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Tea News and Biz Insight - October 8, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – India Announces Tea Industry Reforms | US Considers Exemptions to Chinese Tariffs | and a Tribute to Nepal Teamaker Morris Orchard

| NEWSMAKER – Hiroshi Takatoh, founder Teatis Tea 

| GUEST – Jolene Brewster, founder Jolene's Tea House

| FEATURES – This week Tea Biz travels to Alberta, Canada, high in the Canadian Rockies to visit one of several Swiss-inspired tea houses designed to provide high-mountain trekkers shelter and warmth... and then we visit Tokyo, Japan to meet tech and tea entrepreneur Hiroshi Takatoh whose Teatis Tea blends of brown seaweed and matcha are formulated to help diabetics and pre-diabetics control high blood sugar levels.

A Medicinal Tea from the Sea

Tea has an ancient history of medicinal applications, many of which have been validated by scientific research. Joining us from Tokyo is Hiroshi Takatoh CEO, founder, and blender who, with his team of food scientists and doctors at Japan-based Teatis Tea, is exploring a blend of brown algae and matcha tea as medicine. 

A High Mountain Haven

The rugged Canadian Rocky Mountains thrust nearly 20,000 feet into the sky, a haven for hikers that inspired a unique style of high-mountain tea houses built to provide warmth and shelter along the trail. In Banff, Alberta, Tea Biz correspondent Jessica Natale Woollard visits Jolene’s Tea House - a refuge for mind and body.

The teep is podcast delivers t newsthat you need to know a recap of the week's major headlines with commentaryand cultural trends hosted by Danval t is the voice of origin for teaprofessionals and enthusiast Robin think of thus as a digital caravan ofstoryteller, bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories toyou, weekly from the plan, hello, everyone here of this week'sheadlines, India announces tea. Industry reforms US considersexemptions, the Chinese tefts and a tribute to Napolitana er, more sortamore in a moment. But first this important message white makes a perfect cup of Ceylon tea.The Perfect Cup is from the tea businesses that ensure the protectionof all the children living within their tea estates. We Salute Kalani Valley, tell a Wakely,Bogo, wantall, Parana and Elitie t estate support, save the ChildrenSilanga facing declines. An export revenue inDias Ministry of Commerce and Industry has funded several programs andinstituted fundamental reforms and tea. In September the teaboard of India saidit will suspend seven sections of the tact of nineteen. Fifty three followingthe Commerce Ministry An's decision to amend the regulations, seventeen of theact. Fifty one provisions are no longer enforced. As India gradually deregulates the t sector permits to grow. Tea will no longer berequired, a decision likely to increase unregulated production by small holderswho no account for fifty two per cent of indios team by volume. TeaProduction has rebounded in two thousand twenty one up. Eighteen percent compared to the first eight months of thousand g twenty to total sevenhundred. Ninety two million TILOS IN THE SOUTH FUNDS TO EXPAND mechanizationdemonstrate India's recognition that the cost of labor needs to be aconstraint. Tea Board of India will disperse eighteen to twenty curareabout two point: five million US dollars annually to variousstakeholders under the new program. Two hundred and seventy five small holdersin the Milbury S, for example, qualified for subsidies that they halfthe cost of battery operated, leaf, trimmers and pruning sauce. India'sMinister for Commerce and Industry Code executives on a recent trip to aSam that quote. Exports have remained stagnant for the last ten years andquote she announced a ninety eight carrory allocation about thirteenmillion. In U S dollars to boost ta exports from northeastern India. The announcement comes as dartlingexploiters begin talks with Chinese buyers and hopes of offsetting adecline and sails to Japan. Prior to the pandemic, we've been trying toenter the Chinese market in a big way said: Ancrum Shanor, a chairman of theIndian to Exporters Association. The Chinese are willing to pay fifteento forty dollars per kilo, significantly more than the averageprice for tea exported from India. Dargan growers hope to export three tothree point: five million kilos this year, a total down by half over thepast ten years. The five year pe development andpromotions came, provides about nine hundred and sixty seven Groix tely, ahundred and thirty million US dollars for growers...

...and thumbs existing subsidies, as wellas an additional one thousand crory about a hundred and thirty four milliondollars and benefits to women and children in the Psalm and best spangle trade talks between the. U S and Chinawill resume that. There is little hope the Budan inmost ration will do awaywith tariffs that have depressed to imports from China for the past threeyears. However, U S Trade Representative, Catherine Tie, and elsethe US will resume a program that allows companies in putting someproduct categories to apply for exemptions, relieving them from payingthe tariff applications for exclusions were suspended in two thousand andeighteen? U S. T R writes that of the initial twothousand two hundred exclusions granted five hundred and forty nine wereextended through December thirty. First, two thousand and twenty criteria toqualify is based on Economi hardship and whether the product is availableonly from China, which is true of several categories of tea. The US currently charges duties onthree hundred and fifty billion of Chinese goods, penalizing importers whooften pass the added expense to consumers. Tarifs had seven point. Fiveper cent to the price of Chinese ta Ti said the US does not want to inflametrade tensions with China, but made it clear. Additional duties andrestrictions could be imposed. Business inside tear of some tea or insignificantcompared to those levion steel and agricultural food products and createno hardship for the Chinese who annually explored two billion worth oftea. The Fifty Day comment period on why the Risr should reinstateexemptions opens October twelfth. The list of previous exemptions is postedon the US PR website. None of the five hundred and forty nine exemptions weregranted to tea companies. The companies importing ENCARTA, submersible, pums,lamp shades, bottle caps and electric motors fall made the list. Congratulations to Birmingham Bes RoyalCup coffee and tea. I roastin blender with seventy distribution. Centers nowcelebrating a hundred and twenty five years in business, the coved death of tea maker, Morse,portare general manager. The ginchy in the pall is a sad reminder of thepandemics pole on the global tea community ortrude a third generationtea man was fifty eight welcome to the program Kevin Nice to be here. Were yousure, with listeners how more SORTA advanced team making in his lifetime.He was sort of hand picked by the Girai brothers when they started the gunteerproject as one of the up and coming managers, and they tuned into hisauthentic excitement about tea making, which was one of his main features inthe early S, was always somebody in the factory that had the focus it just onthe team making and they would be proud of what they did and they would have acertain amount of passion and they would be respected by everybody of thefactory, as costs and prices started to have aless and less that sort of passion and that person kind of got squeezed out ofthe system a little bit. A lot of factories ended up without that person.I think they selected Morris in the first place because theysaw him as one of these people. He was always very happy to tell you stories about his pastes that he made and so on, andhe really genuinely got up in the...

...morning excited to experiment to refine his artisanal connection tothis to this product and it's kind of infectious when you're a tea buyer andyou meet these kind of people. There are still a few in the MAS and I'malways happy to hang out with them. What were some of his innervision? TheGAWALI brothers had been bringing in machines from here and there it alsobeen bringing in different cultivars. So we gave him a larger playground forexperimentation. One of these big break fruits was developing autumn teas thatwere easy to sell up the prices of first flash teeth which, in the early days of my career,really wasn't the case at all. He's really pushed the bar on the autumnwhole leaf tea, production o sure a personal story about mors. He was a very quiet, humble gentlemanjust like to listen. He kind of had kind of a passion for life and otherartistic condemne. He was really into cooking. I remember one evening we werethere and he announced that he had some friends coming over and he was going tomake pizza. So, of course, you know we're up in the Himalayas we weren'texpecting much as far as pizza went, but then we went out in the garden hebuilt a brick oven. He had gathered fine ingredients from here there andall over the place and he was making the most delicious fresh straight outof the open pizzas. You could imagine with all his friends around Napolesreported Liban Thousand coved related deaths, India. They have experienced asmany as three point millions as the pandemic begin well, we have had acertainly had an impact in the garden, some regions, more than others, some ofthe more distant regions we've had a very little impact of infection of theregions that it's been quite heavy they're actually down in Calcutta,where the teas drive and go through auction and then redealing with peoplethat are the tasters and buying and selling. And I have I don't knowanybody over there but hasn't lost friends in the in the last year or so.It's quite shocking how many people havebeen dying in Campile coved is less mysterious, now more methodical, NeMericale, but awesome furs, ome fatality cous that rival one thousandnine hundred and eighteen pandemic. The greatest toll, however, is personal,affecting talented individuals like more sorter the repercussions thatripple through the global ty community, her Vinda, an and Theramin andBengaluru reports. Indian t ocean prices in Tiati Prize report for theweek ending Second October, two, twenty twenty one, the conversation around herfarms continued last week, the Union Minister of stayed for Commerce andIndustry and the praaper tale visited a Sam. She stopped by a tea gardens andmet with stake holders at an interactive session in Gorham. She alsovisited the Gauhati Auction Centre. The minister said that a sum of onthoudtrupees has been approved to be used exclusively for the overall developmentof tea garden workers in Assam and Wespin Goll. The focus of developmentis health, education and skill, development of women workers and theirchildren. She added that the government proposes to set up packaging andtraining facilities in Assam for agricultural and other commodities. Theminister asked all the stake holders to come up with a self sustainable modelfor holistic development of the industry to wars, developing a sam asan export hub. The Te Association of India presented a paper to the ministerwhere her as the present import duty of...

...a hundred per cent on tea to remain andnot be reduced, to prevent a greater influx of cheap tea into the country inthe south. dipingere continues to cause concern. Local media reported theSEVIERS shottat of containers, which has spiked freight rates significantlyat the cost of transportation, now equals the value of cargo about fourthousand containers of tea are exported annually from the Menado free chargesof Er, one thousand nine fifty dollars to Rotterdam in December Thusan. Twentystand at seven thousand eight hundred dollars now an auction sale, thirty,nine, so good, a man Colcato or the docks continues to lead in demand withMiddle East. Active Gagiano far demand this week with TATOCKA UM of productsmore active than hinder Stan. One live prices remain similar to the previousweek with our jeeling, seeing an average increase of twenty four rupeesthis week. Gauhati, so good Aman for lefty, with prices remaining mostlyunchanged nor cyngia saw fewer outlots than the south in the south. CONOR andCIMETER had a lower sal percentage at under fifty per cent for autotoxemia CT C. leave it better cutchin had the lower sale percentage for oster dock'sdust at nineteen per cent prices were not significantly different from theprevious week. One hundred nine kilos of green tea on off when canoesremained unsouled and now a word from our sponsor Yu trade understands that a successfultea blend goes beyond the creative fusion of appearance, Aroma and flavor.Our Multi Award winning product development team is passionate aboutconverting natural ingredients into sensory experiences that customerscrave. Every recipe is formulated with the commercial backbone of dependablequality sourcing, with a pricing structure that supports a safe,regulated, profitable and scalable. Bland tew trade meets every brand'sretail food service and e commerce need for more information visit. Our websitePU trade, tesco this week, tubes travels to Alberta,Canada, high in the Canadian rockies, where we visit one of several Swissinspired tea houses designed to provide high mountain trackers, shelter andwarmth, and then we visit Tokyo, Japan to meet tech and t entrepreneur herosto cato whose tetus Glens of Brown, seaweed and Macha are formulated tohelp diabetics, control, high blood sugar levels, the rugged Canadian Rocky MountainStroke, nearly twenty thousand feet into the sky, a haven for hikers thathas inspired a unique style of high mountain tea houses built to providewarmth and shelter along the trail in death, Alberta, Jessica, natally,Willard visits, Joe Lene's Tea House, a refuge for mind and body joline brewster's new tea venture isthe culmination of years of passion and business experience, along with ahealthy dose of contemplation courtesy of time spent in the Canadian RockyMountains. About fifteen years ago, the entrepreneur from bance Alberta Ranitcafe. Then she moved into selling tea exclusively online and at markets nowshe's back with a new business partner, a refined business concept and a newname. Joline's Tea House Joline, our listeners from around the world may notbe familiar with the tradition of taking tea in the Canadian RockyMountains. Tell us a bit about the history of tea in the bamp region, sowe live in a place where tea houses are unique to Canadian culture. They are apart of our history here and both the...

...tea houses we have in this region wereactually built by Swiss guides and they were built to be a refuge for hikersand and explorers traveling and enjoying this country side and with the spirit of that, with thespirit of people having tea drinking outside having tea on the trail overthe fire, climbing a peak and having having your rest along the way. We're still doing the same thing today,we are still a place that people come to to enjoy this incredible atmosphere,the mountains, to find what they're looking for to explore to have theirhonestly to have their minds explode with beauty around them and and tea isthe beverage of choice. That's what you take in your thermis out in themountains, and I really believe that, whether you're at home in front of yourcomputer working all day, we need those moments of pause, of presence ofintrospection of enjoyment and a good cup of tea can give you all of that.Your original t retail store closed in around twenty ten eleven years later. What lessonslearned have you carried into your new business venture one hundred percent the model of our retail business goingforward is so similar to what I've done at markets in they have done. Hundredsand hundreds of farmers markets around Alberta BC across Canada. I've been tohuge gift shows like the one of a kind in Toronto, which is magnificent and alot of work, but it was successful and theinteraction we had with people it worked. I love that people can comeinto our shop, they can sample different teas. They can smell it's aneducational process. The one thing that surprises people is especially becausewe're promoting the culture of tea houses and making that as much aninteractive experience as possible within our own beautiful heritage.Cabin here, and both we don't search, we don't do food and beverage, and- andI learned doing the markets if I want to be able to talk to people and makeit more educationally, focused we're not able to be pouring constant cups oftea and have that Business and distraction and we're not creating itto go environment. How is the business of tea differenttoday than it was your first time around? I think, there's been someamazing companies, like David's T, really who really made tea fun forpeople and they've they've brought people who normally wouldn't beinterested in tea. They brought teenagers in they've, made it a modern,exciting environment, and I think that has opened the door for us to go to thenext level to delve even deeper into the organic. The quality the you know,the minute differences paint a picture of the ideal joline's tea drinkingritual outside. If you can take a moment in your back yard on yourbalcony after your morning, run something withactivity outside I'm an avid horse, writer and trail riding in themountains is one of my passions and to be able to take a small saddle bag andpull out my thermis and have a drink of tea. After my ride is incredible. Mypartner Jess would most likely run up a mountain and have a cup of Yoga Chie atthe top to discover how the Canadian RockyMountains are infused. In Julian's business visit jolines tea house tea has an ancient history of medicinalapplications, many of which had been validated by scentic research.

Joining us to day from Tokyo is Hiroshito Cato C E, O founder in a blinder who, with his team of foot scientist anddoctors and Japan, Bayed tetus t his exploring tea, is medicine, newer companies, two new powdered, teas,calm and a wag or condition specific lands formulated for diabetics and prediabetics with high blood sugar levels. Why did you focus on diabetes? There isa population for divinas in diabetes. They lock the time to monet themselves.So we provide the postes way to moneys the intuition and there I'll controlthe blast eralet, and also we give away to the sobbing that I been problem morewidely. There is an over four hundred million people was divinos with timesin Glober. Now hundred twenty two million people in the United States areDianas with Tibes and predis. I think that is a very huge problem. Under thecause of their diabetes, a La Bete, increasing under main driver whistle,is consider a lack of time and cooking skill to effectively man at theirhealth. I think consumer with type the diabetes lose the upraise of to twothousand and a half of day. We want to solve this problem and the so we wantto provide the pastes way to money nutation without any cooking paper.Skills maybe see you four years ago. I testari start result and they builtthis product using ingred and that had been quin coasted to Alebat high bowsugar in diabetes with a doctor and Diet shot. I want to give a a for sobeing dive problem or Wi doing so. Every this potest contribute to thecompanies die his other wo task, which goestoward instating for life, US for provine disease management suppliesthree of charge to diabetic patients. The calm blend is a mix of traditionalherbals, such as Temerin Ginger, a wig contains Macha and powdered peppermenttell us a little bit more about the health benefits of Brown algrea and thehealthful interaction of tea and sea weed working with in his swit Povanaand alginate of Fox, something which was cinico evidence or in mittingdigesting time from digesting put into grouch. So, therefore, it can bereducing the amount of sober in the body and preventing a blow sugar levelfrom rising. So this mechanism also used in the medication to controlhypethral level with diabetics consumers without diabetes can enjoythe benefit of the rol sugar plan, best drink that prevent sugar crusher andblow so up py before satin is before their their meal. That's the mostbenefit the conte all their after me blowses. So now we yeah we produce totype of favor how? Why is there a much a mean based on e? To is that Tom Mac,an interbase labor under with bots, is good for their hot lot there or in the summer time and the best way touse his food, our tea on the some skin or aLambas Mel ont spoon, one anty spoon powder. I include her are hot meal thatis easy to Sol and easy to drink. So that is the most simple way to use thatproblem and also some...

...customer using our product into theirsoup or something. So that is another s way to use it. So I definitelyrecommend it some other consumer using apute with their asinity, so thegreenily- so maybe that's this way- is more fit to the matter. Flavors you're,making the point that its versatility encourages people to drink these tea,blins and soups or smoothies or in a one plant milk faced late. Most important things is are easy totwin, so presento intrigued by what you heard in today'spodcast. Would you like to learn more from our gobel network of PEBAjournalist and t experts remember to visit the tea of his website for morecomprehensive coveraged? That's www t hyphen Biz, biz Alcon, thanks forlistening farewell till next week, a.

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