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Tea News and Biz Insight - May 28, 2021


HEAR THE HEADLINES – | Tea History Collection Unveiled | Indian Commodities Logjam | THIRST Undertakes a Human Rights Analysis in Tea | A Series of Major Quakes Rattle Yunnan

| GUEST – William Liu is a 20-year-old sophomore at Wake Forest University and founder of the World Tea Association on campus and online.

| NEWSMAKER – Asha Bhandari is the International Trade and Promotion Executive at HIMCOOP, the Himalayan Tea Producers Cooperative, a consortium of all orthodox tea producers established in 2003

| FEATURES – Tea Biz this week travels to Nepal to meet Aasha Bhandari the newly named International Trade and Promotion Executive at the Himalayan Tea Producers Cooperative…

… and then to the North Carolina campus of Wake Forest University to learn from student William Liu on why ancient teas and rituals retain their appeal with young people.

Himalayan Tea Opportunity

Nepal’s tea industry reported record sales in 2020. The fabled tea land is growing greater quantities and greater varieties of loose and broken leaf teas thanks to a government-initiated expansion of the industry to high altitude gardens in non-traditional growing areas. Rural agrarian entrepreneurs are redefining offerings for an international market thirsty for the distinct taste of Himalayan grown oolongs, white teas, and premium black whole leaf. In this segment Aravinda Anantharaman introduces Aasha Bhandari, newly named to promote trade at the Himalayan Tea Producers Cooperative, a consortium of all orthodox tea producers established in 2003.

Why Ancient Tea Appeals to Young People

William Liu is a 20-year-old sophomore at Wake Forest University so inspired by tea that he and his classmates established the World Tea Association on campus and online. The group offers tea discovery and tasting sessions weekly and hosts occasional tea panels with presentations by tea professionals, tea scholars, and tea explorers. The events bring together many who are new to tea, says William QUOTE: “we aim to redefine the tea experience through an interdisciplinary approach and expose the true leaf to a greater audience.” In this discussion he describes why tea appeals to young people and explains his view that tea learning is ongoing. “The tea journey has no destination, he says, it involves only intention and lifelong learning.”


For the TEEP is podcast delivers t newsthat you need to know a recap of the week's major headlines with commentaryand cultural trends hosted by Dan hole is the voice of origin for toprofessionals. Enthusiast Robie, the tea industry merits more nuancedcoverage than a mere recitation of production volumes and commodity prices.Each week the DEBIS podcast re caps global developments, presenting a mixof news and features with the greatest impact on the tea industry. Hearing theT, BIS podcast, with the more inclusive, Tibius, blog and t journey magazine, isinnovative and interactive, permitting listeners to conveniently contactreporters of origin to ask questions that are answered via tex messagesdelivered privately to their phone. Welcome here, the headlongs he history,collection, unveiled Indian commodities, log jam thirst, undertakes a human rightsanalysis in tea and a series of big quakes rattle Anon more in a minute.But first this important message: a Vaney empowers rural women practicingsustainable agriculture, including tea and crafts such as weaving with naturalfibre and plant base dies up in the towering Hamelen human is oneof India's oldest tea regions. To Day we raise our cups in the name of aVanni Kuma a non prophet dedicated to strengthening farming communities,cheers to a brighter future for all to donate visit, a Vanney Dash, cuman DutOrk, an extensive private collection ofhistorical Te, artifacts and modern facilities for meetings in tea research.When veiled on international tea day by t ambassador Mike Bunson, O B e, The thistory collection located in Banbury Oxfordshire in the D C S Group Complex,is the inspired work of entrepreneurs. Dene Short, be the facility valued at a hundredthousand. Pounds is opened by appointment to t related organizations,an academia. It is equipped with a tasting bar high speed Internet archivecabinets, a video conference room and work areas short who founded Dusius in nineteen.Ninety four grew up on a tear state in a psalm quote. We do not believe there is anythinglike this in the world says short. We have items from Plantation House nowdemolished, which was where the London tea auction was held. The collection ofmore than five hundred items includes teas books and sample cabinet with twohundred tins containing teas dating ton. o a nineteen o four, the collectionwill be maintained as a non profit, learn more a loteries block. Fifty thousand people in less mangleare homeless this week due to a tropical cyclone that halted airtraffic and port activity in Calcutta. Every length of India's te supply chainis under stress restrictions to stop the spread of Covin nineteen or onceagain limiting the number of harvest workers in the gardens and reducing byhalf staffing and factories processing tea, while simultaneously forcing thecancellation of tea auctions, delaying...

...transport and causing local warehousesto overflow truckers essential to transporting teawere virtually halted last year, and while many delivering teeto cities facedelays due to curfews that prevent unloading at night, local transport ismuch less problematic in two thousand and twenty one. The weak link in thecommodity supply train during the second wave, a buyers who cannot easilyjudge what quantities are required for manufactures and to meet varying retaildemand, for example, coaches spice supplier. He saw Shamsi pulled theHindu business line that a lack of buying interests from the solemn Anuathers in of country markets has effected the sale of almost all spices,including cupper caution, ginger, nut, MAG and cloves. Meanwhile, tradersworry that the tea they purchased to send over seas will experience costlyshipping fees and delays. Last year's first wave built urban areas thehardest blow that in two thousand a twenty one. It is rural areas thatsuffer business in sight in India, as in manycountries, mandatory, lock, downs and health concerns of accelerated sales oftea. A survey of twenty two thousand rural small market stores, knowncollectively as Curana revealed a hundred and forty per cent increase intea sales sales of hand. Sanitized that appeared near the top of the list.laster are flat, but sales of soap increased by fifty per cent accordingto store king pest and mosquito repellent experienced.The two hundred per cent increase and comfort snacks and biscuits are up.Eighty three per cent: the International Round Table forSustainable Tea, known as thirst announced a three year program toanalyze. Basic Human Rights in the PE industry, found their SUBIDA BANERJIobjects to quote rights, assessment and quote which have a negative connotation.She favors an impact analysis. The program will document conditionsfor workers and farmers and identify problems quote, but, more importantly,what can be done to address these problems? She said the first step is to consolidateexisting research and then conduct in depth studies where there are gaps,providing a global picture of the interdependencies of tea, read more ofthe tevis block. Three major earthquakes and hundreds ofafter shocks damaged. Fourteen thousand structures, killed three people andseriously injured twenty eight in Yo non province. Last week, the first inthe series struck Dolly located near the heart of the tea growing region.That deadly explain, O magneton quake on Tuesday was followed Friday by amuch stronger six point: Four quake that damaged poems and forced rescuersto pull several people from under debris. Five hours later, a seven point, fourTembe located in in Jason Young by rattled Youdon. Again, the steepmountainous region, subject to landslides, is jittery about quakes intwo thousand and eight or some point. Nine earthquake centered in Sheshan province killedeighty seven thousand people...

...avendo and an Fereman in Banglerreproach on this week's in the apprise auctions. India, ty price report forthe Week Ending Twenty second made to tweaty twenty one in the week, leadingup to the second international t. They locked on logistics to accent a stageas several tea regions are under lock down to contain the coved pandemic. TheCOURCI Trade Association has asked the transport of auction tea from tradingcenters be allowed. While he has been classified as a sensual commodity andis exempt from restrictions, there seems to be some confusion owing tolack of clarity in what is allowed or not, with further log downs and theNilghiris this week and non availability of people to low the vakesto transport. Ty things remain characte at the moment, sailed. Twenty oneactions across the country look likely to be cancelled or postponed prices forsale. Twenty in the North Siliguri auctions of good demand for C T C leafand dust from regional packeteers and blenders Tataka products has beenactive here in Colcato, Orthodox ty, so good sale at ninety. Eight per centsold of the Dager an offer, but eighty three per cent was sold. Kohat is amarginal increase in prices for all Tese Cohari auctions saw some handmanbijude, which sold for about three hundred fifty rupees a limited editionimperial. U Long from Domiti estate sold for month thousand five hundredand two rupees and three in voices of wholly f green tea from Aronach'smolling tea estate sold for over four hundred a piece in the South Cuno wasmost active in sales, with the highest volume on offer for any auction centrefor the Year Two Thousand and twenty one about two point: four million kiloswas an offer, but about fifty six per cent was sold. Dust still remains mostsort after category here hundred a D, nine kilos of green tea was an offer,but did not find takers. Could Ye so good demand for Orthodox sleeve, witheighty three per cent sold as exploites? To C I S and Middle East Land, fairsupport, aboutseventy five per cent of C T C Leif was picked up with the majorof Packety as being the main buyers compared to say. Nineteen good,millgirl, leaf or marginally higher prices, Supplico, N and cose continueto be top byers to meet the demand for distribution of essentials and footkits and now a word from our sponsor to trade. Teas works with tea perversat every scale, from promising start ups to the world's largestmultinational beverage brands in the hot iced and bottled tea segments withUS based formulation, blending and packaging services. Huge trade can help.You innovate scale up and grow. Your specialty t brand for more informationvisit. Our website, Q, trade, tsom te BIS. This week travels to a pal tomeet Osheba. The newly named International Trade and promotionexecutive at the Himalayan T, producers cooperative and then to the NorthCarolina campus of Wake Forest University to learn from student,William Lou on y ancient teas and rituals retain their appeal with youngpeople. The Paul's tea industry reported recordsales in two thousand and twenty the fabled tea land is growing greaterquantities and greater varieties of loose and broken leaf. Teas thanks to agovernment initiated expansion of the industry to high altitude gardens innon traditional growing areas. Rural and Grery entrepreneurs are re,definding offerings for an international market, thirsty for thedistinct taste of Himalayan Groan, who longs white, teas and premium blackwhole leaf in this segment. Arvida and enthered introduces oshana newly namedto promote trade at Himalayan tea...

...producers. Co Operative. The consortiumof all Orthodox tea producers established in twunty o three, a Shaban Dari is the internationaltrade and promotion executed at Hancock Nepal, the marketing platform forproducers of Orthodoxy. Previously she was with the International Trade Centerworking on a sustainable mat project and she was invited to take over thestroll at Hin cop. Here she speaks to us about her plans for him cop and whatshe sees a strength, challenges and opportunities for Nipati Industry.You've recently taken charge of trading marketing for him COP. What challengesof opportunities as a present Tuwit? We have good quality T, but we need to focus more on marketingpricing and our strategy to promote it in international market in the Pale.MOSTLY SES farmer base production, strong factories, but we cannot call them a very strongin Toms of capacity or the production by the strong in termsof the quality of tea at that they make, and it's growing it's gring every daypeople are more focused into Orthodox t than city C, and even in Orthodox thereare varieties of tea that we, Nepal has Golong Black Tu white t andwhat I'm seeing right now is many young, deep planters who are involving theindustry or who have started in the din dusty. They are more focused into thecreativity, putting creative it on t like one of our factory, does patierisa young factory and they're playing with the taste of tea and the processof tea, and that has actually been a good output. After taking this rule,the first thing I was excited about to explore more ses. You know we havetwenty to twenty six producers and Team Cup, but it's my future plan to includemore ses and go to the farmers on the field tasty convince them that we havepotential marketing outside the country in export. So I was excited about to include more of the estimes. We havegood teas birth. The farmers are on a wad of of the pricing about thepackaging or invoicing even about the encode, so I was excited to give thatinformation to them and teach them or at least help them how at least be ableto export in near future. The position and the pressure that it's on my shoulder tosell the teas at the starting point. I really felt a little bit worried ifit's an organisation, we are not able to match up the sense of last year orthe word that we've been doing last year, but I think it's with everyinterest you so I have got my gone down myself now. How has this er been so far? We first plus was good, but not as muchas used to be like in the years that I've been in entertain and becausethere was healthsome a in the first place. So few of our producers weresharing that how the hell soon destroyed the t, especially the bud,and it's been good. So far, it's been good so far, but yes, they aresituation and complications and expecting a good second fresh withthe weather, and I am hopeful about that. I'm hopeful about that. While I'mtalking about the situation is only twenty to thirty percent, were seventypercent are going good and second plus...

I'm more looking for the white teas?Actually, because that has a good price and good marketvalue. We have specific buyers, small buyers, for wit and they've, been inquestioning and inquiring about the white team, Haase of player roll in alarge arepata industry. It was officially started in two thousand andthree in cop is basically established at a joint, the marketing assent, butthe producers common marketing platform, because at that time, like no matter how much factory isdoing well, but standing alone to export comes a lot of with problems anda lot of I mean one cannot afford to stand alone and export p right now.There are a few factors that that that has been. They have been doing that,but twenty years back it was a incorporating because it jointly usedto do marketing for them. The lot of teas had been sold from him COP, so itwas established to promote nippold Napoli Orthodox ty, an organic t ininternational market in cowers on cooperative model. So they are. Memberof Him Cup and they've been sad, sending us the every season sample andwe've been forwarding it to our by years, searching Byer for them and that's how we work and even last year,even there was a Govi situation and we, as a organization did not stop becauseof the wet, and we kept providing samples to our buyer and last year wasthe highest cells of Pincot in this entire twenty years or eighteen yearsof its establishment, would you say Nipati as a brand has been established? What do you hope to see him Kobdo inthis space? I would say it's on the process at least not yet long way to go, but I think for now for the factories that we areselling for the buyers that buying has it has already been established, but for the new market I would not saythe whole in the whole d world market. Most of them knows about it, but few ofthem are unaware about it in terms of buyers. They do recognize. Nepal isbeing very good in whether or in the process. They do expect that if it'sfrom Nepal it will be good and you know the and for him cop, I want to take itas a settle or establish as a marketing brand in the future. William Blue is a twenty year old,Sophomore of wit, Force University, so inspired by tee that he and hisclassmates established the World Tea Association on Campus and on Line theGroup offers to discovery and tasting sessions weekly and hosts occasionaltea panels with presentations by tea professionals, scholars and teaexplorers. The events bring together. Many who arenew to tea, says William. Well, we aim to re, define the tea experiencethrough an inner disciplinary approach and exposed the true leaf to a greateraudience and quote in this discussion. He describes why teappeals the young people and explains his view that tea learning is on going. The Tea Journey has no destination. Hesays it involves only intention and life long learn...

...thank for joining us on the podcast.Will you did you first discover fine to myfamily. My Mom's side is from ten on, but my mom only started drinking. Helike in a recent few years, and I only started drinking to you like a year ago-The inspiration why I started it was that, after a trip back to China abouta little over a year ago, I was exposed to Gon Futi. My mom brought me twodifferent various tea shops in Chandu and Enon, and it was for me for mepersonally. It was a way to connect with my cultural route growing up inCanada as a Chinese Canadian. That wasn't something that I was reallyaware of, and so I found a great appreciation for this culture throughtea, and I realize that t is so much more than a drink. I realized that thistype of brewing and also single origin isn't common at all in the West. Ireally wanted to share with my fellows on campus and that's what led to thecreation of Wothy Association. What is it about tea that appeals to youngpeople? A few things that really captures a tension of young people fortea? Is that one it's new? It's very new for a lot of young people. Also,the nature of tea is that it's very healthy and the trend with with ourcurrent generation of young people right now is that we are becoming amuch more aware of what we are putting into our body, in other words, werebecoming a lot more health conscious and we're seeking my ful practices tois one of those things that provide that experience that perhaps t baxmight not be able to do. Quality t allows this experience whereyou can really sit down and reflect in life and become more mindful withthe t and as our society when I was growing a lot more diverse andglobalized, people are seeking different cultures and people areseeking new ways to do things that might be different from what they'reaccustomed to and also of Ovid, especially it Cavit I've seen a lot ofmore young people get into tea because with cover we have, everyone has beenforced to reflect and isolate and pretty much contemplated about ourlives, and he came into the picture as the perfect thing and a perfectactivity to practice mindfulness and to become much more aware of ourself, butthey also drinking herbals and two songs. A lot of my friends. Theyconsume a lot more of the descends and herbal teas, mainly for the factor ofhelping them to comment. Also, I've noticed a lot of them also drink, forexample, camelmen to help to help sleep at night to get in the mood to level down. Theseteas usually are a lot more floral. So people like the scent people, like thesweetness of it, and that's what attracts them talk to me about theappeal of bubble to we don't have a lot of but shops. I do notice that booty iscertainly becoming is already really big and a lot of people do gravitatetowards, but with t a lot of people do gravitate towards polity because oneit's accessible, it's also very sweet and that's one of the things that boitehas that cracks a lot of people it's a way for them to bond and to connecttogether similarly to how we have gone fete as a way to socialize and todiscuss what's going on in our lives, but with the has that same purpose witha lot of people our age. What can to professionals do to bring more youngpeople into the tea community yeah? I think the best way for two professionsto to bring more young people into a d...

...community is, is essentially justthrough exposure reaching out to universities, yourlocal cities and establishing you know collaborations with these variousgroups. Organizations. What I see right now is that a lot of people have notbeen exposed to it, but once they do become exposed to it, it's somethingthat a lot people gravitate and become interested in, and so I would say, tprofessions can certainly reach out to young people that they know. I'venoticed that some local tea shops they would host weekly nights playing chestand tea, so people can come in and they will sit down and they would they wouldplay some chests and while they're playing chess, they would be exposed tothe environment in the T. shop and the t they will consume will be the keyfrom the tea shop. Intrigued by what you heard in today'spodcast. Would you like to learn more from our global network of pevasjournalists B, xpects content them directly through sub text, privatemessage based platform, avoid the chaos of social men and start a conversationthat matters sub text message base platform lets you privately askedmeaningful questions of the T, experts, academics and TEPs journalist reportingfrom the Tala. You see their responses via SM S, texts which are sent directto your phone visit our website and subscribe to sub text to instantlyconnect with the most connected people in tea. Remember to visit the tea is websitefor more comprehensive beverage. That's W W W T hyphen Biz Biz a thanks for listening very well the nextweek. I.

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