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Tea News and Biz Insights - November 5, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – A New Theory on How Green Tea Promotes Longevity | Bubble Tea Business is Frothing | Assam Smallholder Collective Launches National Brand| NEWSMAKER – SAMA Tea CEO Michael Parisi, co-founder 100.co | GUESTS – Rodo Vasilaki at Tofillo Farms, Crete, Greece | Rick Chang manager Xue Jian Oolong Tea, Miaoli, Taiwan | FEATURES – This week Tea Biz travels to Miami, Florida to the offices of SAMA Tea where CEO Michael Parisi uses artificial intelligence to create new functional blends. SAMS’s CLAIRE platform is programmed to discover whitespace for new tea products, provide marketing insights based on consumer behavior. It even lists trending ingredients to consider in formulating the company’s new line of adaptogenic teas…Then we Zoom called two of the winners of the AVPA’s 4th Teas of the World Contest, starting in Crete, Greece where Jessica Natale Woollard spoke to the family-owners of Tofillo Farms, gold medal winners in the botanicals category. Next, we visit Miaoli, Taiwan where five-medal winner Rick Chang at the Xue Jian Oolong Tea plantation where he produces authentic bug-bitten Oriental Beauty oolong.Delicious by Design | By Dan BoltonSAMA is an adaptogenic tea brand made delicious by design, according to CEO Michael Parisi, co-founder of 100.co an artificial intelligence platform used to parse millions of retail data signals such as product reviews and consumer beverage trends. Applying the insights gleaned from this vast reservoir led to the recent launch of four purpose-driven blends inspired by Ayurveda and crafted to help balance the mind, body, and heart. The teas are sold in samplers or by subscription. Parisi spoke with Tea Biz from Miami, via Zoom.AVPA's Gold Medal Winners | By Jessica Woollard and Dan BoltonHigh in the White Mountains on the island of Crete grows malotira, an ancient herb with small yellow flowers used to make Cretan Mountain Tea. Rodo Vasilaki and her husband and business partner Nikos Psyllakis grow the herb on 30-acres of family-run farms that are dotted across the island. Their Malotira Tea known locally as tsai tou vounou and by the Latin name Sideritis syriaca, won gourmet gold at the 4th AVPA Teas of The World contest. Another one of their teas, Pink Healer, featuring Cretan sage and pink rockrose, earned a “gourmet” distinction.Miaoli is a city of 89,000 nestled in the mountains of western Taiwan. The region is home to the Hakka, an indigenous tribe employed in the cultivation of tea since the early 1900s. Gardens in the area are famous for producing Oriental Beauty, an oolong that depends on the bite of the tea leafhopper to develop its honey fragrance and honeysuckle taste. Rick Chang manages Xue Jian, a tea plantation situated at 4,500 feet altitude that produces oolong and black tea. The company first competed in the AVPA contest 2018, winning a gold medal that year and at least one every year since.

The Pedis podcast delivers a recap withthe week's major pineus headlines with commentary and cultural trends hostedby Dan Bolton. Ibis is the voice of origin for pe professionals, andenthusiasts world lie. Think of us as a digital caravan ofstory, tellers bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories foryou, weekly from the tea lands. Hello, everyone here, this week'sheadlines There's a new theory on how green tea promotes long gravity bubble.Tea Is frothing and in a some tea collective launches, a national brandmore in a minute. But first this important message: White makes a perfect cup of Ceylon tea.The Perfect Cup is from the T, businesses that ensure the protectionof all the children living within their tea estates. We Salute Kalani Valley,Tell Awa, Kyle, Bogoak, Parana and Lifta t estates support, Save thechildren. Silanga researchers at Eth Zurich havediscovered that green tea cancans are not passive, anti Occidents, but proOccidents that act to strengthen selves against a pack by free radicals leadingto longer life and greater fitness. Initially, the presence of green tea,CATICA increases oxidative stress for a short while which has the subsequenteffect of strengthening the defensive capabilities of the cells and theorganism. According to study leader Michael Ristal, professor of EnergyMetabolism in the university's Health Sciences and technology departmentquote, Caducas aren't in fact anti Oxiones,but rather pro occidents that improve the organism's ability to defend itselfsimilar to a vaccination. End Quote. He said Green Tea, activates genes that producecertain enzymes, such as super oxide dispute, taste and Catales, but deactivate free radicals in Nevitt. The test organism chosen for the study. Heexplained. Findings from the study translate wellto humans said Rostov quote the basic biochemical processes by whichorganisms neutralize oxygen. Free radicals are conserved in theevolutional history and are present in everything from UNICELLULAR yeast tohumans. He said his findings appear in the October issue of the Pere reviewedjournal Aging bubble. Tea Is frothing Manilla basedJolly Bee Foods Corporation this week acquired a majority stake and one ofKaiwaaloa bubble tea companies. The latest of many investments feelingglobal expansion in this multibillion dollar segment. The two hundred and fifty location milkshop, founded in two thousand and eight operates in Singapore, Hong Kong,Melbourne and Vancouver Canada milkshop generated seventy five million in salesin two thousand and twenty jolly be announced that the investmentquote gives j, F c the opportunity to participate in this fast growingbeverage category and quote com Fu t founded in thent, ten inQueens New York operates. Two hundred...

...and fifty locations in the US Gong chawoperates. Fourteen hundred stores, including thirty six North Americanlocations and in September Chatin, Taiwan's largest bubble. Ty Bred withtwelve hundred locations in fifty countries, announced a major expansioninto the US. The global market, valued at two point,two billion and two thousand and nineteen is rebounding from an acuteshortage of tappy oak pearls that follow block down in two thousand andtwenty fans world wide adopted a self imposed one Bobo per day limit duringthe period when Paiwan halted the water in tens of manufacturing of pearls toconserve water during a two year: drought, Taiwan, manufacturers. Ninety per centof the world's favorite Bobai Pearls, tecnobio estimates. The global marketwill grow at a compounded annual rate of six point, five per cent adding ninehundred and forty two billion in sales by twenty twenty five fortune. Businessin sights predicts three point: Nine billion in sales by twenty twenty seven market leaders include Confu tigue onCha, Chitim, Sher, tea and cocoa fresh business in sight. There are now twentythousand bubble outlets in the US, and the drink is sold at another. Thirtythousand restaurants, including sonic, drive INS and Duncan the US market, is now estimated at twohundred forty million per year in San Francisco Boba guys now manufacturedPapio, CA, pearls in the US and a song collective launches. Anational brand aquiform t is a new brand with deeproots in two thousand. A seventeen new deli based grass roots tea, Corp, firstshared its vision for transforming the livelihood of more than two hundred andfifty thousand of India's small tea growers by processing and marketingtheir well made chemical free, teas subsistence growers with generations ofexperience understand how to cultivate tea but are held back by theirinability to process package and ship larger quantities. Few ever advanced beyond a constrainingrole as suppliers for Prophet Driven Botley factories, grass roots tea, aggregates repacks,wholesales and retails, authentic teas, supplied by collectives and help smallholders secure financing to produce your companies then partner with thecollectives to operate many factories that each process, twenty five hundredkilos of green leaf a day business inside equiponderant, Amazon,India. Last week, the range is priced from four dollars in eighty five toeight dollars and fifteen cents for two hundred and fifty grams. Unlike most small holders who receivedperhaps a tenth of the repail price rower supplying equipartition receive afar greater percentage of what consumers pay. This is because grassroots tea and lenders enable stake holders to earn significantly more fromvalue added at origin. Professor Peter G, W kin, a brillianteducator and author with a passion for...

...tea, has passed. Keen was born in Singapore, educated atOxford and taught at Harvard Stanford and M. I t he published forty ninescholarly books during his ninety one years, including works on tea, alongwith many hundreds of magazine and online articles about his below brew, Arvina and Intherin and Bengalurureports on this week's India ti auction prices in the atti price report for the weekending October thirteenth than a d twenty one. The focus this week is alsoon prices and auctions in the north Kolkata sa Goud demand for all teatypes among buyers. The Middle East was active orthodoxy, while Hines Tananelive and Tato consumer products were active for C T C and dust in Tagelang tmore broken and fanning's Fantigo. This week, gaate also saw good demand withmegie lender's active for both leaf and dusty, and Siliguri also saw goodAmanita, as it did the previous peak in the South Conort, so good demand for Ct c leaf with nearly ninety six per cent an office sold kitchen andChimbote, a better uptake for dusty and of the six hundred ninety two killerson green tea or Nofer conor. Only a hundred seventy three kilos were soldat two hundred a piece and now a word from our sponsor. You trade understands that a successfultea blent goes beyond the creative fusion of appearance. PAROMA and flavorare multi award. Winning product development team is passionate aboutconverting natural ingredients into sensory experiences that customersgrave. Every recipe is formulated with the commercial backbone of dependablequality sourcing, with a pricing structure that supports us, safe,regulated, profitable and scalable blant tew trade needs every brand's,retail food service and e commerce meed for more information visit our websitefew trade tesco this week he is travels to MiamiFlorida to the offices of Sama Tea, where C Il Michael Perisse usesartificial intelligence to create new functional blands Sama's Clare Platform is programmed todiscover white space for new tea products, provide marketing insightsbased on consumer behavior and at even lists trending ingredients to considerin formulating the company's new line of adaptoid teas. Then we soon called two of the winnersof a v PA's. Fourth tieves of the world contest, starting in creep. Greece,where Jessica, Nataly Willard, spoke to the family owners of Tafilalt goldmetal winners in the botanical category. Then too, merely Taiwan, where Icongratulate five medal winner Rick Chang at the Shushan Plantation, wherehe produces authentic bug, bitten Oriental Beauty Ula summer as an Adampol tebron madedelicious by design. According to CEO, Michael Perrisi, cofounder of onehundred DOT CO and artificial intelligence platform used to passmillions of retailed datas signals such as product reviews and consumerbeverage trance. Applying the insights gleamed from this vast reservoir led tothe recent launch of four purpose, driven blends inspired by ARRIVATA andcrafted to help balance the mind body and heart. The teas are sold insamplers or by subscription for as he...

...spoke with Tibi from Miami via zoo, Michael. Thank you so very much forjoining us on the tea bus podcast. It's a pleasure to be here Daniel, it's anexciting time to be in the tea business and we're just thankful to share ourstory. That'd like to learn more about Sama and Claire, the digital reconizetool that you created a tract consumer behavior and more effectively mark atthe brand. I think, what's really great about thedifferentiation and the disruption in salmon is its AI, driven by a platformcalled Claire that we hold internally- and it's really think to this is: is apowerful assistant right and analyzes millions of data points too much forany human to sift through it things that are really sharp at listening whatconsumers are saying right, product reviews, Star rating social post? Itjust combines what consumers say with a deep understanding of what the productcategories all about ingredients, claims, pricing, packaging types and,if you think about traditional CPG companies, they buy Third Party SalesDad, and that tells them what people are buying. Clare's big differentiationis what it tells people why people are buying it there's a couple things inthere that Claire does so well. It finds market trends in white spaceright and it makes recommendations whether it be flavors or functions orpack types again or even price gredients. So how do you make use ofthose insides? It comes with this science. That then goes to the humanside of the SAMA leadership. Myself included that talks about how do youtake the art of that marketing and marry the two? We can ask questions ofAI and they can either validate him or refute them. For example, is there amarket for adapted, teas and Clare will spit out its findings, so yourlearnings help some of to formulate the new tes you've introduced. First, with the inspiration, as youknow, or your listeners may not know, we have a wonderful partnership with Jand Roddy Vecistes, wonderful, Co founders that are really purpose.Driven steeping of tea takes kind of time out of your busy day and reallygrounds you and what you want to accomplish these great adapted andcheese. THAT SAMA creates. That can help me a part of that, and so we useorganic USDA votanic les that help fight different type of stress, whetherit's work, family travel, anything you can imagine, and these urbs and spicesrebalance my body and heart by helping your nervous system find that rehimfaces. So you're balanced and we have four specific blonds- are clarity andfocus which is used in kind of adapted guns that help manage stress moreeffectively. It also helps lower levels of anxiety and even promotes improvedsleep which we can all use. We have awakened and energized with adaptoidmushrooms it fights, fatigue and improves mood, while so multageouslylower anxiety levels as well, and then we have our calm and relax. This is ablend of camel mill and is well known for that natural sleep aid. In addition,it sooths muscle spasms while reducing stress and then we have protectingsupport, which is our peach jasmine. It's a green tea based naturalantioxidants that help prevent cell damage. Will you look into your ClareCristobal and tell listeners what you see for adaptions and in general, thecategory of functional Teas Yeah, I think what's interesting about Clare?Is it can identify as things as simple as the word botanical and it's a trend?That's been emerging, but quite isn't there, but we see this past five yearshow this tea helps you balance that day balances your his system in many ways,and it's a way to take these deep insights and put them in a consumerfriendly way, and so there's a lot of depth to Clare, and that's just oneexample that I think is exciting.

On the island of Crete, rose melotte aplant with small, yellow flowers that grows at high altitudes Broto Vassiliki and her husband andbusiness partner. Nicos Se lakes grow the herb on thirty acres of family run,farms that are dotted across the island. Their mellow Tira Ti one gourmet goldthat the A v Pats of the world competition another one of their teas, pink healer,featuring Cretan sage and pink rock rolls earned a gourmet distinction. Roto is joining us on the Tibis podcastfrom the island of Crete, to tell us more about the Melo Tira herb and itshealing properties which have brought people wellness for thousands of years. Brodo! Congratulations on winning twoawards at this year's tea of the world contest. How did you react when youlearned your hand harvested one hundred percent Greek ta Malot the CretonMountain Tea, one gourmet gold? I was very happy for the base and because I would have a a to speak aboutthis regent. We know its proper Chelbes for centuries. Hearing Creek and everywar is a change for me to talk about these carts and what are some of those propertiesthat are beneficial in the Malo Tera. For us, we grow up with E, and wheneverwe were feeling a little, I had our stomach. It was the firstherbalise grand mother wont make for offering. So it something good. We your care foreverything I will say it- God, O o Hadasch, because I e of Sta opertis and so on. What made you choose the Malott toenter into the competition, a AINCSA that you will find a wee or is a special one. They havetalked about it even Tis thousand and five and years ago it's a unique here I had before, or a for. The first timewas to make this such well known old wit for us, the one of the most spaceallsthat we call I a the special area, her quit it, one, okay, that he, our listeners, may not be familiar withthe tea industry in Greece. Can you comment on the herbal industry ingeneral? Is a very Naran people talk about not but specific for her is Idon't care, but as know that I kind of an offer onehundred percent of play proper a but more people die to find ten of aforcat, as so because it's the best way...

...to get there one hundred percent offirs blanche and for caring es, we have lunch with Sousois using them, so maybe thing: Rode and Nicos Company to Filo ships,their gourmet gold, winning mellow tira ti around the world visit to Filo com,T O F, I l, L, O com and learn more about Malotte and otherfreten made teens. The only is a city of eighty ninethousand nestled in the mountains of western Taiwan. The region is home to the Haka, anindigenous tribe employed in cultivation of tea. Since the earlynineteen, hundreds gardens in the area are famous for producing a real beautyand who long depends on the bite of the tea leaf hopper to develop its honey,fragrance and honey, circled taste, Rick Chang Manages Susian teaplantation situated at forty five hundred feet, altitude that producesboth uhlong and black teas. The company first competed in the A V P, a contestin two thousand and eighteen winning a gold medal that year and at least onegold medal every year. Since congratulations on earning the mostmetals in the forties of the world contest. What led you to submit theseteas for evaluation, and why do you feel this recognition will be helpful?Thank you. We have been participating in the apts of the world contest sincetwo thousand and eighteen, and we have one one: Gold, meadow one silver, onebrowns and one comet in two thousand and nineteen. We have won two goldmeadows in Wolong like this year. We are the only high mountain Ulan Tiplantation in the region of Mali, Taiwan being the fresh tea producer ina unique, not well known, origin. Through the PAT contest. We gotattention from some media and more people get to know she gan wonte. Itincreases our selves and it also said that standers for consumers, whileselecting between outis or others. We tell us about the winning entries withdetails on how they were grown and processed. What makes cease to special.We have fight a word Sprin Orantes, produced by a different date and to aword black teeth produced by different season. They are of fond saget plantation, sriget plantation is one thousand fourhundred meters above sea level. It has good nature environment with multiplespecies. folky condition is good for tea to growlarge temperature defense between day- and I is good for tea to produce our plantation management- is Eco.fenly use, no havoc. No chemical fatalize only use so py Mal, a goldaward urant, was produced on the last day of Le Spin harvest. Plucky maturityare more grown, so we spend more time and withering setting tousin made astronger permittin and he turns out a...

...very good texture and fro Aroma. Hakeyis one of antic group in Taiwan. We are very appreciated to aid a CO grandmomsfor acquisite rocking and he makes the tea prime quality besides producing tea. We would alsolike to share defend ethic group culture to others. Camanas currentlyexperiencing a difficult time of drout and high temperatures. Will you commenton innovations and techniques that you employed to make these high qualityteas before Spin Havers? We had no rain nor typhon since Temer, two thousandand twenty. We have a reservoir and get water on a string which caused a lot onalcocer bill. However, we were able to water in every couple days after the T,tips grew out and made a good quantity and quality of the production we believemost importantly, is toprotect and maintain our plantations environment healthy intrigued. By what you heard in today'spodcast. Would you like to learn more from our global network of tevasjournalists and te experts remember to visit the tea of his website for morecomprehensive coverage? That's Baviat, hyphen bizz, bi, Iz Balcon, thanks forlistening farewell till next week, T.

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