quite the biggest threat faced by thedomestic tea industry, causing millions of repeat and losses to government andforcing legal importers out of business. According to a thousand and nineteenreport, a crack down on violators in late o thousand and twenty led to afifty five percent increase in customs duties, collected a proxy for illegaltrade and evidence of a concerted effort by Pakistan to decrease the costof legal imports, making smuggling unprofitable seals and quick service. Restaurantsand the supermarket prepared food segments are well ahead of preprandialtotals, but every one in food service is starting from a really differentpoint reports and Galada Senior Project Director at Dataset ResearchesBaltimore Office. That is central, calculates that overall consumerspending and food service declined from eight hundred six billion in twothousand and nineteen to seven hundred one billion in two thousand and twentyone and will not return to Preprandial vels until twenty twenty three gateexplained to webinars participants August nineteenth, the fast casual oncethe darling of the industry, with the largest real growth will not reach prePRENDE IC, pending levels before two thousand a twenty three, and that will be nominal growth. Thatdoes not include inflation. She said GALADA estimates inflation at fivepercent per year, so you probably have to bag down these projections by tenper cent by then she said consumer spending at fast casual restaurants toGlin nineteen percent in two thousand and twenty. The segment is projected toregenerate sixty seven billion next year compared to the almost sixty ninebillion consumers spent on fash casual...

...in two thousand and nineteen. A survey of the nation's grocers foundthat seventy four per cent reported increased sales in two thousand andtwenty the consumer spend for prepared foods at supermarkets in two thousand,a twenty two will be thirty. Eight Point: Eight billion rising by ahundred and nineteen percent compared to twenty nineteen dollars, recreationlodging and convenience store food service segments will take even longerto recover. Lodging, for example, will have only achieved. Seventy one percent of its thousand and nineteen consumers spend by twenty twenty two.Until workers returned to offices, the business and Industry Food Servicesector projected to reach pre pandemic sales of six point. Nine billion willnever recover business insight, jackle principal atthat essential identified five x factors that could sursum the officialprojections. These include new corona virus variants than Sene mandates,additional and extended lockdowns, sustained inflation and a combination of labor and supplychain bottle necks visit, the Tibis blog for detailedprojections in eigh food service sector provided by Dat, essential researchers, confirm heard healthyaspects of tea, accumulating evidence of t's heart health benefits, ledresearchers to conduct an umbrella review describing and criticallyevaluating the procaline of medical evidence to date. Their findings quote.It is reasonable to judge that two cups of unsweet tea per day as a potentialto decrease cardiovascular risk and projection due to its flavonoid content.The peer reviewed paper published in the annals of Medicine, examines tenyears of studies that identify several biological mechanisms, showing adecreased risk and severity of cardiovascular disease and tea drinkers. Mirian men, ING Presidental, the Eastindies quote and t company and Lebanon Pennsylvania passed away SaturdayAugust fourteenth after a short illness, ank operated the company founded by herlate husband, Walter Proger, who founded the specialty tea retailbusiness in o thousand nine hundred and seventy six Aravinda and a theremin in Bengalurureports on India's Ti Orcian prices in...

Diet, e price report for the weekending August, twenty first, two thousand and twenty one as thepolitical developments in Afghanistan continue to occupy headlines. Tea alsomakes its way to the news I've got. His son is an importer of green tea andOrthodox Placiti from India and in two twenty twenty one above point, seven,six million kilos of tea was ex porter from here. At the moment, movement ofcargo between the two countries stands interrupted in auctions. This week,Coche auction was closed due to the state festival of ONUM. Other actionscontinued as usual at Gohad, a consumer products in Hietan, UNI leave or activealifes, while at Kolkata TCP L STATA as humor products was active for agilineti in terms of sales. Nor Sindia saw sixty five per cent of Ta Gilling sold.Orthodox ties are better up taken. Ninety per cent, while seventy sevenper cent of C T C offerings were sold. Meanwhile in the south, but half of thedock's leaf on offer was sold and only cite see dust so good uptake at ninetytwo per cent of the total offering soul at Kunur and now a word from our sponsor to trade. Teas works with tea purveyorsand every scale from promising start ups to the world's largestmultinational beverage brands in the hot iced and bounty sequence with us,based formulation, blending and packaging services, hug trade can help.You innovate scale up grow. Your specialty t brand for more informationvisit our website and q trade tesco this week, tibis visits Dargle India onword of the sale of the iconic jupan and gun ti te Estates, the anchemolusat Bilagi, agro, international and chairman of the Indian ExportersAssociation, and then we traveled to London, where Kyle Wittington reviewsthe tea girl of humming bird lane a novel by Lisa Sea. Earlier this month, the sale of twoiconic aglint gardens created headlines. Jung Panna and Gumti acquired by theSantoshi Group, which owns the T, export company Bilagi, a GroInternational. The group also owns the Indara estate and a Gilling.Interestingly Chang Pana was last sold in two thousand and seventeen a sailthat came on the heels of the Gorka agitation in these hills. We spoke tounchemical, Oria chairman, a Palagi agro and also chairman Indian, toExporters Association about this acquisition. What is a Modena Gi Ling? We hear ofmany gardens going up for sale. The last bears have not been easy to nature,as can fire again, and you have a long town as Yer, which can be you or againthe quality and the devolves this year...

...behind one of the worst drum sixtytweeting and a a in his first last. These boating are really Yanis. I therewas a time when people used to to say that much much more dodging or muchmore. He is not in the God of Tajine in the world that is produced at a time.It has become difficult to find buyers even for a million tiles in kilo senseare not a a a a Pris Michi. Even I, okay close to cost the production.People like the acolyte Bushes Pie to the best of ability. People have not it.We panted, we doated the PUSHIN. The real or problem lies in a combinationof climate change, insufficient lockers and Betaris disturbances, which shouldbe occurring in interclan on a regular apason over the last IASIC years, thewage itself have become the hi sensitive issue. I mean I understand, Ineed to pay much more, but stop it. The NEST BE A Co. Relation between Morganis fine, and what, in the play the Labor? What is the acquisition of JanPana and Gumti mean for your company and for Tagelang Te Industry? This isthe decision where I really there telling me I'm crazy and- and my heartsaid: If not now, then when can I make it work? I know I can give it my bestshot: a Focus, a polly O my popes in forbearing. You can have a Inafune, youcan follow the Moie Ke Tagen P, but what? What is unless a until theproduct is good? It should be it's a base, God it should be aspiration. Ican create thorty eaout, I think ever as this Modio Jacala record ees fire.My first focus is on, is poring to on restoring the discipline of working inde Matag, much better Latat, narist think Japans the much much biggerbrandam and the much more aversly affected guy, beautiful garden. It's abeautiful pranam. You have been something I fialan a Wonts, a gardenyou want to have in a ete. This is the property which the boy rockin betweentwenty five peoale. My first aim is to make it a hundred percent to carry. Wedon't put the God one traversin from this year, I believe on getting is awail forer. We ended up in go the patens because it was coming as a pageand I did not have a way to lien by on g. The challenges been jump on our s. Wehave already trying to start putting different practice of them to play andmuch better Abiere. I think the workers awsome out I conieI've had a lot of meetings and deo life...

...an now they have. Somebody was muchmore serious about about the TI, but I really playing that I'm going to getthe poportion of people to try it. This part of my hundred percent sure I done theright thing, but definitely ficially Tis, ten be the greatestdisaster that I have I have never rotten about. It is something that canreally setain that you know that's the way and I have no more usual thatpeople be anti, but this is a dream I I needed to live it. You also have toexport is association. So what do you use on the export market? Is that justa sailing that yelling and how the dependencies changing and how isdodging, holding out to competition? I think we have discanted a lot of things.I think for it come on the GI wot introduce. There was a belief that themoted achieving them and if they could really regulate this passing work ofNorgate and Logily, then they would have a great price discovery and wecould be going for actual. I think the revise that so much more Gagelin willbeing passed up with touching was exagitere to, and, secondly, it waspresented to wiles in a Maner that okay, now we are the policeman and be able totetch you where you go, so you can't come in inculate your bias, with astick like that, and one of these penalty logos that we vanish together.We want who is a nobal. If you attach a O, we have not contain any money behindaloon and really who is responsible for having popularized atuat. I would sayit is a Germany in force to whom we o everything. It is not. Itis not being grows. It is not foes, it is not the government, it is not theteam o. It is a German who have taken the tea and made it popular around theword. They may have kept lot of cast comition, but we we still over withthem and instead of trying to take them along, we have really trying, throughthe confrontation, the other. I mistake, O things happenwas taking the option of tabling one line from a manual system. You knowphysical option. The T rom use form the usee many people by it and they wereall better compare. So everyone used to make sure that toting on cheap to Rito.Now we have a more e or going directly require ourself a use to a limitednumber of, or there is the popite much in exporters who used to be the bad orof the industry have almost mostly Justin digin. Your acquisition of these estates seemto have brought some optimism back to...

...taging. Would you agree, of course, ouropticism that an on traditional tors, who saw the gatins changing the s, theother from a group with no bad on of no connect men to the gin to WHO, asWoerte for margining and so understanding, so that I sell well, asyou say, a gave them o that maybe there is something what you know happening.This is optimism, but the optician reason some, which are elfish O, whichI Dantin. As I said, I HAVE NOT TU I'm not here to make a statement. I knowwhat I'm going to do a turn. I have plans. I have plans to be to goes muchbetter marriage. They are already in play. We are seeing some differences atthe ground level day by day he or times best selling author of Les,as s has written several novels sent in the tea lamps. The tea girl, a hummingbird lane, however, uniquely explores the mysterious world of Pear ReviewerKyle Widdington writes that seas. Novel hop consists of so many brilliantlayers, but the tea reader. This is a wonderful story, acted with great teacontent that will either develop or ignite an interest in, and the desireto explore the world of Cher and q. t must, as some seems to comprehend,that I'm being transformed it is words as colorless, as can be so poor. Tell us what you know about it,the minute he asked this question. I understand two things and that's a quote from the tea girl ofhaving birdling by Lees, the sea, hello, I'm Carl wittingtonfound of Taboo Club,although I based in the UK taboot club as an international group of tea loversand readers who meet up virtually each month to discuss the tea books we read,I found myself immediately drawn in and captivated by the story was de mi.Nishe skin read checking their sufficienty content for Taboo Clubmembers. There was tea content to planty, whilst reading and by the timeI had finished it. I found myself with a renewed interest in the world ofPoorty upon I'd only previously dipped my toe into fascinating and well researched. TeaContent is literally scattered throughout the book, revealing amysterious world of poor tea from ancient secret groves and lostproduction through its rediscovery to rapid growth boom and bust over thelast three decades. Despite being a work of fiction, oneimmediately feels that the tea content is thorough and factually based, addinginteresting and personal factors to the Te readers, knowledge banks and,ultimately, for many inspiring a new or renewed interest in the world of poor...

...and doubtedly in literary work worthyof the recondition that brought it to my reading chair. It is interesting howdifferent lenses can change the reader's experience. Reading it with atea mind gives, I feel a rather different experience to that of areader coming to it purely as a novel, something which became clear whendiscussing it with tea book club members for the tea reader. This is a book oftwo halves was the first half cleverly sets up lean's world of acco traditionand start on her journey. It can at times feel like wading through adocumentary on the ACCA. Despite the captivating writing. It's not Antillian makes it to coming,but the pace suddenly picks up and Resipol the exciting tea world that thepoor tea, tren picks up pace alongside. I personally wanted to spend more timewith T masterson and in leans tea shop in the tea market. At this point, but on me, is it to California and theeventual riveting ending which at me desperately wanting to know whathappened next. There are so many brilliant layers tothis book and it could be looked at through so many different lenses. Therapid transition of the Acoway of life into the modern world was fascinatingand could take its own lankly discussion from another view. The mother daughterstory, adoption or Chinese immigrants in the USA W ill be dowled into anddiscussed further, but for the tea reader. This is thewonderful story packed with great tea content that will either develop igniteand interest in and desire to explore the world of poor. Further I'd like toshare what some t book club numbers thought. I haven't gotten into poorthat much, but the book has definitely inspired me too. Now I thought theending was a tear jerker. I was definitely glued to those last tenpages. I found it touching to read and ifyou'd like to join us for next treet, you can find us at Jointy Book Club onInstagram or Tea Book Club, not all ree, by what you heard in today'spodcast. Would you like to learn more from our gible network for kebesjournalist, P, expert content them directly through something privatemessage face plan avoid the chaos of social men and start a conversationthat matters subtext message base platform lets you privately askmeaningful questions of the texes academics and DIS journalists recordingfor t you see their responses, vias text, which are sent direct to yourphone visit our website and subscribe to subtext to instantly connect it themost connected people in to remember to visit the tevis website formore comprehensive coverage that W W W T, Hyphen Viziata for listening verywell T T.

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