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Tea News and Biz Insight - June 4, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – Pandemic Powers Organic Sales | Tea Cafes Cautiously Re-opening
| Tata Expands Direct-to-Customer Range | Buyers Spend Big at Chinese International Tea Expo

| GUEST – Simona Suzuki, née Zavadckyte, co-founder and president Global Japanese Tea Association

| NEWSMAKER – Olivia Chan, owner of Treasure Green Tea Co., a Chinatown tea shop in Vancouver, British Columbia.

| FEATURES – Tea Biz this week travels to Japan where the Japan Tea Central Council and the Global Japanese Tea Association are organizing a Tea Marathon during the Tokyo Olympics so that enthusiasts worldwide can better appreciate the great variety of tea grown there… and then onto Vancouver, British Columbia, where Jessica Woollard leads a virtual tour of Chinatown, a Canadian National Historic Site and the location of the Treasure Green Tea Company and the Chinese Tea Shop ― two of the best places to find authentic Chinese tea.

Japan Tea Marathon

The Japan Tea Marathon is a series of live online events featuring teas from 15 of Japan’s tea producing regions. Zoom sessions begin July 23 and are held twice daily, concluding Aug. 8. Two hundred competing brewers and 1000 regular admissions give the entire world of tea an opportunity to cheer their favorite to victory.

The Charm of Vancouver’s Chinatown

The announcement in 1984 that the British colony of Hong Kong would be formally transferred to China in 1997, led to an exodus of 335,646 emigrants many of whom made Vancouver their new home. Today a second surge is building as new visa applications rose by more than 20% in 2020 to 10,800 applicants for Canadian residency. In the Vancouver suburb of Richmond, 42% of residents list either Cantonese or Mandarin as their first language. Retailers benefitted as demand swelled for authentic Chinese tea, leading widespread popularity and the expansion of Vancouver’s Chinatown, now the third largest Chinatown in North America.  

The teep is podcast delivers te newsthat you need to know a recap of the week's major headlines with commentaryand cultural trends hosted by Dan Bole is the voice of origin for teaprofessionals, enthusiast Roqui, think of us as a digital caravan ofstory, tellers, bringing authentic, authoritative and exclusive stories toyou, weekly from the tea lands. Welcome here, the headlines, pandemicpowers or Gani sales tea cafes are cautiously reopening TATA expands itsdirect to customer range and buyers spend big at China's international t x,Po born a minute, but first this important message: a Vaney empowersrural women practicing sustainable agriculture, including tea and craftssuch as weaving with natural fibre and plant base dies up in the towering Hamelen human is oneof India's oldest tea regions. To Day we raise our cups in the name of aVanni Kuma a non prophet dedicated to strengthening farming communities,cheers to a brighter future for all to donate visit, a Vanney Dash, cuman, Dutork, the organic prayed association reports,sales of organic food and beverages set a record in two thousand and twentygrowing twelve point. Four per cent to sixty two billion in the US. The totalincludes organic food, which grew by twelve point. Eight per cent to fiftysix point: four billion in sales. Organic certified foods now accountsfor almost six per cent of total view as food sails, grocers benefited overall during thepandemic as sails to restaurants, decline. OTIE's annual survey confirmsthe trend towards premium offerings and more practical comfort. Sails of frozenand canned fruits and vegetables grew by twenty eight per cent. The pandemic cause consumer dollars toshift almost overnight from restaurants and carry out to groceries withtraditional staples and Pantry and freezer items flying off the shelves.According to O, ta quote the only thing that constrained growth in the organicfood sector was supply US t, retailers are cautiouslyreopening tea room in Texas, a tea cafe in Portland, and the sum of our tealounge in San Francisco are now open for business in Portland the menu atthe New Smith, teamer cafe, features teas of spice an ingredient and abeverage in Montreal cafes with terraces opened. May Twenty eighth andsit down restrictions ended in Britain on June. Second, Irish pubs, Dublinbars and restaurants are open for outdoor dining June. Seventh inMontreal, the Cafe Mirian, cafe, Parbat and cafe. Olympico Al drew urban crowds, quaint tea rooms and small towns likethe Charleston Tea Room in Friendsh, Texas, a city of thirty nine thousandnear Houston or seating guests after a year. Sadly, many did not survive thefinancial hardship caused by extended lock downs. In many cases, these shops,like the ones in friends, wood, will...

...open with new owners. Meanwhile, mote afranchise bubbled venture will open two new shops in New York City drivethrough H to announced eleven new ice t French rash locations, bringing itstotal to forty one tata consumer products expanded itssuccessful director Consumer D, T C range to include specialty coffee. Thisweek, the successful April launch of the D T C website featuring eighteen,sixty eight by donate reinvigorated the thirteen variety luxury t selection,launched in January twenty eighteen to commemorate the companies. A Hundredand fiftieth anniversary. These teas are exclusively available online Todos Benit. Does president of packagebeverages for India and South Asia said quote. This is our entry into thedirecto consumer commerce ecosystem, which is small but emerging. He addedthat eighteen. Sixty eight is an example of our continuing investment inour brands as we innovate to create quality and distinctive products forour consumers. Teas in the eighteen. Sixty eightcollection are sold in premium tins organized by origin and type. Theeighteen sixty eight dartling rare wanders is priced at Indian rupees, fifteen hundred, whichis about twenty dollars for fifty grahams, the Nilghai Green t, twirldisprised at five hundred roofe about ten dollars or fifty grams business insight, Tara's new D, T Cspecialty coffee line is called sonnets. It is sourced from the company's southIndia farms. Indie is mainly an instant coffee, filter. Marcus says TotusBenitos, who explains that sonets is targeted to quote a more discerningconsumer. Looking for freshly ground, roasted coffee delivered to theirdoorstep. He added with the prolonged covednineteen lock downs. Consumers are seeking more coffee drinking occasionsat home. This is especially true as cafes and coffee shops have remainedoff bounds during the pandemic live t, expositions, seminars and tradeshows are returning with vigor. The three day trying iteration Al t x, Pothat opened and Hung Su on international t day drew a crowd of ahundred and fifty two thousand visitors, mainly domestic taviers. Together theyspent six point four billion on purchasing two hundred and fifty fourmillion tons of tea. A fourteen per cent increase compared to the previousevent. The average value of transactions was up. Twenty per cent totwo point: Two: Three million one and order stop. Thirteen thousand. Therewere three thousand four hundred and thirty two booths on the seven hundredand fifty thousand square foot show floor. The biggest tea order was valued at ahundred eighty eight million dollars about one point: two billion moonaccording to the ex bow and reports in the China Daily newspaper, Chinese buyers purchased direct insteadof it Tiotio c. t e is the largest event of its type. Since locked downscommenced last year, ambassadors from...

...twenty countries attended, but fewforeign buyers only seventeen boots were international, all staffed withdomestic base representatives. China's boarders remain closed and seoidnineteen rates or low thanks to an effective test trace and isolate policyentry restrictions are not likely to ease until February twenty twenty twojust before the Beijing went, Tor Olympics business in sight in the USanticipation is building for the three day world t x, Po Plus Conference, thatopens June. Twenty eighth in Las Vegas Early Registration Ends June,Fourteenth Tervin da an Etherean and bangalow reports on India's Te auctionprices in the prize watch for the week ending may twenty nine two thousand andtwenty one. There was no action in Colgate, no, not and at Cremet andconor in the south, at Koche auctions took place as where houses were openedand samples reached local buyers. Although there were delays in themreaching up country buyers leaf, he saw an excess of eighty per cent of theofferings. Sold. Prices largely remained the same as sail twenty withsome great seeing marginal increase and some imaginal decrees Orthodox Leaf,injured, fair support from exporters to C is countries and the Middle East C TC leaf. So good support from major packeteers in Cosser was not as activeas in the previous weeks, and this is attributed to a drop in prices of dustyin the north. Siliguri enjoyed a good week as regional packeteers well inplay. Polity teas enjoyed good sale in ninety. Three per cent of the offeringof leaf was sold, Bohain so orthodox to do better than C T C in dust withninety three per cent of the offering soul sale. Twenty two is expected toprogress as normal to speak and now a word from our sponsor to trade. Teas works with tea purveyorsand every scalel from promising startups to the world's largestmultinational beverage brands in the hot iced and bow t sequence with us,based formulation, blending and packaging services. Huge trade can help.You innovate scale up and grow. Your specialty t brand for more informationvisit our website and q trade Teso tea is this week travels to Japan withthe Japan, Tea Central Council and the Global Japanese to association areorganizing a t marathon during the Tokyo Olympics, so that enthusiastworld wide can better appreciate the great variety of take grown there and then on to Vancouver BritishColumbia, where Jessica and Nataly Willard leads a virtual tour ofChinatown, the Canadian national historic side and the location of theTreasure Green Company and the Chinese tea shop. Two of the best places tofind authentic Chinese tea. The Japan tea marathon is a series oflive online events featuring teas from fifteen of Japan's de producing regions,Zoom Sessions Begin July, twenty third and are held twice daily, concludingAugust eighth, two hundred competing brewers in a thousand regularadmissions, give the entire world of tea an opportunity to cheer theirfavorite to victory tea lovers. Not just athletes aregetting ready to take part in the Tokyo Olympics. Tea enthusiasts from aroundthe world can participate in a marathon of their very own, a marathon ofJapanese teas from July twenty third to August eighth,the Global Japanese Tea Association and...

...the Japan Tea Central Council areholding free, live online events to shine a spotlight on Japan's teas andfifteen tea producing regions. Simona Zuki, president of the GlobalJapanese Tea Association, is on the line from Kyoto to chat with us to day.Welcome Simona. Thank you so much for being available to chat with ourlisteners to day how just I really nice to meet you andI'm really glad to be part of this. Thank you. How did you choose whichteas to feature in the team marathon? That's a really good question. As youknow, Japan makes drinky. However, it's not one time there are so manydifferent kinds of tears and so many variations. So we really wanted to showthe variety of Japanese Te, including Fifteen Kypros regions and showingtheir II fuse their maginalls and some ties are of course, come on a cross.Japan and some are much less known and much more original. So we just wantedto give a really good picture of what Japanese T is like. So can you tell usabout a few of those teas that will be on the menu sure sure, for we areactually having thirty Pas all together too from each region, and I guess wedon't have time to introduce all of them, but if I can just make mention afew, we have, for example, a very traditional hydrate loose, lift here inJapan. Okra I mean there are a few areas were your cris made, so we areintroducing the from Kioto and from Fukuoka. So that is one of the reallybeautiful many rich sweet piece of Japan. Also again, it has been a bittoute recently. People are curious and interested in an organic and healthypots. So, of course we want to include that as well. Even if Japan does notproduce that much organic pup, but there are a few regions where organicfus made and we are including some organic use- organic Martia, organiccense from publishment, and so some of these theses are very well known. Ithink a bread as well, but there are also some medinal ties that are lesserknown, so we are really excited to introduce a little not from quartiereare called boystubs. It's actually a post fermented at dark ty that has tocomely different ship from these that people think Japan produces its squares,oppressed, leaves and very unique taste. So I hope people will be excited to tryand learn more about it. Well, that sounds amazing, and for people whoaren't able to receive the packages will they be able to learn more aboutall these teas and read up about them on your website. Yes, of course, a bigPartt of this project is to introduce the T. farmers introduce a terts andthe teredos themselves, so we do want to share a lot of this information onthe website and it is kind of Hatten. So people can really look on ourJapanese Pamart an a website and they will be fine. I will be able to findmore information about tereduns and the teas themselves, and so will some ofthese farmers be part of the speakers that are going to be presenting at youronline events? Definitely so that is our name future to introduce the T,farmers, the t producers. I think some people might know that Japanese isstruggling a little bit. There are many challenges with decreasing demand andagent, former population, and so on and so on. So we just really want to givemore focused to the T, farmers and peep reducers, who put all their heart intomaking the t from every region. We will be in whiting, one or two producers totell about the tregent to tell about...

...their tis to share their stories withwere the participants of course, whenever it's an Olympic year, there'salways a focus on the country hosting. So this is a different limps intoJapanese culture. Daphne's tea culture definitely yeah. We we definitely feltthe Olympic Sprit in Japan, and we really wanted to join in to that now.I've heard that you've already had many participants sign up for the T.tastings. Can you tell me a little bit about the people who are going to beparticipating sure? So actually we can welcome up to a thousand people on theseventh and actually so far we had a really good turn out. We had peopleregistering already from over forty different countries around the world,so this is going to be a really global event, of course, based here in Japan,but connecting throughout the world so really having this Olympic spiritglobal spirits of Friday, man incredible forty countries representedin the Japanese tea marathon already you can join in and represent yourcountry too. By signing up for the online events, visit G J, T dot, Org totake part that G J, the two letters, then the word t t e a Dot Org. I don'tknow about you, but this sounds like one marathon. I just might be able tocomplete the announcement in one thousand ninehundred and eighty four, that the British colony of Hong Kong would beformerly transferred to China in nineteen. Ninety seven led to an exodusof more than three hundred and thirty five thousand emigrants who madeVancouver their new home to day a sicot surge's building as new visaapplications rose by more than twenty per cent in two thandy. Twenty to tenthousand eight hundred applicants for Canadian residency in the Vancouversuburb of Richmond forty two per cent of residence list, either Cantonese orMadrid as her for an language E T, is a beneficiary of these events. As demandsswelled for authentic Chinese tea, leading to widespread popularity in theexpansion of Vancouver's Chinatown, it is now the third largest shined down innorthern Erin, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one quawk Sun Chung,an emigrant from Hong Kong, opened the first premium tea shop in recent memoryin Vancouver British Columbia on Canada's west coast, catering, primarily to immigrants fromChina. Mister Jung chose Vancouver's Chinatown for the location of his shop.Now a national historic site, Vancouver's Chinatown Spans around sixblocks and is located a short walk from Vancouver Harbor and the cauldron fromthe twenty ten winter Olympic Games. It's the second largest Chinatown inNorth America, after New York and San Francisco, so some people might come inand say I'm trying to replace my coffee in themorning. So then we will put op. Then we will suggest some to that a littlebit more heavy favor and with a higher caffeine content and some people might come in and say,Hey I wasn't grant and then you ten. We need to understand why they're drinkinggreen tea, the screen teeth, for example, some grant can be very loadedwith anti accident. Some ant can be dry a little bit differently, so they aremowful. Clancy so depends what benefits they want to be getting from thebeverage. Then we will suggest them differently. That was the voice ofOlivia Chan, Mister Chung's daughter, who now runs the tea shop, calledTreasure Green Tea Company. It's one of...

...two premium loose leap, tea purveyorsin the Vancouver Chinatown, the second shop called simply the Chinese shop isa six minute, walk from Treasure Green and opened in two thousand four. Let's take an audio trip to bothtreasure green and the Chinese tea shop. To see photos of the shops visit ourblog tea dash bizco. Our tour begins at Treasure Green onEast Georgia, Street upon entering the modern store front,nil sense immediately, the vibe is east meets West. There is minimal Istic deCorps. Accented with old world finishes to keep with tradition and MisterTong's legacy. Olivia says it's important. The shop is appealing tomodern customers may be people who are new to tea, but that it also not loseits strong tie to tradition. Here's how she is accomplishing that blend of oldand new near the back of the shop is a blacksleek table with white benches used for tea education and conversation. Adjacent to the table is a wall ofwhite pigeon hole shelving it's a very modern clean. Look until you examinethe items on display in each of the pigeon holes more carefully. There'searth colored terracotta of teapots with an old world feel alternating withmodern ceramics, old meats knew again in the waytreasure green makes use of tea canisters in the decor behind the sleek main counter, you'llsee wooden furniture on which rests a conservative selection of canisterswith crisp cream labels on the labels is caligraphy in blackand red ink. The crispness of the printed labelsgive those canisters a very modern feel, but across from that main counter,you'll see older. Looking canisters with red labels and blows labelsfeature Mister Chong's hand drawn calligraphy. They are the originalcanisters from when the shop opened in one thousand nine hundred and eightyone, and they are placed in a few areas around the shop as well as in amemorabilia space detailing the store's history, Olivia also honors traditionthrough the teas she sells. Many are purchased from farmers. Her fatherstarted working with in the n s just like Olivia his second generation someof the tea farmers she works with are also second generation. I asked Olivia if it's important tonurture the relationship her family has had with tea farmers over the years.Here's what she told me you know having someone come all the way from abroad tocome and just to say hello and say we appreciate you right. So those aremeans a lot of them. Ultimately, Olivia wants to connect her customers attreasure, green with the best premium Chinese teas. She can source and here's what purity comes down tofor Olivia lot of em t you'll find the premium to do have highcommandcharacters. One of them will be the purity. The taste is very pure. There'sno has tisica taste peticius sees a little bit more staying on to your tankand other than that as smoothness durability. Meeting numbers of brouetprovides and the sweetness that comes through the aftertaste. All thatdetermines how Priam tetes whence Olivia and her staff have helped. Youselect the right tea for you. Leave treasure green by heading west, stroll four blocks on Main Street. Thenturn left on East pender walk another two hundred and fiftymeters and when you see bright, red addings at the corner of East penderand Columbia Street, you have arrived...

...at the Chinese tea shop like MisterChoung owner Daniel Lu, is from Hong Kong. He immigrated to Canada in onetousand, nine hundred. Ninety seven, the feel of the Chinese tea shop istraditional in the best way. The shop features many shelving units packedwith items, tea, wares, tea, cakes, canisters and all the items you need toprepare to using the Chinese method. Gong Fuca, meaning tea with great skill, you'll find tea. Scoops trays, Gay Wan, the furniture in the shop is made ofrich wood, many pieces coming from China, which adds to the traditionalfeel of the shop. It's a place where it feels right to drink, aged tea dustkept in an antique, tin, receptacle steeped in water, from an embossed castiron kettle Daniel, like Olivia sources. His highquality premium, loose leaf, tease selactively. He travels to China yearlyto meet his contacts and sample teas in person relationships. He writes on hiswebsite are essential to procuring the best tea. After your visits to treasuregreen and the Chinese tea shop, your mind will be full of wonderfulinformation about tea, and importantly, your palate will be activated delightedby the premium teas available in Vancouver's Chinatown. Thank you for joining me, Jessica,Natale Woolard, on this audio tour visit, t Dash Biz com to view images ofthese two lovely tea shops. Intrigued by what you heard in today'spodcast, would you like to learn more from our global network of Kebesjournalists and xer in take them directly through sub text? A privatemessage based platform avoid the chaos of social men and start a conversationthat matters sub text message base platinum lets. You privately askedmeaningful questions of the texes academics and is journalist reportingfor the to you see their responses, Tiss text, which are sent to rect toyour phone visit our website and subscribe to subtexere the fostconnected people to remember to visit the t is website formore comprehensive coverage. That's W W W T hyphen Biz Baztan for listening forwell to next week. I.

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