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Tea News and Biz Insight - September 17, 2021


"HEAR THE HEADLINES – Advent International Will Bid $4 Billion for Unilever’s Tea Portfolio | India Considers Halting Imports of Nepal Tea

| Sales of Herbal Supplements in the US Reach a Record $10 Billion in 2020

| NEWSMAKER – Rainforest Alliance Director South Asia Madhuri Nanda 

| GUEST – Caroline Giacomin, Ph.D., a physicist at ETH Zürich, Switzerland  

| FEATURES – This week Tea Biz travels to Switzerland to learn from ETH Zürich physicist Caroline Giacomin the physics of that colorful sheen that rises to the surface of black tea. Is tea scum just that or a revealing indication of goodness in the cup? … and then we travel to New Delhi, India where the Rainforest Alliance’s Madhuri Nanda reveals how practitioners of RA’s sustainable farming methods are evolving toward broader, more holistic ecosystems in Part 2 of our series on Regenerative Agriculture.

The Physics of Black Tea Film

Have you ever noticed a colorful sheen on the surface of your tea? It appears to break like ice floes in the arctic as the tea cools. Researchers once thought tea film was due to waxy substances contained in tea leaves released during steeping. That is not the case. The delicate film is an interfacial interaction of air, tea polyphenols, and calcium carbonate ions in water. It does not form on white, yellow, green, or lightly processed oolong teas, only black tea. In many parts of the world, soft water prevents the film from forming. Is tea film a fleeting glimmer of color to enjoy or an ugly scum to quickly dissipate with a squeeze of lemon. Caroline Giacomin, Ph.D, a physicist at ETH Zürich, Switzerland joins us to explain the physics of tea film from a study she and colleague Peter Fischer recently published in the Physics of Fluids. 

Regenerative Agriculture: A Holistic Approach

The Rainforest Alliance's Madhuri Nanda explains that while sustainable farming ensures that agricultural practices do not negatively impact and degrade the environmental, social, and economic aspects of the surrounding ecosystem ̶ the focus shifts in regenerative agriculture toward adopting a broader holistic approach that enhances biodiversity and improves soil health through increased microbial activities that build resilient systems capable of withstanding adverse climatic scenarios."

The teep is podcast delivers t newsthat you need to know a recap of the week's major headlines with commentaryand cultural trends hosted by Dan Bolt. It is the voice of origin for teaprofessionals and enthusiasts world by think of, thus, as a digital caravan ofstory, tellers, bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories toyou, weekly from the tea lance hello, everyone. Here, this week'sheadlines, advent international will bid four billion for you, leaders, tea,Port Folio, India considers halting imports of Napole tea and sails ofherbal supplements in the US reached a record ten billion in two thousand andtwenty Morn a minute. But first this important message: What makes a Perfect Cup of Ceylon tea?The Perfect Cup is from the T, businesses that ensure the protectionof all the children living within their tea estates. We Salute Kalani belly,tell a wakely, Bogo, Wanta, Lawa, Parana and Elitie t estates, support,Save the children, SriLankan Advent International in the Singaporegovernment, investment corporation CIC will bend four billion and a jointoffer for you now leavers tea portfolio. According to a report by Sky News, theadvent GI C consortion is competing with at least six other large privateequity firms that hope to acquire favored tea, bran such as lipped andYellow Label, peag tips, lipped an ice tea, Australia base, t two tonzo Pukaherbs and several other regional brands. UNOLIVE will retain its most profitabletea holdings in India and Indonesia, as well as the Lipton Pepsico partnershipin the US. BLOMBERG ESTIMATES UNA lever's, entire tea business to beworth five point: seven billion dollars, other bidders expected to meet nextweek's deadline of the Daby Investment Authority, K, K, R and Clayton du Bierand rice business in sight. In a July, earningscall in liver, CEO Ellen Job said, quote the balance of Ulivi tea brandsand geographies, and all of our te estates have a very exciting future.But this potential can be best achieved. We believe as a separate entity andquote the divestiture is expected to conclude.At the end of the year, the Tory Indian planters associationTEPA and the darzens Ta Association D Ta, Ar seeking a blanket man on theimport of Napole d. t a chairman, becas Saria,complained to the West Bangal chief minister, that a decline in productionfrom nine point, five million kilos to six million kilos in two thousand andtwenty and rising cost has affected both the domestic market and exportsquote. The crisis has been further compounded by the sale of deceptivenapole being sold in the Indian market as dartling tea. He wrote. Immediateaction is essential to save the industries. Eighty seven registeredgardens he said Napole is a land log, tea producer thatrelies on India's much more developed the industry for re export shippingabout seventy million kilos there in...

...the past four years, according to theTea Board of India, Teaboard Dana shows that only twenty seven million kiloshas been re exported during this time, making it likely that forty threemillion he loaves were sold domestically exempt from import dutiesand in direct competition with Darsan producers. Teas exported from India pay a fortyper cent tariff to enter Nepal, but NAPOLE pays no tariffs to ship tea toIndia due to terms of the South Asian Free Trade Agreement. Well, Napoli issold at a much cheaper rate than the dartling Copet, as its cost ofproduction is very low owing to rampant use of trial, labor and gross violationof labor laws. According to D Ta d Ta Advisor Sandy Mucaja pulled TheTimes of India, that quote, unless import of Napoli into India is band,the livelihood of those dependent on it would be at risk and may reach a pointof no return where more tea gardens in the hill would shut down, and the quote BIS inside Indian efforts to limit thepolity. Imports have ebbed and flowed over the past decade in May twothousand and twenty in the a hault of pe shipments from Napole for severalweeks by imposing non terrif barriers tied to sanitation and quality controlin thea growers complain that both tea shipments do not require a label oforigin. FS S A I food safety, compliance, all rigorous customs checks,price induces tea brand, such as tonic consumer products, and both exportersshould rely on a pal to supply in theas domestic blenders, but do not purchasedirect sales of verbal supplements in the USgrew at seventeen percent in two thousand and twenty exceeding tenbillion dollars and sales. For the first time, the tootle excludes broodteas but includes Green pea powders marketed as simplement. The two thousand, a twenty herb marketreport released annually by the American Botanical Council usingtransaction data from spins, reveals sails in the mass market channel, grewby twenty five per cent to two point: one billion in two thousand twentydirect sales, including online rue. Twenty four per cent about twice therate reported in two thousand and nineteen sales in traditional naturaland health food stores grew one point: six percent to two point: Nine fivebillion elderbury known frits immune boostingproperties was the top cellar along with Apple Sidor, vinegar and Osha.Ganda sales of Elder Berry grew by a hundred and fifty per cent to twohundred and seventy five million in mass market and fifty four million inthe natural food channel C B. D sales plummeted. Thirty, sevenper cent to fifty seven million in the natural channel and declined thirty percent in main three motleys during the first year of the pandemic, the firstdecline in sale since o thousand and seventeen sails of dry and bottled green tea,sword and mainstream outlets last year, but sails of green tea supplementsdeclined. Seven point: Nine per cent in two thousand twenty falling to thirtyone million dollars and thirteenth rank among the top selling verbalsupplements. According to spense business in sight, you, as consumers, spent more than everon herbal dietary supplements for Immune Health and stress relief intwenty twenty. According to the report...

...quote during a year in which much wasout of control, many consumers seemed to take control of their own health andprioritized self care with herbal and fungi based dietary supplements, as the pandemic stretches into itstwentieth month. It remains to be seen whether these trends and recordbreaking sails will continue in two thousand and twenty one end quote: Download the full report free at tea,Hyphen Bizco, two thousand and twenty verbal market report, Arvind INE andFairman and Bengaluru reports on India's P auction prices in the tipisreport for the Week Ending Eleven September tweaty twenty one during theweek under review, there have been more circulars following the commersministry's announcement on amendments to the tea act on thousand nine hundredand fifty three in the most recent circular. The boat has said that nopermission is required to plante anywhere in the country earlier is wasrestricted, but now this move could encourage nut regions to add teacultivation. It could encourage most small growers to cultivate ty and itcould possibly increase the volume of production. It remains to be seen howit'll have an impact on the tea industry. On the seventeenth ofSeptember, the Urian Ministry is called for a meeting with the producers andManufacturers Association to understand the relevance of the tact, one thousandnine hundred and fifty three, and it seems to be part of the move toinitiate of farms to the act. Also, this week the Dagula to associationhave returned to the State Chief Minister asking for a ban on import ofNipati into India. The association points, this financial crisis and aGilling to industry and say that the import of Substandard NA party isadding to their problems in markets, sale. Thrty six saw good demand for allte types and Calcata Middle East Sin. CII countries were active amongst sport.Buyers among domestic buyers, HINC stanion ELIVA was active. Prices werenearly the same as the previus week. Kohat is so good demand, with bothHindustani on Eliva and TATAKA humor products. Active prices and salesvolume did not change significantly from the previous week in the south,CONUCO good demand for tes CDC leave sort. Eighty six percent of the totaloffering thanks to major blenders participating in the sale Orthodoxleave, on the other hand, so exporters in play some wholly great sold forabout two to four apiece higher than the previous week. Climbeth O Sorlodemand for Sodok Leaf, while Couche had few takers for Orthodox dust in CONUhundred nine kilos of green tea and offer remained unsold and now a wordfrom our sponsor to trade. Teas works with tea purveyorsand every scale from promising start ups to the world's largestmultinational beverage brands in the hot iced and bow seconds with us, basedformulation, blending and packaging services. Hug Trade can help. youinnovate scale up row. Your specialty t brand for more information visit ourwebsite, a q trade tesco. This week, tevis travels to Switzerlandto learn from Etah Zeri physicist, Caroline Gia Coman, the physics of thatcolorful sheen that rises to the surface of black tea is peace, comejust that or revealing indication of goodness in the cup, and then we travel to New Delhi, India,where the rain forest alliances, Madrina DA, reveals how practitionersof Ras sustainable farming methods are evolving towards broader, more holisticecosystems. In part, two of our series on regenerative agriculture, have you ever noticed a colorful sheenon the surface of your tea, it appears to break like ice flows and the Arcticas the tea cools, researchers once...

...thought. Tea Film was due to waxysubstances contained in the tea leaves and released during steeping. That'snot the case. The delicate film is an interfacing of air tea, polyphenols andcalcium carbonate, ions and water. It does not form on white, yellow, greenor lightly processed Wolong, tease only black tea in many parts of the world.Soft water prevents the film conforming his tea film, a fleeting glimmer ofcolor to enjoy or an ugly scum to quickly dissipate with a squeeze ofLemon Caroline Giacomo, a physicist at Etah and Zirac. Switzerland joins us toexplain the physics of t film from a study she and colleague Peter Fisher,recently published in the physics of fluids. Thank you so very much for coming onthe program. This topic is fascinating and I see that it's already gettingsome attention. Let's first talk about what made you curious about that scum.I was working somewhere where the water was particularly hard, and one of mycolleagues said during our like afternoon, tea time that he doesn'tdrink tea anymore because he doesn't like the stuff. That is on top of ithe's from Taiwan, and he had never seen that come before or the film before,and I had never really thought much of it. Sometimes it was there. Sometimes Ihaven't been there, so I went home. I looked up. How to get rid of the film,for him turns that you can have lemon juice. That's what every one on message,boards and stuff will say, not a particularly scientific answer, but youknow obviously a traditional answers. My colleague drinks creamy, so lemonjuice is not really something Manala out of the green hat that wasn'thelpful to him, but I didn't really worry much about that at the time. Itwasn't really in my realm of research, but I came to start my phd and in ourgroup here we have a document. My professor is made up of interestingideas he's had over the years and we study interfaces in this group and onhis list of interesting ideas. was she interfaces and, I said, Hey, I thinkthat's an interesting topic and I've looked into it before it, a lovelystory, and I ampla you for thinking. Broadly,you know in science it isn't just narrow routes. It's that wonderfulopportunity to appreciate all the world around us. So how did you go about determiningwhat the film was caused by so there's a researcher from England inthe N, in the A toute at fourteen part series on t and about six or seven ofthose were about the t film, so I kind of followed a little bit in hisfootstep as to what he did that he was studying the components of the tea filmand since we work with Inter facial strength, I was going to be doing thestrength of the fell, we're studying types of tea. You know lemon juice,adding sugar, adding milk ETCA, but now we're studying the physics of itinstead of the chemistry of it. So I based at least the choice of Adam- waskind of based off in his research reales. The study of weird fluids, ifyou think about like boo black, which is the corn starch and water mixturethat kids like to play with a or the fling or you think, about, measuringhow shampoo or platen bolden plastic flow. That's how Rologe and an interfacial just means we're dealing with the reality at the surface between twophases. In our case, we're getting the popas of liquid tea and air, and sointervital reality takes a metal device and we put it exactly in contact withthe surface and then we carefully control the movement of that metaldevice. There's a motive, that's controlling and movement, and also acensor that is detecting exactly how much force the motor is having to applyto make the movement happen, and so that can tell us how riddle or howelastic the film is and exactly how...

...much force we need to apply to breakthe film, so the thickness, isn't. The critical factor is that the scacely,the resistance to movement of the Metal Plate? How do you describe the films interms of its physical characteristics, as opposed to its chemical componentsand our feel we use the phrase Moduli, which can be the elastic and the lot orviscus Moduli, so the elastic moduli determines the elasticity of it. Haveyou know if you move in to film a tiny bit, can it can it reform itself backinto original position? So you know the law made is kind of going to give youthe Brittleness of the film and the Elastic Modulus is kind of theflexibility of a stretching on. So, from a practical point of view, you'vedescribed the physics the chemistry was previously described as Ti Pali Pino'sbonding with calcium carbonate, ions at the surface, to create a colorful sheen.If I'm making a cup of tea, should I be anti scum? Should I dissolve this cometo get rid of it, or should I appreciate it for what it is and notworry? Is Peace come and indication that I need to do something with mywater based on your research? What practical guidelines do you suggest onhow to make better tea or a better enjoy tea? He it depends on what youview is best for TV, the film, especially when you don't add milk, thefilm is quite beautiful and a scientist describing peace gun is beautiful, butthe when you add milk to piece on is quite often not particularly visuallypleasing and it kind of looks through those. Two films are actually made avery different opponent, which is by in my research we weren't able to measurethe resistance of the milk film, because there's too much oil and factin it for to be measured by our device, it cause too much slipping essentially,so those two films are different, so in if you're making to where you wouldlike to have milk in it, I would suggest you make that tea with what itit's gone, either through a filter or if you're living in a place where thewater isn't particularly hard anyways, but it shouldn't really matter too muchyou're not going to have much of a film anyway. Now that I know what it's whatit is, I like see it. If you really don't like the film take, you knowblack tea with lemon and you won't be able to see it. Then there will stillbe technically a physically strengthened film there, but you won'tbe able to see it. That's all that really matters at that point. Itdoesn't have much of an effect in a favor. The rainforest alliances, Mondrian deexplains that, while sustainable farming ensures that agriculturalpractices do not negatively impact and degrade the environmental, social andeconomic aspects of the surrounding echo system, the focus shifts andregenerative agriculture towards adopting a broader holistic approachthat enhances by diversity and improves soil health through increased microbialactivities that build resilient systems capable of withstanding adverseclimatic scenarios. Is there an accepted definition ofregenerative agriculture? No, I wouldn't say there is a declinedefinition as we eedete say something new that was going around on th s bythe Reval Institute till you know, we lost the definition. It has pight againinto thousand and fifteen that in India, if theres, something which is in gradein our creational practices. So it's definitely not new concept,which is there. It draws from the principles of agroecology and holisticecosystem management, looking both and...

...to form and landscape Lebel at at ranfor a alliance. So we really believe this is a part of a broader frameofmind.It's an umbrella part, so a rain persean standard really looks atseveral other principles of which reach Aratov agriculture principles are onepart of it, so it includes, for example, in addition to the sustainabilitydimensions. It looks a Rasal living conditioners, child labor for Labor etCE and an integrated system management approach very aims to increase by ourdiversity, and you have to keep that in mind that improving anything thatimproves by diversity then also helps as pike. Climate Change, which issomething which is a very intricate, engage and well established. So O bestpractices and regenerative agriculture differ from sustainable farming.Sustainable farming definitely ensures that agriculture practices are notnegatively, impacting and degrading the environment, social and economicaspects of the surrounding persistence, but I would say it is still maintainingthe status code. So, whenever you are doing, you are not further depletingwhen we talk of Rechart Ad Pulsion, I would think it is more of a naturalprogression where you start reach and rating your ecosystem, where you tryand see how you can increase, for example, my Po Yal activities and willresilient systems that can withstand the adverse climatic scenarios which weare facing. Cuneta a lot of times. Eaten ready is a more holistic approachand sustainable forming is something which is still at. You know at thestate is for maintaining, so it's still good, but the way forward should belooking at the region, rated agriculture or Pete. Our standardactually incorporates many of the principles of each Anato. articulturalsuch as soil has management interviewed best management. Where is a lot ofpocus on biodiversity, conservation, Egro, forestry and looking at the youknow in its entirety the climate, smart practices? What are the most pressingchallenges facing the Tea Industry Harry has been working in the teamdusty for a very long time. What we see currently specifically in India, ifthat also Robelle, we see the t industry- is facing significantchallenges: Climate Change Again, which is directly impacting keep production.They are facing increased best intestation, which are needing tosignificant crop loss. You know you see that there is an addition to thatsupply chain. The destructions, which are for the last two years, effectingbeing affected. Outo pandemic, Terios absentis m on the farms, the Shota ofLabor increase, cost of production, unpalace market conditions also areleading to you know. You know, challenges and their profit. Thescenario, so their proper class sheets balances are really difficult for themto maintain and when, on top of it, you ask them for sustainable practices. Nowthat's a difficult challenge, because there's a post of sustainability, whichis really difficult to maintain when your entire business is going downbecause of the prevailing climate and the surrounding environment situationsand the operational issues on ground. Boki players in the tea industry arealready moving towards finding seditions to handle these challenges.They are a diversifying and they are looking at moving away from monocultureto see how they can improve their own revenues, whether it is spices, forexample, we see a lot of temare grown in those areas in it. If you go backand look at a son, so those diversifications are happening withinthe deal lustry so that they can also diversify their income sources. So that's a natural progression whichwe see is happening and they have already innovated and intestine.Farming is now moving to US divers in...

...the proven, I would say, the need forshape trees due to the increasing climate conditions than what they feelis, which is an Igoo stry model by common in the Dadus, is also bringing aship towards divers and moving away from monoculture practices, and that'sreally improving the soil hill in the long run. Adopting her certificationprogram then brings these reginae agetur practices for building theserant farming system in today's world of changing climate intrigued by what you heard in today'spodcast, would you like to learn more from our goble network of Tevisjournalists and t experts, content them directly through somethin privatemessage based clan, avoid the chaos of social media and start a conversationthat matters subtext message base platform lets you privately askedmeaningful questions of the T, experts, academics and TB journalist reportingfrom the Talas. You see their response as via SMS texts, which are sent directto your phone visit our website and subscribe to subtext to instantlyconnect with the most connected people in tea. Remember to visit the TAB is websitefor more comprehensive coverage. That's W W W T hyphen Biz Beaz thanks forlistening very well the next week. I.

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