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Tea News and Biz Insight - September 10, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – Sri Lanka Tea Yields Feared to Decline | McLeod Russel Settlement Resolves Insolvency 

| Bangladesh Tea Sector Returns to Pre-Pandemic Production Levels

| NEWSMAKER – Tea History Collection Founder Denys Shortt, OBE  

| GUEST – Henrietta Lovell, founder Rare Tea Co. 

| FEATURES – This week Tea Biz visits with Rare Tea Lady Henrietta Lovell whose passion for tea is exceeded only by her commitment to bettering the lives of those who make it... and then we travel to Banbury, UK to learn how the Tea History Collection is digitizing tea history one tome at a time.

Henrietta Leads the Way

Since founding the Rare Tea Co., in London in 2004, Henrietta Lovell has traveled the globe sourcing direct for the world’s five-star dining rooms and developing relationships at the farm level where her commitment to fair pricing for the finest tea and charitable work set a standard. “If I can make people appreciate tea, it will change the world,” she says.

Tea History Collection

The Tea History Collection in Banbury, UK, founded by Denys Shortt OBE has hosted a full calendar of events since opening in May. This tea industry resource in now undertaking the daunting task of digitizing bound volumes recording the trademark and ownership of colonial gardens from the early days of tea. Listen as Shortt discusses the importance of preserving tea company heritage to be shared online by all.

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