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Tea News and Biz Insight - October 8, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – India Announces Tea Industry Reforms | US Considers Exemptions to Chinese Tariffs | and a Tribute to Nepal Teamaker Morris Orchard

| NEWSMAKER – Hiroshi Takatoh, founder Teatis Tea 

| GUEST – Jolene Brewster, founder Jolene's Tea House

| FEATURES – This week Tea Biz travels to Alberta, Canada, high in the Canadian Rockies to visit one of several Swiss-inspired tea houses designed to provide high-mountain trekkers shelter and warmth... and then we visit Tokyo, Japan to meet tech and tea entrepreneur Hiroshi Takatoh whose Teatis Tea blends of brown seaweed and matcha are formulated to help diabetics and pre-diabetics control high blood sugar levels.

A Medicinal Tea from the Sea

Tea has an ancient history of medicinal applications, many of which have been validated by scientific research. Joining us from Tokyo is Hiroshi Takatoh CEO, founder, and blender who, with his team of food scientists and doctors at Japan-based Teatis Tea, is exploring a blend of brown algae and matcha tea as medicine. 

A High Mountain Haven

The rugged Canadian Rocky Mountains thrust nearly 20,000 feet into the sky, a haven for hikers that inspired a unique style of high-mountain tea houses built to provide warmth and shelter along the trail. In Banff, Alberta, Tea Biz correspondent Jessica Natale Woollard visits Jolene’s Tea House - a refuge for mind and body.

The Tea Biz podcast delivers tea newsthat you need to know, a recap of the week's major headlines, withcommentary and cultural trends. Hosted by Dan Bolt. It is the voice oforigin for tea professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. Think of us as a digital caravanof storytelling, bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories do you weekly from thetea lanes. Hello everyone. Hero this week's headlines. India announces tea industryreforms, US considers exemptions to Chinese taiffs and a tribute to Nepal tea makermore sortard. More in a moment, but first this important message. Whatmakes a Perfect Cup of Ceylon tea? The Perfect Cup is from the teabusinesses that ensure the protection of all the children living within their tea estates.We Salute Kailani Valley, tell a Wacky Lee, Bogajan, Thalawa, Haranaand Elyptia tea estates support Save the children. Sri Lanka facing declines and export revenue. India's Ministry of Commerce and Industry has funded several programs and instituted,from a mental reforms in tea and September, the teaboard of India said it willsuspend seven sections of the tea act of one thousand nine hundred and fiftythree, following the Commerce Ministry and Decision to amend the regulations. Seventeen ofthe acts fifty one provisions are no longer enforced. As India gradually deregulates thetea sector, permits to grow tea will no longer be required, a decisionlikely to increase unregulated production by smallholders, who now account for fifty two percentof India's tea by volume. Tea Production has rebounded in two thousand and twentyone, up eighteen percent compared to the first eight months of two thousand andtwenty to total seven hundred and ninety two million kilos in the south. FUNDSTO EXPAND mechanization demonstrate India's recognition that the cost of labor needs to be aconstraint. teaboard of India will disperse eighteen to twenty K A, a,about two point five million US dollars annually, to various stakeholders. Under the newprogram two hundred and seventy five smallholders in the NILGRE's, for example,qualified for subsidies that they half the coast of battery operated leaf trimmers and pruningsauce. India's Minister for Commerce and Industry told executives on a recent trip toa psalm that, quote, exports have remained stagnant for the last ten yearsand, quote, she announced a ninety eight Karori allocation, about thirteen millionin US dollars, to boost tea exports from northeastern India. The announcement comesas dartling exporters begin talks with Chinese buyers and hopes of offsetting a decline insales to Japan prior to the pandemic. We've been trying to enter the Chinesemarket in a big way, said Anjumin Chanoria, chairman of the Indian TeaExporters Association. The Chinese are willing to pay fifteen to forty dollars for kilo, significantly more than the average price for tea exported from India. DARGLING growershope to export three to three point five million kilos this year, a totaldown by half over the past ten years. The Five Year Tea Development and promotionscheme provides about nine hundred and sixty seven Kuarori of approximately a hundred thirtymillion in US dollars for growers and funds...

...existing subsidies, as well as anadditional one thousand quarry about a hundred thirty four million dollars in benefits to womenand children. In the Solomon Best Bengle trade talks between the US and Chinawill resume, but there is little hope the Budd an administration will do awaywith tariffs that have depressed tea imports from China for the past three years.However, US Trade Representative Catherine Tie announced the US will resume a program thatallows companies importing some product categories to apply for exemptions relieving them from paying thetariff. Applications for exclusions were suspended in two thousand and eighteen us tr rightsthat of the initial two thousand two hundred exclusions granted, five hundred and fortynine were extended through December thirty one. Two Thousand and twenty criteria to qualifyas based on economic hardship and whether the product is available only from China,which is true of several categories of tea. The US currently charges duties on threehundred and fifty billion of Chinese goods. Analyzing importers, who often pass theadded expense to consumers. Tariffs had seven point five percent to the priceof Chinese tea. Ti said the US does not want to inflame trade tensionswith China. That made it clear additional duties and restrictions could be imposed businessinsign tariffs on tier and significant compared to those leving known steel and agricultural foodproducts, and create no hardship for the Chinese, who annually export to billionworth of tea. The Fifty Day comment period on why the UST are shouldreinstate exemptions opens October twelve. The list of pre vious exemptions was posted onthe USTR website. None of the five hundred and forty nine exemptions were grantedto tea companies, but companies importing in carriages, submersible palm slam shades,bottle caps and electric motors all made the list, and gratulations to Birmingham basedRoyal Cup coffee and Tea Ros through and blender was seventy distribution centers now celebratinga hundred twenty five years in business. The covid death of teamaker Morris Orchard, General Manager the Jinshaw Barid tea is stayed in the Paul is a sadreminder of the pandemics poll on the global tea community or to a third generationteam man, was fifty eight. Welcome to the program Kevin. Nice tobe here. Will you share with listeners how more Orchard Advanced teammaking in hislifetime? He was sort of handpicked by the GL while he brothers when theystarted the junch Barry Project as one of the UPAND coming managers and they tunedinto his authentic excitement about teammaking, which was one of his main features inthe early s. Who was always somebody in the factory that had the focusit just on the teammaking. They would be proud of what they did andthey would have a certain amount of passion and they would be respected by everybodyat the factory. As costs and prices started to have a less and lessthat sort of passion and that person kind of got squeezed out of the systema little bit. A lot of factories ended up without that person. Ithink they selected Morris in the first place because they saw him as one ofthese people. He was always very happy to tell you stories about his past. Tea studied, made and so on,...

...and he really genuinely got up inthe morning excited to experiment and to refine his artisanal connection to this coverproduct, and it's kind of infectious when you're a tea buyer and you meetthese kind of people. There are still a few in the Himalayas and I'malways happy to hang out with them. What were some of his innovations?The Guy Wily brothers had been bringing in machines from here and there. Italso been bringing in different cultivars, so it gave him a larger playground forexperimentation. One of his big breakthroughs was developing autumn ties that were easy tosell at the prices of first flush teeth, which in the early days of mycareer really wasn't the case at all. He's really pushed the bar on theautumn whole leaf the production. Who sure personal story about mores. Hewas a very quiet, humble gentleman, just like to listen. He canhad kind of a passion for life and other artistic endeavors. He was reallyinto cooking. I remember one evening we were there and he announced that hehad some friends coming over and he's going to make pizza. So of courseyou know we're up in the Himalayas. We went expecting much as far aspizza when but then we went out in the garden. He built a brickoven. He had gathered fine ingredients from here, there and all over theplace and he was making the most delicious, fresh straight out of the oven pizzayou could imagine, with all his friends around. The Poles reported worldand fellsand covid related deaths. India they have experienced as many as three pointmillions. So spandemic began. Well, we have had a certainly had animpact in the garden. Some regions more than others. Some of the moredistant regions we've had very little impact of infection the regions that's it's been quiteheavy. They're actually a damn in Calcutta where the teas arrive and go throughauction and dealing with people that are the tasters and buying and selling, andI have I don't know anybody over there that hasn't lost friends in the linein the last year or so. It's quite shocking how many people have beendying in Calcutta. COVID is most mysterious now more methodical. The miracle wereawesome fearsome fatality colts that rival over nineteen eighteen pandemic. The greatest toll,however, is personal, affecting talented individuals like Moore sortard, with reprecussions thatrubble through the global tea community, Arvindan and Thereaman in Bengalouru reports Indians teaauction prices. India tea priced report for the Week Ending Second October, twentytwenty one. The conversation the rounder farms continued. Last week, the UnionMinister of State for Commerce and Industry and a preapper tale, visited as Sam. She stopped by a tea gardens and met with stakeholders at an interactive sessionin Gohati. She also visited the Ghati Auction Center. The minister has saidthat a sum of one thousand crops rupees has been approved to be used exclusivelyfor the overall development of tea garden workers in Assam and West Bengal. Thefocus of development is health, education and skill development of women workers and thechildren. She added that the government proposes to set up packaging and training facilitiesin Assam for agricultural and other commodities. The minister asked all the stakeholders tocome up with a self sustainable model for holistic development of the industry towards developinga Sam as an export hub. The Tea Association should of India presented apaper to the minister where they've asked the present import duty of hundred percent ontea to remain and not be reduced to...

...prevent a greater influx of cheap teainto the country. In the south, the dippon exports continues to cause concern. Local media reported the severe shortage of containers, which has spiked freight ratessignificantly, at the cost of transportation now equals the value of cargo. Aboutfour thousand containers of tea are exported annually from the Mill Na do free chargesthat were one thousand fifty dollars to Rotterdam in December. Twenty and twenty standardseven thousand eight hundred dollars now in auction sale thirty nine. So good demandand Culcutta Orthodox continues to lead in demand, with Middle East active dagee links.So fair demand this week, with TATA consumer products more active than HindustanUnilever. Prices remain similar to the previous week, with Dacheln C and averageincrease of twenty four piece this week. Gohati saw good demand for leafty,with prices remaining mostly unchanged. North India, so fewer outlots than the south.In the south, Kunur and Coimbatour had a lower sale percentage, atunder fifty percent, for Orthodox leaf and dust. CTC LEAF did better.COACHIN had the lower sale percentage for Orthodox dust, at nineteen percent. Priceswere not significantly different from the previous week. One hundred and nine kilos of greentea on offer and Kunoe remained unsold. And now word from our spounsure hugetrade understands that are successful tea blend goes beyond the creative fusion of appearance, a Roma and flavor. Our Multi Award winning product development team is passionateabout converting natural ingredients into sensory experiences that customers crave. Every recipe is formulatedwith a commercial backbone of dependable quality sourcing, with a pricing structure that supports asafe, regulated, profitable and scalable blend. Q trade meets every brand'sretail, food service and e commerce need. For more information, visit our website, que trade teascom. This wig tubs travels to Alberta, Canada.High in the Canadian rockies, where we visit one of several Swiss inspired teahouses designed to provide high mountain trekers shelter and warmth. And then we visitTokyo, Japan, to Meet Tech and Tea Entrepreneur Hiroshi Takuto, whose teethblends of Brown Seaweed and Macha are formulated to help diabetics control high blood sugarlevels. The rogan Canadian rocky mountains throws nearly twentyzero feet into the sky,a haven for hikers that has inspired a unique style of high mountain tea housesbuilt to provide warmth and shelter along the row in Bath Alberta. Jessica NatalieWoollard. This this is Joe Lane's tea house, a refuge for mind andbody. Joelene brewster's new tea venture is the culmination of years of passion andbusiness experience, along with a healthy dose of contemplation courtesy of time spent inthe Canadian Rocky Mountains. About fifteen years ago, the entrepreneur from bamf Albertaran a tea cafe. Then she moved into selling tea exclusively online and atmarkets. Now she's back with a new business partner, a refined business conceptand a new name, Joe Lane's Tea House. Joline, our listeners fromaround the world may not be familiar with the tradition of taking tea in theCanadian Rocky Mountains. Tell us a bit about the history of tea in thebamp region. So we live in a place where tea houses are unique toCanadian culture. They are a part of our history here in bath the teahouses we have in this region where actually...

...built by Swiss guides and they werebuilt to be a refuge for hikers and and explorers traveling and enjoying this countryside. And with the spirit of that, with the spirit of people having tea, drinking outside, having tea on the trail over the fire, climbing apeak and having having your rest along the way, we're still doing the samething today. We are still a place that people come to to enjoy thisincredible atmosphere, the mountains, to find what they're looking for, to explore, to have their honestly, to have their minds explode with the beauty aroundthem. And and tea is the beverage of choice. That's what you takein your thermis out in the mountains and I really believe that whether you're athome in front of your computer working all day, we need those moments ofpause, of presence, of introspection, of enjoyment, and a good cupof tea can give you all of that. Your original tea retail store closed inaround two thousand and ten eleven years later, what lessons learned have youcarried into your new business venture? One hundred percent. The model of ourretail business going forward is so similar to what I've done at markets, andthey've done hundreds and hundreds of farmers markets around Alberta, BC, across Canada. I've been to huge gift shows like the one of a kind in Toronto, which is magnificent and a lot of work, but it was successful andthe interaction we had with people it worked. I love that people can come intoour shop, they can sample different ties, they can smell. It'san educational process. The one thing that surprises people is especially because we're promotingthe culture of tea houses and making that as much an interactive experience as possible. Within our own beautiful heritage cabin here in Bam we don't serve tea,we don't do food and beverage and and I learned doing the markets. IfI want to be able to talk to people and make it more educationally focused, we're not able to be pouring constant cups of tea and have that busynessand distraction and we're not creating A to go environment. How is the businessof tea different today than it was your first time around? I think there'sbeen some amazing companies like David's tea really, who really made tea fun for peopleand they've they've brought people who normally wouldn't be interested in tea, theybrought teenagers in. They've made it a modern, exciting environment and I thinkthat has opened the door for us to go to the next level, todelve even deeper into the organic the quality, the you know that my newt differencespaint a picture of the ideal joleen's tea drinking ritual outside, if youcan take a moment in your backyard, on your balcony after your morning run, something with activity outside. I'm an avid horse rider and trail riding inthe mountains is one of my passions and to be able to take a smallsaddle bag and pull out my thermis and have a drink of tea after myride is incredible. My partner Jess would most likely run up a mountain andhave a cup of Yoga Chi at the top to discover how the Canadian RockyMountains are infused in Joelane's business. Visit Jo Lane's teahousecom tea has an ancienthistory of medicinal applications, many of which have been validated by scientific research.Joining us today from Tokyo is Hiroshi Torcato,...

...see EO founder and a blender who, with his team of food scientists and doctors and Japan based Ted thistea, is exploring tea as medicine. Your companies to new powdered teas,calm at away or conditions. Specific lends formulated for diabetics and pre diabetics withhigh blood sugar levels. Why did you focus on diabetes? There is apopular song for diagonals. In diabetes. They locked the time to money themselves. So we provide the posts way to money's Doyce on on their control theloss of level, and also we give our way to their are solving thediabet problem more widely. There is an over four hundred million people was diagnosedwith Tibe. is mean global in right now, hundred twenty two million peoplein the United States are diagnosed with diabetes and prediabetes Ik. That is avery huge problem. Under the cause of their are diabetes, a lot beto increasing under main driver we sold is consumer lack of time and cooking skillto effectively money their health. I think consumer with type to diverse loser averageof two two hour and a half hour day. We want to solve thisprogram and so we want to provide the fastest way to manage Newton without anycooking pretment skills. Maybe see you four years ago. I decide I startto result and develop this product using ingredient that have been clinically tested to alibiatehighbrow sugar in diabetes. With our doctor and the Diet shots I want togive you away for solving diabet program more widely. So I every tea ispad just contribute to the companies are diabetes out of okay, task which goestoward instuting for life. US A food provide instuting and disease management supplied freeor charge to diabetic patient. The COM blend. There's a mix of traditionalrble such astr American ginger, or we can change Matra and powdered pepper mode. Prop us a little bit more about the health benefits you, Brown elder, and the helpful interaction of tea and she we but our key ingredient issea with potonel and arguing it up, folks, something which was clinical evidenceor innervating digest enzyme from digesting food into Google's. So therefore it can bereduced in the amount of sugar in the body and preventing blow sugar level fromrising. So this mechanism also use in the medication to control have those sugarlevel with diabetes. Consumers without diabetes can enjoy the benefit of the row sugarplant best ring. That prevent sugar crusher and blow sugar spike before Saddim is, before there are their meal. That's the most benefit to control there afterme a blows your spike. So now we yeah, we produced two typeof flavor. How wines? There are mutch and mint based under two isthat there are tim make and Ginger based Labor and their boss is a goodfader. Hot lack there or on in the summertime, and the best wayto use is put our tea on the some skin or a plant based meal, one teaspoon, one one teaspoon powder. I include are hot milk. Thatis easy to solve and the easy to drink. So that is themost simple way to use up product. And also some customer using our productinto their are soap or something. So...

...that is another best way to useit. So I definitely recommended. Some other consumer are using, I'll puta ways, the SMOOTHIE, so they're green instant movie. So maybe that'sthis way is more fit to the match playors. You're making the point thatit's versatility encourages people to drink these tea blends and soups or smoothies or ina warm plant milk by slotter. They are most important things is are easyto drink. So please enjoy. Intrigued by what you heard in today's podcast, would you like to learn more from our global network of TB is journalistsand t experts? Remember to visit the TV is website for more comprehensive coverage. That's wwwt Biz bizlcom. Thanks for listening. Farewell till next week.

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