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Tea News and Biz Insight - August 26, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – Afghan Tea Market Concerns as Taliban Conquers Kabul | US Foodservice Recovery Rates Vary Widely by Sector | Researchers Confirm Heart Healthy Aspects of Tea

| NEWSMAKER – Anshuman Kanoria, principal at Balaji Agro International and chairman of the Indian Exporters Association

| FEATURES – This week Tea Biz visits Darjeeling, India on word of the sale of the iconic Jungpana and Goomtee tea estates to Anshuman Kanoria, principal at Balaji Agro International and chairman of the Indian Exporters Association.… and then we travel to London where Kyle Whittington reviews The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, a novel by Lisa See.

Restoring Darjeeling's Reputation from the Roots Up
The sale of two iconic Darjeeling tea gardens last week drew attention on the ongoing challenges facing growers in this fabled tea-growing region. Jungpana (1931) and Goomtee (1899) were acquired by the Santhosh Kanoria Group, which owns the tea export company Balaji Agro International. The group also owns Tindharia estate in Darjeeling. Interestingly, Jungpana was last sold in 2017, a sale that came on the heels of the Gorka agitation in these hills. We spoke to Anshuman Kanoria, Chairman of Balaji Agro and, also Chairman of the Indian Exporters Association about this acquisition.

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane
New York Times best-selling author Lisa See has written several novels set in the tea lands. The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane, however, uniquely explores the mysterious world of Pu’er. Reviewer Kyle Whittington writes that See’s novel “consists of so many brilliant layers… for the tea reader this is a wonderful story, packed with great tea content that will either develop or ignite an interest in, and a desire to explore the world of Pu’er.”

The Tea Biz podcast delivers tea newsthat you need to know, a recap of the week's major headlines, withcommentary and cultural trends. Hosted by Dan Bolton. It is the voice oforigin for tea professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. Think of us as a digital caravanof storyteller, bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories to you weekly from thePEA land. Hello everyone, here are this week's headlines. Afghan tea marketuncertain, AST Taliban conquers Kabul, real growth, food service recovery rates varywidely by sector and researchers confirm heart healthy aspects of tea. More in aminute, but first this important message. What makes a Perfect Cup of Ceylontea? The Perfect Cup is from the tea businesses that ensure the protection ofall the children living within their tea estates. We Salute Kailani Valley, tell aWacky Lee, Bogajan, Thalawa, Harana and Elyptia tea estates. SupportSave the Children Sri Lanka. Afghan Pennistan as a major tea consuming nation anda smuggler's paradise for tea. The country became a profitable middleman by clever manipulationof border regulations, only recently reigned in after decades of openly flaunting Pakistani customsenforcement. Orders slowed this week as the Taliban occupied Kabul. According to theEast Africa Tea Trade Association, EDO reports that Afghanistan gets most of its teavia Pakistan, where there have been no disruptions at all. It is toosoon to know how the collapse of the Afghan government and return of the Talibanwill alter the tea market, but smuggling was rampant during a one thousand ninehundred and ninety six, two thousand and one Taliban regime and Hellman province.For example, traders said that if we smuggle forty kilos of heroin, wegive the Taliban for kilos. Pakistan customs lists black tea and green tea astwo of the five most smuggled commodities. He exports to Pakistan surged in twothousand and twenty, increasing eighteen point seven percent in value compared to two thousandand nineteen, making it the world's highest valued tea import market at five ahundred and ninety million dollars. Kenya account of four four hundred and ninety sevenmillion of last year's imports spend growing twenty seven percent following a decision by theIndian government to no longer export tea to...

Pakistan. Afghans preferred green tea toblack it. Millions of kilos of black tea are landed annually at the portof Karachi, Pakistan. Until recently, Pakistan charged a thirty eight percent taxand duty on tea, making the import cost of tea thirty two percent higherthan the same tea imported into Afghanistan. Afghanistan, however, is a landlockednation, so huge quantities of African tea, mainly from Kenya, are delivered tothe pack Standy Port Tax Free and then transported to large warehouses across thenearby border, where it is broken into retail packets and smuggled back into Pakistanbusiness inside. Pakistan's competition commission consider smuggling, to be quote, the biggest threatfaced by the domestic tea industry, causing millions of rupees and losses togovernment and forcing legal importers out of business. According to a two thousand and nineteenreport, a crackdown on violated ers in late two thousand and twenty ledto a fifty five percent increase in customs duties collected, a proxy for illegaltrade, and the evidence of a concerted effort by Pakistan to decrease the costof legal imports, making smuggling unprofitable. Sales and Quick Service restaurants and thesupermarket prepared food segments are well ahead of prepandemic totals. But everyone in foodservice is starting from a really different point. Reports and Gala Day, senior projectdirector at Data Essential Research is Baltimore Office. Data central calculates that overallconsumer spending in food service decline from eight hundred and six billion in two thousandand nineteen to seven hundred and one billion in two thousand and twenty one andwill not return to prepandemic levels until two thousand and twenty three. Gala Dayexplained to Webinar participants August nineteen that fast casual once the darling of the industrywith the largest real growth, will not reach prepandemic expending levels before two thousandand twenty three, and that will be nominal growth. That does not includeinflation, she said. Gala Day estimates inflation at five percent per year.So we you probably have to bag down these projections by ten percent. Bythen, she said, consumer spending at fast casual restaurants decline nineteen percent.In Two thousand and twenty, the segment is projected to generate sixty seven billionnext year, compared to the almost sixty nine billion consumers spent on fast casualin two thousand and nineteen. A survey...

...of the nation's grossers found that seventyfour percent reported increased sales. In Two thousand and twenty. The consumer spendfor prepared foods at supermarkets in two thousand and twenty two will be thirty eightpoint eight billion, rising by a hundred and nineteen percent compared to two thousandand nineteen dollars. Recreation, lodging and convenience store food service segments will takeeven longer to recover. Lodging, for example, will have only achieve seventyone percent of its two thousand and nineteen consumer spend by two thousand and twentytwo, until workers return to offices. The business and Industry Food Service sector, projected to reach pre pandemic sales of six point nine billion, will neverrecover. Business Inside Jack Lee principal full of data essential identified five x factorsthat could susrupt the official projections. These include new coronavirus variance, vaccine mandates, additional and extended lockdowns, sustained inflation and a combination of labor and supplychain bottlenecks. visit the tea Biz blog for detailed projections in each food servicesector, provided by data essential researchers confirm heart healthy aspects of tea. Accumulatingevidence of Tea's heart health benefits led researchers to conduct an umbrella review describing andcritically evaluating the totality of medical evidence to date. Their findings quote, itis reasonable to judge that two cups of unsweet tea per day as the potentialto decrease cardiovascular risk and projection due to its flavonoid content. The peer reviewedpaper published in the annals of Medicine examines ten years of studies that identify severalbiological mechanisms showing a decreased risk and severity of cardiovascular disease in tea drinkers.Miriam Min in, president the East Indias coffee and tea company in Lebanon,Pennsylvania, passed away Saturday August fourteenth after assured illness. INC operated the companyfounded by her late husband Walter Progner, who founded the specialty t retail businessin one thousand nine hundred and seventy six are venda and and there man inBengaluru reports on India's tea auction prices.

India tea priced report for the weekending August twenty one. Twenty twenty one. As the political developments in Afghanistan continueto occupy headlines, tea also makes its way to the news. Afghanistanas an important of green tea and Orthodox black tea from India. And intwenty twenty one about point. Seven. Six million kilos of tea was exportedfrom here. At the moment, movement of cargo between the two countries standsinterrupted. In auctions this week, coachi auction was closed due to the statefestival of ONUM. Other auctions continued as usual. At Gohati, both TATAconsumer products and Hindustan Uni leave our active for Leiafties, while at Kolkata TCPL, Stata consumer products was active for Dagi link tea. In terms of sales, north India saw sixty five percent of dageling sold. Orthodox Tis are bitteruptake and ninety percent, while seventy seven percent of CTC offerings were sold.Meanwhile in the south, but after Orthodox sleep on off of was sold andonly CDC dust. So good uptake at ninety two percent of the total offeringsold at Kuno. And now a word from our sponsor. Q trade teasworks with tea purveyors at every scale, from promising startups to the world's largestmulti national beverage brands in the hot, ICED and bounte segments. With USbased formulation, blending and packaging services, q trade can help you innovate,the scale up and grow your specialty tea brand. For more information visit ourwebsite, Q trade teasecom. This week tea bis visits Darling, India onword of the sale of the iconic Jumpana and Gunte tea estates, the AnchomanCanoria principle at Bellagi agro international and chairman of the Indian Exporters Association. Andthen we travel to London where Kyle Woodington reviews the tea girl of Hummingbird Lane, a marvel by Lisa See. Earlier this month the sale of two iconicDadgelin tea gardens created headlines. Jumpana and Gumti acquired by the Santosh anoria groupwhich owns the take sport company biology I grow International. The group also ownsit in Daia estate and dacheling. Interestingly, Chompana was last sold in two thousandand seventeen, a sale that came on the heels of the Gorka agitationin these hills. We spoke to UNHUMAN Canoria, chairman apology a group andalso chairman Indian teaks Porters Association about this acquisition. What is the mood andDache link? We hear of many gardens going up for sale. Last fewyears of not being easy, nature has got fired again. You have along down the last year which completely rolled again the quality and the demand overseas. This year we had one of the...

...worst ground situation. We have beena dudgeling and that again thanks for our really outlook is there was a timewhen people used to who say that much more Gadgety, much more he isgold in the garb of Dagene in the world that is produced. As itstands, we have become difficult to find buyers even for a billion killows knowS, not at a price which is even okay close to Gosse the productionpeople like themdal Agian Buship. To the best of the bility people have lackedevery planted it. We do related their pushion. The real problem lies ina combination of private change, in sufficient pluckers and the various disturbances which havebeen occurring in the jelling on a regular basis over the last five or sixyears. The way itself have become a highly sensitive issue. Mean, Iunderstand the need to pay much more, but somewhere that needs to be acore relation between Bade God is burning and what you can pay the label.What does the acquisition of Jempana and Gunti mean for your company and for TaggelingStea Industry? This is the decision where my gay, they're telling me,and crazy and and my heart said, if not now, then when canI make it work? I know I can give it my way. Short, focus in only quality, and focus is going to be packing. Youcan have a bottle like jumper, you can call it the movie with allKedge P, but what good is unless an until the product is good?It should be. It's a base God, it should be aspiration. I cancreate a story about that. I can leave it the story of Jemball, of the Gold beach is but my first focus is on discoring the onrestoring the discipline of working in the blood. Is Much better location manifest. Ithink Jomba is the much, much bigger brand name and the much moreadversity effected gotten. It's a beautiful garden, it's a beautiful friend name. Ithas been something that which I would make clear that won't be as agarden. We want to have an our UNBREDA. This is the property whichthe body proximately twenty five to stem organic. My first aim is to make ita hundred percent to Kenny. We will put the garden on the conversionfrom this year. I believe orgaining is a way forward. We ended upbuying both the gardens because it was coming at a pack and I did nothave a way to split in by only group. But the challenges with JohnWhat are? We have already trying to start putting different practices into play andbetter administrator and I think the workers also now recougne. I've had a lotof meetings and the of life and now...

...they have somebody who was much moreserious about about the pad. While really praying that I'm want to get thecorporation of people to try and the sport of my under sent sure I've donethe right thing. Eventually, this can be the greatest disaster that I haveI have ever written barked. Is something that they'll really set me back.You know, massid way and I have no more illusion that it would beanything but that. But this is a dream I and I needed to liveit. US A Heath Exporters Association. So what do you use on theexport market? Is it's just a saying touchooling and how the dependencies changing andhow is that cheling holding out to competition? I think we have discandled a lotof things. I think, for example, then Gi wor introduced,there was a belief that weport of achieving them and if they could really regulatethe passing off of long gadgeting and Gudgety then they would have a great pricediscovery and they would be boom for touching. I think the remise that so muchmore gudgeting would being passed on with dudgeoning was exaggerated to be and secondly, it was presented to buy us in a manner that okay, now weare the policeman and we are going to get you whether you go so youcan't come in regulate your buyers, because speak like that. And all thesefancy logos that we manage to get mean what good is a logo if youwant attach value? Okay, we we have not counted any money behind ourlogo promotion. And really, who is responsible or having popularized unity? Iwould say it is a German important to whom we move everything, because not, it is not be grows, it does not orders with can not thegovernment, it is not the team, because the Germans who have taken theT and made it popular around the world, they may have kept loger cuss forthemselves, but we these will go in to them and instead of tryingto take them along, we have really tried to be confrontation. The otherbig missing work of things happened was making the option of dudgeting online for manualsystem. You know, physical option. They to room used to be firm, there used to be many people buy and they were all because comparable.So everyone used to make sure that something is so cheap to anything. Nowwe have almost real work going directly or trying to sell their produce to alimited number of wire there is a competition. The merchant exporters who, you be, delack more of the industry, have almost lost interesting dudging. Acquisitionof these estates seem to have brought some optimism back to Duchilan, which youagree, of course, some optimism that...

...came from traditional peoples who saw thegardens changing hands, from a from a group with no background or no commitmentto dudgeting, to to ask who really have a faction for dudgeting in someunderstanding of so that in itself. Well, as you said, I have givethem work and maybe there is something, but you know happening. It isoptimism, but the optanism is one different reasons. I'm which fishing,which I don't be. As I said, I have not fool. I'm notyoung to make a statement. I know what I'm going to do.I'm I have plans. I have plans tool to make the gutten as muchbetter manage they are already in. We are seen some difference in the GOVERNMDay by day. New York Times best selling author Lisa See has written severalnovels set in the tea lamps. The Tiger with Hummingbird Lane, however,uniquely explores the mysterious world of who where reviewer Kyle Whittington rights that see's novelwho consists of so many brilliant layers. But the tea reader, this isa wonderful story act with great tea content that will either develop or ignite andinterest in and the desire to explore the world of who were and quote teamust to sin seems to comprehend that I'm being transformed. It is why it'sas colorless as can be. So, Pooh, tell us what you knowabout it. The minutey ask this question. I understand two things, and that'sa quote from the tea girl of Hamming Bird Lane by Lisa C.Hello, I'm Kyle Whittington, founder of Tea Book Club. Although I'm basedin the UK, Tea Book Club as an International Group of tea lovers andreaders who meet up virtually each month to discuss the tea books we read.I found myself immediately drawn in and captivated by the story. While do youmy initial skin read, checking there are sufficient tea content for tea book clubmembers, there was tea content to plenty whilst reading, and by the timeI'd finished it, I find myself with a renewed interest in the world apoor tea upon I'd only previously dipped my toe into. Fascinating and well researchedtea content is liberally scattered throughout the book, revealing the mysterious world of poor tea, from ancient secret groves and lost production through its rediscovery to rapid growth, boom and bust over the last three decades. Despite being a work offiction, one immediately feels that the tea contenters thorough and factually based, addinginteresting and personal factoids to the tea reader's knowledge banks and, ultimately, formany, inspiring a new or renewed interest in the world of poor undoubtedly inliterary work worthy of the recommendations that brought...

...it to my reading chair. Itis interesting how different lenses can change the readers experience. Reading it with atea mind gives, I feel, a rather different experience to that of areader into it purely as a novel, something which became clear when discussing itwith tea book club members. For the tea reader, this is a bookof two halves. WHILST THE FIRST HALF CLEVERLY SETS UP LEAN's world of ECOtradition and starts her on her journey, it can at times feel like wadingthrough a documentary on the ACCA. Despite the captivating writing, it's not untilLiam makes it to couldming, but the pace suddenly picks up and re zippingthrough the exciting t world that the poor tea trend picks up pace alongside.I personally wanted to spend more time with tea masterson and in Lian's tea shopin the tea market at this point, but only is it to California andthe eventual riveting ending, which definitely desperately wanting to know what happened next.There's so many brilliant layers to this book and it could be looked at throughso many different lenses. The rapid transition of the ACTA way of life intothe modern world was fascinating and could spark its own lengthy discussion from another view, the mother daughter story, adoption or Chinese immigrants in the USA. Butit will be dealved into and discussed further. But for the tea reader this isa wonderful story packed with great tea content that will either develop or nightin interest in and desire to explore the world of poor further. I'd liketo share what some tea book club members thought I haven't gotten into poor thatmuch, but the book is definitely inspired me to now. I thought theending was a tear checker as definitely glad to those last ten pages. Ifound it touching to read and if you'd like to join us next week,you can find us at John T book club on Instagram or T book clubdot or agree by what you heard in today's podcast? Would you like tolearn more from our global network with TB is journalists and P experts? Contactthem directly through SUBTEC, private message based avoid the chaos of social media andstart a conversation that matters. Sub Text Message based platform let's you privately askmeaningful questions of the t experts, academics and t Biz journalists reporting from theTea Lens. You see their responses via SMS text which are sent to wrectto your phone. visit our website subscribe to subtext to instantly connect with themost connected people in tea. Remember to visit the TV is website for morecomprehensive coverage. That's www. Zo, thanks for listening. Farewell. We'lldo.

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